Prada shoes: Cloudbust sneaker, an unexpected success!

One of the brightest ideas we’ve seen from Prada shoes collection in quite some time is the Cloudbust sneaker. The new quirky, almost child-like style has turned into a must-have for fashionistas and street wear enthusiasts all over the world.

The sculpted mid sole gives the shoe its original and trendy look; it is deconstructed and separated into three pod-like sections, giving it a futuristic profile. The logo plaque on top of the velcro strap gives that branded finish off the shoe.


These edgy sneakers were a great hit on the Resort 2018 runway, balancing the collection’s overt prettiness perfectly. Made in Italy from spongy white mesh, this futuristic-looking sneaker looks cool with almost everything, especially tailored pants or a mini dress.

Prada’s ultra-technical Cloudbust sneaker is now available in many colours, both in Prada women’s shoes and men’s shoes lines.

The Best Way to Identify Authentic Prada Shoes

Prada is known as a high fashion, designer label which is normally faked or immitated by unauthorized retailers. Considering Prada is indeed appealing, not authorized dealers victimize those Prada fans who may not have the cash to acquire authentic Prada, and sell them immitated Prada shoes instead. To find the excellent quality that the house of Prada offers, you have to buy authentic Prada shoes. Understanding where to look for fake Prada shoes may help you be aware about fake Prada and where you are probably to spot it, so you can get rid of it.

1. Take a look at the shoe box that the Prada shoes came inside. The box should be made with corrugated plastic material, however you can get fake Prada shoes in cardboard boxes, simply showing these out as fakes. Keep in mind that Prada spares no expense from the product packaging, so you can find them packaged and branded skillfully.

2. Take a look for the brand logo on the shoe box. Having authentic Prada shoes, the actual logo will only be located on the end of the package, where you see the actual sizing and material info. You can easily find out fake Prada shoes by checking for shoe boxes that may have the logo on the very top of the box, a thing that the house of Prada has never ever done.

3. Turn the shoe over and consider a look at the sole. The Prada logo will always be there, in both a triangular upside-down or an ellipse. A fake set of shoes may contain the Prada logo on the particular side of the shoe, or not really on the sole at all, leaving them away as fake. Furthermore, check for the Prada logo on any toggles or zip fasteners on the shoes; a genuine pair will certainly have the Prada logo on these sections.

4. Verify the date underneath the Prada logos. Generally there must be 1913, the actual year that Prada was founded. Anyone can discover a fake by tracking down the ingenious replicas that record 1931 as the date of establishment.

5. Check out the actual dust bag that arrived with the shoes. In cases were there is no dust bag, and then you can be sure you are seeking at a fake. The actual dust bag is silver, with a silver drawstring. A fine mesh or plastic dust bag, or a silver dust bag with a black drawstring are generally an indication that you have discovered a fake pair of Prada shoes.

Hope this will help you identifying the authentic Prada shoes!