The Sock-Sneaker Trend – examples from Valentino shoes e Prada shoes

12Sock sneakers are the most widespread trend in footwear nowadays. And it’s no wonder why, they’re stretchy, breathable and have insanely comfortable uppers! These shoes are as cozy as your favorite pair of socks! From high-end designer options to versions that can be picked up on the low, these sneakers give any outfit an ultra-modern twist.4

All sock sneakers are typically made of a knitted pattern so the transition from sneaker to sock is much more seamless than you’d expect. The sock-like knitted collar t wraps around your ankles, avoiding any need for laces and tongues.

With menswear fully embracing the athletic fashion trend, top-shelf fashion brands like Valentino shoes and Prada shoes have even debuted sneaker socks. 3

Even if you can’t afford Valentino, there are plenty of stretch-knit sock sneakers on the market in a variety of colors and sock heights.5

Sneaker makers Adidas, Reebok and Nike have pounced on the cozy trend, introducing sock sneakers to the world. The Adidas EQT SUPPORT style, combining features like Adidas Boost cushioning and a primeknit upper weave, has quickly become one of the most popular running shoes Adidas offers.

Prada shoes: Cloudbust sneaker, an unexpected success!

One of the brightest ideas we’ve seen from Prada shoes collection in quite some time is the Cloudbust sneaker. The new quirky, almost child-like style has turned into a must-have for fashionistas and street wear enthusiasts all over the world.

The sculpted mid sole gives the shoe its original and trendy look; it is deconstructed and separated into three pod-like sections, giving it a futuristic profile. The logo plaque on top of the velcro strap gives that branded finish off the shoe.


These edgy sneakers were a great hit on the Resort 2018 runway, balancing the collection’s overt prettiness perfectly. Made in Italy from spongy white mesh, this futuristic-looking sneaker looks cool with almost everything, especially tailored pants or a mini dress.

Prada’s ultra-technical Cloudbust sneaker is now available in many colours, both in Prada women’s shoes and men’s shoes lines.

The Right Measurement Technique to Make Shoes Shopping Easier

Buying a pair of perfect size shoes is a tougher job. There are many things that you cannot avoid while shopping for shoes. According to the latest study, it has been proved that men are careless for their shoes shopping. They avoid measuring their feet which in result able them to get improper fitting shoes. Remember, measuring the width is crucial for getting the correct size shoes.

If you only measure the length, it’s totally impossible to get the exact size. Calluses, blisters and discomfort are some not to be avoided causes of your incorrect selection. There are many who have experienced deformities due to this vary reason.

Let’s know how to measure the width of your feet.

Place a white large paper on the floor that is large enough for your feet. Secure the paper with tape to keep it from moving.

Wear socks before measuring and stand easy on the paper. Bend your knee to trace around your feet with the help of a pencil. Make sure the pencil is straight while tracing. Don’t forget to trace your feet properly- from the top of toes to around the heel.

When the tracing is done, it’s time to get off the paper and manages to draw a straight line in the areas left where you have left tracing.

Now, measure the widest area of your drawn picture. You need to note down the measurement of each foot. Measure them separately to get the right size, because both legs carry different sizes. The difference is very minor that you unable to notice without measurement.

Finally, shopping time has come. You can do local and online shopping. While shopping online, your measurement will seem to you a worthy decision. Whether you are purchasing designer shoes Clearance or common formal shoes, you measurement will help you buy the perfect size shoes. So, when you are going for shopping something special for your feet.

Dashing New Stylish Designer Shoes for Women

You must have moved by such words many times. It is natural, and the innovative ideas behind the products are worth praised. It also happens that such products arrest one’s eyes for the sheer excellence of the idea behind them. Let us have a look on what is new among the designer shoes for women.

I happened to be at a website, so as to browse the collections just amusing myself, but contrary to the landing to the website, it was not really in my hands to leave it. The new arrivals were worth attention and I wished I had some three pairs soon!

But I will give an idea of the wide range of shoes, so my subjectivity doesn’t govern you. To start with the Brunello Cucinelli women’s shoes are fascinating with its unique design. You will not believe the idea: it confuses the beholder that the lady is wearing a low height shoe over her socks or if it is a pair of boot. The boot has two contrasting colors. One that serves as socks—as it is demarcated in a nice way by the other color. The latter color is shining light and seems as if someone has put her lace-less shoes over the socks. The leather make hits the stores.

The next in line is Alberto Guar diani women’s shoes for its light weight and soft feel that is rocking for those who love comfort with heels. Colored brown in some nice sports-leather, the inside is smooth with the frill of white making it more fabulous all the way.

Also admirable is another pair in the designer shoes from the same makers that has heels with protective height of the shoe with laces to be fastened. The silvery blue color with golden yellow sockets for laces makes the shoe a charming piece. The metallic appearance is superb. If you love comfort with some sporty look, HOGAN will do it better for you with its Leather and Seude collention; and elegance couldn’t be stolen by any from the PRADA fall/winter wear!

A Blessing in Disguise: That Savior Clearance Sale

I just love shoes! I simply can’t ignore a good pair. In fact Adam (my sweet and sexy honey!) is simply fed up of my collection. He hates to see me get more of these and in general we end up in a bitter discussion whenever I ask him to get more for me. So over the time I have started getting these myself and I refrain from telling him (and trust me it is working!).

It was just a day before Adam’s birthday that I went shopping with Angelina (yeah she is the same neighbor I hate, but you see anything for I was looking for a gift very desperately when something caught my eye. It was a super cool pair of sandals (and trust me being a girl you don’t want to miss that!). Though I did not have lots of extra money but still I just rushed to check on the size.

I tried it on and it was looking simply gorgeous! I just fell in love with it. But then I checked its price and my heart broke literally! It was way too costly (especially with little money and Adam’s gift still waiting in the queue). But then, to my surprise this young man (who was a complete package with his sexy looks and cute smile!) came and informed me about the ongoing designer shoes clearance sale going on.

My reflex reaction made me smile sheepishly. His words stating 50% off were all around me. I calculated the cost quickly in my head and came to the conclusion that now I can buy these (I was so relieved). I was so happy that I quickly told him to pack them for me. I paid and then we left. I was really happy that I got a great pair of shoes for myself.

But the major task of finding a gift for Adam was still left (and trust me keeping in mind his choice it was going to be a tough task!). but I guess it was my lucky day as while getting out of the store I got a glimpse of this book (it is very rare and Adam’s favorite!). I quickly rushed there and got the book.

While returning I was really happy for both of us (and grateful to the clearance sale)!

What are The Best Designer Shoes For Toddlers?

Oh fashion!

No one has escaped from the fever of fashion. The fashion market offers not only youngsters but also toddlers’ outfits to enhance their personality. Extremely sophisticated and chunky colors shoes are available to make toddlers appearance stylish. They are sophisticated but it doesn’t mean that they are not comfortable. Designer shoes for kids are light weighted and designed to give easy walk to your toddler. Designers know the fact that shoes that are tight and have hard soles make walk of toddlers difficult. All shoes of toddlers offer stability, flexibility and comfort.

Round Toes

If you are going to buy designer shoes for your kids, don’t forget to look for shoes that are roomy and comfortable around toes. If you little ones wear too tight shoes, they don’t complain of discomfort until the feet cause pain and ailments like ingrown toenails. As an ideal mother, you need to look for shoes provide eminent level of comfort.


To make your toddler walk easy, buy shoes that are easy to fasten. Shoes with fastener provide better grip to your toddlers stumble walk. Working mom can go with Velcro straps as they take less time to fasten. Shoes with lace are good for (3-5 years) a little younger kids.


When it comes to material, you toddler shoes should be of good fabric like cotton and have flexible rubber soles. If the material is not good, it can harm your baby feet and can create fungal infection.


Buy your little master shoes from a well reputed store and don’t forget to measure your baby’s feet if you are purchasing from an online store. These are quite crispy tips to buy designer shoes for kids.

Look For Style with Comfort

Are you a fashion freak? If yes, it’s very good but in the name of fashion, you should not overlook comfort. I have seen many times people overlook comfort for style and later on they feel embarrassed.

For instance, if you are buying designer shoes, you need to be concerned about proper size first. If, in haste, or because the pair is quite stylish, you get to purchase the smaller one, you will not be able to use it for long time. Similar is the case with other things like jewelry and clothes etc.

So, you need to be a smart shopper to purchase the right things at right time.

Here are some shopping tips to help you out:

First and the foremost set your budget. Normally, without budget we tend to shop more and sometimes useless also. That’s why experts said that try not to use your credit card while shopping. It may put you in unnecessary burden.

It’s a human tendency to be carried away by sale and other such enticing offers. Sometimes, we purchase unnecessary things because we think that we are getting for fewer prices. Though it is true sometimes, but avoid shopping if those things is not of much use. For instance, if already you have one refrigerator, buying other because of just sale is not of much use.

Try to do window shopping before buying anything. It will give you an idea about what latest is going on plus will update you about prices as well. Purchasing, in haste, will only embarrass you in future.

So, taking care of these things will help you out and prevent you from unnecessary spending. It is very necessary to shop smart and reasonable as well as under your budget!

What Women Want: Discounted Designer Shoes

Now-a-days, designer shoes have been one of the greatest obsessions of women. Shoe fanatics never miss a chance to check out the web and get a load of the newest shoe trends and all the other stuff related to it. Most shoe lovers even join shoe forums and when women get to talk about shoes, they are sure to go crazy over it, most especially when the topic revolves around “designer” shoes.

So what’s with designer shoes, anyway? Well, it is women’s priceless possession. It is something worth craving like food, something worth saving like money and something worth sacrificing like love – in other words, it is LIFE. Some people might not understand why it goes like this but for sure, girls – we know what we want, right?

Since not all girls are as rich as Paris Hilton, they get to be diligent and patient enough to stand-by and wait for these designer shoes to go on-sale. Most of them subscribe to websites that notify them where to go and grab big discount designer shoes. These websites advice them to run (not just walk) and go get them!!!  Discounted designer shoes have high demand, since millions of girls have shoe obsession, yet they turn out to have limited supplies.

So what are women going to do to so they won’t get left behind with these great opportunities that discounted designer shoes offer?

(A) Be alert and stay on-line – you’re sure to thank the internet with the discount notifications; there a lot of websites, news and forums that offer and talk about bulk discounts so keep your attention on them; blogs are also helpful.

(B) Grab the opportunity – it comes once in a blue moon so take advantage of it.

(C) Be friendly – you’ll get to see the advantage of this when you’re there.

Designer shoes serve as status symbol for women. Shoe shopping is also considered as a very effective stress reliever. It also boosts their confidence and sex appeal. It is said that shoes are little personalities waiting to be put on. Hence, shoes are real fun.

Authentic Designer Shoes, Is It Worth It?

For us ladies, it is somehow ideal to have a good fashion style. Whether you’re just an ordinary teenager, businesswoman, working on offices or even just a typical lady who loves wearing fashionable clothes and stuffs – we all want to be in the best trend of fashion not to impress but to show our personality as a whole.

Well, fashion is really something to think about. There are lots of people who deal with it even if it costs them ample amount of money. I believe that in fashion, you need to invest to achieve the best look that you want.

One of the most common for ladies decision making is when they are thinking of the shoes they need to wear. There are a variety of shoes out there in the market to choose from, but what most people are thinking of is not the price or the designs but the authenticity of the product. Buying authentic designer shoes can cost a lot depending on the brand but you can be certain on the quality and all. As for me, there’s no reason to think about the price, not unless you’re facing financial crisis.

If you have a limited budget and can’t buy expensive stuff to add to your fashion statement, you can always go for the cheaper ones. You should know that being “in” does not have to be expensive, fashion statement is not about money it’s all about going with the flow and feeling good and confident on what you are wearing. To sum it up, it is all about attitude.

There is no doubt that authentic designer shoes are really awesome and comfortable to wear. Possessing a pair or two can be a good investment especially those high-end brands. With such quality and style, you’re sure to be a head turner whenever you’re wearing it.

The Right Designer Shoes Will Make All the Difference

The beauty about a good pair of shoes is that it will make all the difference to your attire. By simply wearing a perfect pair of shoes, your entire outfit appearance will be enhanced. It’s like frosting or icing a cake. Not only will a good pair of shoes enhance your appearance, but a comfortable pair of shoes will contribute to improving your physical health.

On the other hand wearing designer shoes of the wrong size or of poor quality may cause you a lot of physical pain and in some cases outright embarrassment. When you are choosing of shoes for any occasion, there are a number of factors that you’ll need to take into consideration. Nevertheless, let’s look at some shoe-wearing style that would help you:

Sports and Casual Shoe Style:– This type of foot-wear forms a very important part of our everyday life. Whether you are going for a walk in the park, or jogging, or probably you’re picking up the children form school, a sports or casual shoes will do wonders. Sports shoes like Nike, Puma and Reebok are popular shoes that offer a soft, comfortable and fashionable wear.

High-Heeled Shoes:– Particularly for women, there are a wide variety of designer high-heeled shoes available online. These are ideal for occasions like banquets, balls and romantic dates. In addition to this, there are some high-heeled designer shoes that are cheap with magnificent sparkling stones and design which will complement your elegant evening banquet attire.

Slippers and Flatties:– These types of shoes are appropriate for visiting the shopping malls in your vicinity. Sheepskin flatties are soft and perfect for long walks through the shopping malls. Long, slender and thin feet fits nicely into a pair of flatties, and you can also showcase your lovely feet as a fashion statement. Additionally, slippers and flatties usually make your feet feel freer and more comfortable in comparison to wearing a pair of shoes.