Dior Shoes among the Best Designer Shoes

Loving not only for clothes but including shoes, bags and other accessories is what love of fashion covers up. You may have these best designers shoes in your closet like Dior shoes, Paul Smith shoes, Dior shoes, Gucci mens shoes, Dsquared shoes and the Prada shoes. Among the best men designer shoes is Dior men shoes. If you wear these designer men shoes surely this foot wear will bring a classy and stylish fashion on your feet. While the Dior women’s shoes bring out the femininity of the wearer and at the same time it has and edge among other shoe out in trends.

If you have found none to wear among the shoe pairs in your closet then Dior shoes is the way to go. Mostly it is said that among the “must-have” of a woman inside her closet is a pair of low heeled shoes in classic black as well as a classic black pair in high heels. And only Dior shoes can give you the blend of beauty and elegance. If you’re looking Dior shoes for men different choices are also available.

A metallic high heeled sandal is another important shoe a lady must have in her wardrobe. This type of sandal is also available in Dior shoes you can wear it with your outfit for evening dinner or if you’re going to a red carpet event. Dior men’s shoe on the other hand aside from being comfortable to wear it is stylish in design. Christian Dior is a designer who makes women’s fashion and women’s footwear in revolution without exception. The Dior products are continuously chic and innovative, most especially known for his glamorous ankle boots and knee high western style boots. Normally the color of Dior shoes are brown or black with silver buckle designs.

Available style in Dior shoes includes the stylish and classy high heeled shoes, distinct styles, western shoes and even men sneakers. It comes mostly in neutral colors like black and brown or toned down bright colors. You can also get from Dior shoes thigh high boots or denim heels.

Today you can shop for your Dior shoes on the stores all over the places in the world like New York, Paris, Rome, Milan, New Delhi, Madrid, Hong King, Beverly Hills, Barcelona, Shanghai and London.

Season’s Discounted Designer Shoes: Heels or Platforms

Winter is around the corner and we have to prefer our feet for this snowy season. Couturiers already determined the hot fashion trends for the coming Winter 2009 and we can start collecting a pair for us to protect this upcoming cold season.

Choosing for discounted designer shoes is a little bit complicated. When we see the season’s runway shoe collections, we usually consider the models as indecent, exquisite, extravagant, glamorous and exquisite. Designer are very talented and sharp minded when creating lines for the sake of one’s shoe preferences. .

We should have to take a closer look for something that really compliment our own taste and style and decide what to prefer when it comes to shoe style: heels or platform

First of all we have to decide what we prefer: heels or a platform.

Gucci Stilleto Shoes

The the preferred heel for Winter 2009 is on its towering high and thin stiletto. It must be at least 4 inches long or more and as thin as it can be. Aside from high stilettos, kitten heels are also a good pick. They have been modernized and increased its height to make it more elegant and sexy.

For Winter season, high boots, jackboots and even ankle boots have also high heels. If you are afraid of wearing a 4-inch stiletto or a kitten heel, fashion designers suggested the same 4-inches but the heel is a bit thicker in diameter.

Another pick for the season is a high thick heel covered with the same fabric as the shoe itself. It can be colorful or patent-leather and suede.

Prada Platform Shoes

High stiletto alone was not enough for designers to complete the look of their bearer. They have added a platform to the shoe and increased the heel a little higher. There are variety of platform shoes and boots are of bright colors and made of expensive materials.

Dior Wedges

But wedge heel is the hottest trend this upcoming snowy season of 2009. The wedge heel exposes heel and platform silhouettes.

Indeed, high heels and wedge heels are the to current items for the season. Select a pair now that truly corresponds your own eccentric style!

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2009 Couture Shoes

The Rodium Museum in the Cuty of Lights was the place to be check out the latest looks from one of the top fashion designers. The designer itself, John Galliano unveiled his Haute Couture collection in Paris with a runway packed with celebrities like Kanye West, Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes and Claudia Schiffer.


I personally love these 2009 Couture collection compare to the last year’s Dior Runway Collections.

“There’s a credit crunch, not a creative crunch. Of course, everyone is being more careful with their discretionary purchases. I am. But it’s our job to make people dream, and to provide the value in quality, cut, and imagination.” John Galliano on the economic recession.




Haute couture it’s not anything you would dare to wear. Sometimes they are very weird and sometimes it was very acentric. The Dior collections revealed lots of classy suit jackets mixed with really daring skirts.

Guys, would you dare to wear haute couture clothes if you had the opportunity or not?

The Best of Holiday Shopping for Christian Dior Shoes

Christian Dior exudes confidence, style and sophistication and has been a striking label in the fashion industry all over the world. The collection has changed every year to create trendy and new styles for the fashionistas alike, but with exception it has remained true to its original concepts.

The Dior shoes are divine. Authentic leathers and fabrics, unequaled detailing and embellished silver and gold buckles are incorporated in almost designs suited for Holiday outfits.

Scroll down to a recommended holiday shopping gifts brought to us by the House of Dior.

Shop for Dior Pumps

dior shoes Main color: brown
Materials: leather, metal
Heel: 4 1/2”
Hardware color: gold
Styledrops Price:  $629

Shop for Dior in Flats

dior shoesMain color: bordeaux
Materials: leather, metal
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:  $429

Shop for Dior Sneakers

dior shoes Main color: black
Materials: leather, metal, rubber
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:  $529

dior shoes Main color: dark brown
Materials: suede leather, metal
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:  $887

Party Women Shoes Exclusively For You

Let’s get party! If you’ve plan for a special occasion or holiday parties, surely, you’ll need a right party shoes to wear on. From Galas to Premieres, Christmas to New Year, Baptisms and Weddings and other occasions can be hectic and it needs an advance preparation. Any excuse to shop your own party shoes is a good thing.

So grab a cup of joe or a glass of wine, and stumble about these show-stopping shoes for the season. For every pick you have, definitely there is sparkle and shine in every step you take.

prada shoes

Few things set my heart aflutter like a pair of pretty party shoes. And they don’t get much prettier than this pair of Prada shoes.

Main color: black
Materials: patent leather, crystal
Heel: 5”
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:$989

gucci shoes

Very different from the rest of the shoes on this list, and not for the faint of heart but to the seasons dominant color, Red. Fantastic pair for disco. Your feet will be dance floor-fabulous in this pair of Gucci shoes available at styledrops.com.

Main color: red
Materials: patent leather
Heel: 3 1/2”
Styledrops Price:$789

miu miu shoes

No matter how glamorous the party, or well-dressed the crowd, I guarantee you will visible on the limelight and steal the show with your fabulously Miu Miu shoes.

Main color: black
Materials: patent leather
Styledrops Price: $639

dior shoes

Ideal for adding a glamour and vibrant to any outfit, this chunky pumps from Christian Dior is an excellent choice of a modern woman.

Main color: fuchsia
Materials: leather, metal
Heel: 4”
Hardware color: silver
Styledrops Price:$779

ysl shoes

A girl wants to treat herself with. And there’s nothing better to do it with than a pair of to-die-for or a debt for, exclusively from YSL.

Main color: black
Materials: patent leather, rubber
Heel: 4 1/2”
Styledrops Price:$1038

Metallics and White

Metallic, once considered a trend that comes and goes with the seasons, has curve into classic territory. If you’re shopping for silver, gold, or other metallic shoes, you’re sure to find something you really love. Silver was the perfect choice for metallic this season, but muted shades of bronze and gold were plentiful in the Spring/Summer 2008 collections. Bronze was done right in a pair of Dior pumps reflecting Dior charm.

White is also the new trend this season. Abandon your fear of white shoes. Whites are everywhere this spring. You can find these in the clothes, bags, and shoe apparels as well. Symbolizing purity and cleanliness, there are various styles to fit the taste of every woman out there.

Evening Shoes for the Ladies

Attention Ladies! I’m sure you are craving shoes for your night out affairs. An evening shoes that sparkle, shine and help make your entrance stunningly visible.

Check out this crazy stuffs:

Ideal for adding “wow” to everything from suits to gowns, an evening shoe like Christian Dior will come for over years.

I can hardly imagine a more breathtaking shoe than this knockout exotic pump from Dolce & Gabanna Collections.

When I first saw this Prada bowed pump, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I love the rich ash gray color how versatile is this. Everyone needs a gorgeous evening shoe, and this sexy pump definitely fits your bill.

If you want a look that’s fun, sexy and still dressy enough for evening wear, check out a pair of dress sandals like the ones shown here from Ferragamo. I can’t imagine a shoe looking more luxurious than this evening sandal.