The Story of Gucci Shoes

Gucci is a famous brand from Italy; famous for its goods made of leather and some of the best products in fashion. Italy is one place on the planet most talked about for its scenic beauty, interesting destination and wine, besides Gucci! This is a brand that embodies fashion, status in society and style. All over the globe, shoes most coveted from Gucci have already famous as ‘stamps of approval’ in the fashion arenas. All those interested in shoes from Gucci would certainly be thrilled understanding the features as well as history of shoes from the international brand. Guccio Gucci the creator, designed shoes for the brand in the year 1921.

At a tender age, this merchant from Italy got into the business where luggage bags in leather were traded. Success in making leather bags in high quality led to the fame of Gucci rapidly spreading in the world of fashion. Growth and expansion in the business was further seen when all four sons joined the business. Gucci brand’s logo, the GG was invented during the 60’s which was first printed on handbags. New products were also introduced and the brand came back with greater fame and this time with Gucci shoes! All over the globe, the brand is a leading designer of luxurious handbags and footwear.

If the main pursuit is fashion and you are looking for a status that is truly noble then choosing an elegant, classic, high quality, durable and chic pair of shoes with features that are unique from Gucci, makes the perfect choice. Many of the world famous celebrities, high profile people, models, affluent crème de al crème of society consider this as one of the most perfect brands to flaunt. Gucci shoes made from bamboo fiber are the classiest in the latest collection of this brand. Besides shoes, other lines of products covered include perfumes, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and scarves, as of today; who knows what Gucci can add tomorrow! Shoes from Gucci are a ‘must’ to wear in case you want to stay in fashion circles and flaunt one of the world’s best brands in footwear.

The Designer Shoes Lawsuit; Christian Louboutin Doesn’t Give In.

Christian Louboutin, the in 1963 born famous Paris-based shoe designer is again suing a rival footwear company. Louboutin said that he asked the American branch of the well-known Yves Saint Laurent Corporation for months to stop bringing shoes with red soles on the market. Now Louboutin is again taking legal action; this time against the Brazilian Carmen Steffens in France but for the same reason.

Christian Louboutin claims that both fashion houses copied his trademark red sole.  Apparently one day he painted the sole of a shoe red with nail polish and that was the start of it all. His idea was registered as a trademark in 2008 in the US.

However, while Yves Saint Laurent refused to comment on Louboutin’s claim, Carmen Steffens France did react. The company said that they already brought designer shoes with red soles on the market since 1996; long before Louboutin’s registration. Besides that, Carmen Steffens women shoes are available in many colors and not only in red.

But Louboutin sticks to his guns and asks the judge to impose $1 million in damages and demands that Yves Saint Laurent immediately stops the manufacturing of red soled shoes.

After starting as a freelance shoe designer for big names like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent (!), Christian Louboutin launched his own line in 1989; he opened the first store under his own name in Paris in 1991 and in New York in 1993. His first handbag line was launched in 2003. Today the designer gained world wide fame and indeed his stiletto heeled shoes are instantly recognizable for the lipstick red soles.

Princess Caroline of Monaco was one of his first celebrity customers and the media present at that occasion helped boost Louboutin’s designs enormously. With a customer base that contains names like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Deneuve, Diane Von Furstenburg and Sarah Jessica Parker, the designer indeed has an emporium to fight for and we are all waiting anxiously for the verdict. Shall he be vindicated?

Paul Smit shoes Collection for Women

Paul Smit is one of the best English fashion designers. He designs clothes and accessories for both men and women. Paul Smit was known for his great shoe designs for men. His designs are the most sought after shoes collection in England. The English people simply are in rave about them. Now enough about men, lets talk about Paul Smit Shoes collection for women for this summer.

Paul Smit shoes

As we all know women is the where the bigger audience is, and it’s a great thing that Paul Smith is designing for this market. Summer 2011 Paul Smit collection, involves a comprehensive range of powerful and flexible styles. You can expect that they are made from soft and durable leathers and are constructed in high quality.

This summer collection is composed of heels, boots, sneakers, flats with wide ranging colors and designs. It brings together a wide array of conventional shapes and styles as well as more modernized fashion sense. The Mainline collection is based form the mainline clothing. These have printed leather upper part with a ribbon trimmed sandals and with a sit beside raffia wedges. All these are made to perfection from Italy.

Pau Smit shoes collection for women is packed with colors and texture. They have prints and patterns that lift up the style for this season. Wedges with high heels look exceptionally beautiful at the same time comfortable. The summer 2011 boots collection is the pull up ankle boots that features soft leather that comes in wide array of colors are simply a must have for many. The signature lace up brogue is being reintroduced in this collection. It is based on the classic Paul Smit shoes men’s collection. This has a dip dye finishing touches that could only flatter the color and the texture of the leather. The women’s collections are offered with the summer flair.

Paul Smit shoe designs are known to be very comfortable and easy to use. He focuses more on the soles of the shoes that give you very little chance of slipping. You will also find that they are very durable and fashionable as well. A good grip and a fashion sense, that’s definitely a Paull Smit design. So you can easily hit the beach and be on style with these comfortable and fashionable shoes.

The Power of Ferragamo Shoes

Are you an adventurous man? Well, what you need to know is that the perfect shoe for any man is defined by the kind of personality a man has. So, before you even make a step to go to the store, you should first of all understand your personality so as to leave you more focused as you go about your shopping. Shopping should be fun and you would only have that fun when you know what you are looking for.

Well, something interesting about your adventurous personality is that the Ferragamo shoes would be the best for you. They are quite flashy and luxurious which are perfect qualities for men with the adventure personality. These shoes are quite authentic and it is obvious that all men would love to be associated with stuff that are quite authentic. Maybe you need to know a little background of this creation.

Ferragamo collections have Italian origin. They are quite fancy and have moderate wedge. The collection features the charming black that comes with a neat bow and the signature name plate. In fact, you would be able to identify the original piece with this signature name plate, the style in the shoes is quite fabulous and capable of impressing any man of good taste. The beautiful Ferragamo shoes are created with nobleness of highest degree. No wonder, they spell elegance and class in a special way.

The lace up is quite great. These shoes are best for casual wear. That is why they are mainly for the man who is out for adventure many times. They would serve you perfectly. If you need that flashy look, you would definitely mind the kind of shoes that you wear. Your shoes have a great role that they play on your image. You must be careful with the design of shoes you select for the right image. You need to shop from an outlet that samples a huge collection of works from different designers so as to find the right one.

Five Things about Prada Shoes

In Italian fashion, there are designer names that are famous. Well, Prada happens to be one of them. Many people adore this designer for his great works and there are five things about his shoes collection that you may want to know about. The first is that the shoes designed by Prada are quite authentic. If you have a passion for authentic shoes, then this collection will not fail you at all.

Second, is that Prada shoes come in different styles and many colors ensuring that at least everyone has something to match their tastes. Three, the collection updates with every season so at least you are sure that you will find the right shoe that matches the kind of season that we are preparing for.

The fourth thing about Prada shoes and which is almost related to the third is that the collection for a season comes in time. Like, at the moment you can already find the spring and summer 2011 collection which ensures that you plan well in advance for the right shoe that you would want to wear next.

Finally, the collection of this Italian label has something for everyone. Yes, both men and women can browse through the collection and find the ideal shoe that they would love and at the best price depending on the store they are shopping from.

Pamper Your Feet With Branded Shoes

Designers keep coming up with fashion trends every season in the form of dresses, bags, accessories, shoes etc. For the fashion conscious it is important to follow the latest trend to be in vogue and shoes are integral part of the complete look. Women consider shoes to be an integral part of their lives and the collection keeps on increasing every year with new styles, colors and types.

branded shoes

Designer shoes are admired by everyone related to fashion and the pride and comfort designer brands provide is something out of this world. Most designer brands take painstaking interest in the timeless and unparalleled collection of the shoe range.

Designer shoes are available for every occasion to meet the requirements of trendy, sporty, casual or outdoor activities. These shoes not only justify the brand name through quality, finish and comfort but the high price associated to the branded shoes makes them an object of pride and a symbol of status for the wearer.

For women these designer shoes offer an exquisite range of styles to choose from like stilettos, peep-toes, and flip flops, flaps or styles that are flavor of the season. Most designers also get them customized to complete the look.

The shoes by prominent designers are shipped across the globe today and the elaborate and detailed websites of prominent designers provide assistance of owning them in no time with just a few clicks. These websites offer complete range of colors, styles, sizes available and the user friendly payment option ensures that you are not left out from being the proud owner of a designer show.

Walk In Style with Leopard Print Shoes: A Must of This Winter

Shoes speak a lot about one’s personality. Whenever you shop for shoes, make sure to shop for the ones that have good fit. One also tries to get a decent discount and probably want to get quality shoes that might last for few years. This time animal print is fashion and we see someone or the other adorning this fashionable trend. Animal prints are hot this season and on seen on scarves, accessories, clothes, stole to shoes.

In most of the fashion magazines you must have seen celebs wearing this stylish print. From leopard and zebra print to shoes embossed with croc-print, they are an easy way to add a bit of pep to any outfit. In recent years, the animal print has made its way to every imaginable style of footwear. This winter is the season for Leopard print shoes: a must of this winter. Celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Cassie and Kim Kardashian have been spied wearing eye-catching animal print wardrobe and shoes.

Leopard print shoes are preferably one of the best suited shoes which you can wear for all occasions. Do not think that it is too loud to suit you as most of the animal prints create a cute, chic and real fashion statement. This is easy to pair with a long dress, skirt and even with slacks. This does not clash with your attire infact it boosts your outfit by giving you height and poise.  Suede Leopard print are the most comfortable shoes that are incredibly soft. Suede is not only a wonderful material for your shoes but adds a luxurious feel to your wardrobe.

Stylish Hogan Shoes: The New Interactive And Attractive Boots for Winter 2011

What do you seek the most when it comes to shoes? Most of them look for style and comfort. But quality plays a major role in choosing right footwear. With the coming of 2011, shoe trends have changed and the style has returned to basics. Apart from being fashionable the basic purpose of shoes is to give protection to your feet. Shoes are associated with our daily activities therefore always choose the right kind of shoes.

There are some people who are satisfied with few pairs while some need closet full of shoes. This because each and every shoe is made differently that is interesting, beautiful and stylish. It is true that shoes can be fun or functional but the bottom line is that everyone wants to buy comfortable shoes. They also keep in mind that they are appropriate and fit for the occasion.

When it comes to shoes, one cannot forget to mention Hogan shoes: the new interactive and attractive boots for winter 2011. They are known for their unique, innovative and quality designs. The shoes are designed using state-of-the-art technology using top quality material blended with passion and detailing. They represent an expression of new luxury lifestyle. They are meant for someone who likes to move along with fashion trend.

The current trend of Hogan shoes is for someone who wants to seize the outdoor spirit with an urban attitude. These shoes are the most sought after ones and are frequently on the foot on celebs, models and other important personalities. Most of them are decorated by foreign sequins and give a glamorous touch to your wardrobe.

Women Shop Where They Find Designer Shoes

Most women are drawn to shopping for designer shoes. In fact, any woman who can afford to buy a branded shoe typically purchases one of the most expensive and chooses to shop at retail outlets where only the most famous designers sell footwear that is popularly known as designer shoes.

What Are Designer Shoes?

There are many well-known designers in the world today who have created a fashion line that is easily recognizable by most fashion-savvy women. Along with all their different product lines, almost every high quality fashion house in the world presents a line of designer shoes. Some of the famous names include Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. Designer shoes come in a variety of different styles and colors and that variety is probably as vast as the number of women choosing them.

Why Designer Shoes?

Many reasons exist why women will prefer to buy designer shoes. One such motivation is that people believe it gives a boost to their self-confidence. When a woman believes she is more beautiful wearing expensive designer shoes, she exhibits this confidence in our everyday actions.

Therefore it is considered a good investment when purchasing expensive designer shoes if it does, indeed, help make the woman. Granted, designer shoes are made from only the highest quality materials available, thus making them a good investment. Therefore, trendy style choices that last a considerable amount of time will be excellent investments not only propping up a woman’s self-image, but being economically useful for the amount of money paid.

Glamour Can Be Lots of Fun

Never overlook the fact that women who go into the world of being fashion conscious consider glamorizing to be a great deal of fun. This includes the choice of expensive designer shoes. Some women gain a better sense of superiority knowing that the shoes they are walking in are far superior to the ones that the person next to them are wearing.

Plus, designer shoes have a tendency to allow women to always pick the most appropriate pair to go with whatever outfit is chosen for that day.

Gucci Shoes Of A Lifetime

If you have the chance- get it! Never mind the price. It’s a shoes made by Gucci, and seldom you can find an ordinary person wearing it in a place not so well-off. Most of the time we thought, people with riches are the ones who can afford to have this brand and having this footwear stick on your sole is like walking up on the clouds. Wearing Gucci items is like a fulfillment and at the same time a self-reward for not everyone can afford to purchase it.

Gucci famous designs are found on catwalks among this style are elegant high heeled shoes, boots or sandals. Gucci shoes like flats and sneakers are also available in boutiques. Discounted Gucci products were also offered on online shops especially on sneakers and some old style boots and sandals. As it gets older, the quality of these products never tires off. Even they are purchased and sold to many people the style is always at its best.

There are two factors why Gucci products remain on top of the market in fashion and style. First it is made from high quality materials and second, the product was produce in timely designs. Today, what’s new in shoe fashion is what we look up, not the fact that we’re buying shoes to protect our feet.

Just like other famous brands, improvement in the industry of shoe-making and fashion designing raise up Gucci among the top brands in shoe making. If the materials and capability of the people who made the products are continually enhanced, these designers’ shoes will surely remain tasteful and valuable for users in the future times.