Milan Fashion Week S/S 2010 Shoe Highlights

We’ve already published some of the designer’s runway shows with amazing pics and videos during the Milan Fashion Week for Spring /Summer 2010 collections created by renowned designers all over the world.

The highlights of the show focused to some gorgeous shoes for spring/summer 2010. An array of trendy heels, wedges, platforms, sandals and flats were being presented.

One of the influential designers who successfully showcased her excellent collections was Donatella Versace. Her Spring/Summer 2010 shoe collections was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie.

We saw loads of high platforms, bright patterns and geometrical ornaments. Overall, the shoes are brightly colorful, awe-inspiring with architectonic designs and very stylish. The collections were decorated with buckles, studs and cut-outs.

Dolce & Gabanna mixed pumps and socks and the designer wants cowboy boots with fringe for spring weather.

The house of Fendi designed footwear collection in neutral colors and materials.

Dolce and Gabanna Shoes with Crazy Styles

Designer fashion accessories and shoes are a must have for men and women this season that were exclusively designed to accolades every outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Being stylish with different designer shoes like Dolce & Gabbana shoes gives you a distinct and glamorous appearance. To spot the light, you can mix up the sexy look with the latest line of fashionable handbags and clothing that are ready to deck you in a way that is extremely chic.

Dolce & Gabbana offers an extensive range of styles, colors and sizes that have been designed especially to facilitate women to express their style in a unique way.

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes

Dolce & Gabanna_Shoes

Dolce & Gabanna Shoes1Regardless of being beautiful at party or being stylish lady at work, these chic shoe models can actually turn a simple going everyday girl to an exceptionally gorgeous lady.

A must have this season, these shoes are available in different sizes, styles and colors. They are extremely comfortable that work’s best both night and day. Going perfectly with particular accessories, they make a best option for women who want to create their own style statement.

Dolce & Gabbana Handbag in Miss Sicily Snakeskin


Oh its D&G aka Dolce & Gabbana! I was really amazed when I saw this Miss Sicily Snakeskin brought about by Dolce & Gabbana handbags collection this season. My first impression when I looked at this stuff was that it didn’t look anything like Dolce & Gabbana stuff.

Other fashion labels got a compliment of a ruffly garbage handbags or been in various color of lame but this bag is totally different as what we see here.

The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Snakeskin Handbag is the exact opposite of a ruffly anything. Its lines are so rigid that shows that this bag was well-crafted. I’m pretty sure that it can withstand any incremental weather condition and can last for a long long time. It is indeed, TIMELESS!!!

Go ahead, try and think of something snakeskin. This was perfectly matched in any outfit you have, whether you dressed up with jeans or a white button-down. This is quite nice and to tell you, snakeskin is my favorite neutral material of all time.

They are textured with tons of tiny scales that really deserve some time spent with your great fashion carrier. Seeing this makes me really wish that Hermes would consider expanding their snakeskin offerings in the future.

Try to consider other Dolce & Gabbana handbags at your online store.

Know Your Next Athletic Shoes

Some people have their own personal view to someone’s personality based on the type and style of shoes they wear. This practice is not merely a generally accepted principle but it is extremely common to people to conclude based on the selected appearance of their apparel. In any element on individual appearance, shoe do really contribute to the idea which shared by others to classify their real personality.

Regardless of the conception whether this generalization is right or wrong, I do believe that shoes are definitely enhance or change every person’s image. As human practices develop over years, shoe fashion has gone great transformation too. From colors and styles, great used of materials and improved design patterns have drawn people’s interest to buy more. As the shoe industry continues to increase with diverse needs, shoe manufacturers have never ending research just to satisfy the demanding markets like that of an athletic shoes.


It is really annoying leaving a shoe store with a pair of athletic shoes purchased after spending hundreds of dollars on the latest “hot” designer shoes and only to find out that it really hurt when having a long run. Speaking of Dolce & Gabanna, this Italian fashion duo provides excellent tastes of athletic shoes with comfort and durability.

Very few people take into consideration on the shoe comfortability rather than in the good looks while being promoted by their favorite models. Athletic people especially Americans are paying great attention to the sporty shoes that matches their foot type considering that some of them needs specialized shoe due to their foot structure.

Shoe experts acknowledge five basic categories of shoe types that we should be familiar. Take for example the motion-control shoes. Stiff and long-lasting, this type of athletic shoes is control-oriented and it has an ability to limit someone’s inclination to take a prone position. This is also a good choice for people who suffer from flat feet providing the proper cushioning and support for stability. This is also for a person who has high foot arches. It is always a wise choice to buy shoes that are durable and provide the needed support as cushion shoes. Trail shoes are excellent if you are drilling sport in an off-road or in an inclement weather conditions that need extra adhesive friction.

You have now the idea of what kind of athletic shoes you’re looking for but it is always best if you visit your favorite online store to know more the details of it or visit the store personally so that you have more time to spend and ask questions to the sales person for your shoe types, specific features, its actual appearance and you can compare prices too. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy the real shoes and you will be confident enough to wear in the long run. Just remember that shopping athletic shoes when you’re aware with it, will save you time and money. It’s like when you visit the shopping stores never go in there “hungry.”

Cutting Prices on Luxury Goods in the U.S. Fashion Market

Have you ever heard the news about the luxury-good manufacturers in the U.S. fashion market lately and still like hotcakes hitting via online or even on fashion channels today? Good News to all fellow fashionistas or even on local and international celebrities. This is for you!

As reported by a credible online source from The Wall Street Journal, luxury-good makers are cutting their prices on most designer apparels, shoes and handbags exclusively in the US market. It was said that the prices were cut from 8% to 10% on most designer products sold in the US.

I never thought that these designer moguls such as Chanel, Versace, Christian Louboutin and Chloé would slash their prices into the highest level even their suggested prices are increasing at least once a year despite of the poor economy.

It seems that this is good news to everyone! You can now probably count a designer bag with over thousands of dollars and shoes on your wardrobe.

louis vuitton logoDuring the recent prosperous years, most luxury companies assumed that money was not a big issue for their loyal fans. The French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, never moved their prices at this moment, they are remain as what they are. Proved that consumers are still patronizing their goods even the prices are still increasing twice for an average increase of 10% and sales have still continued to rise.

hermes logoThe sales for Hermes began slipping and it has hardly dared to raise their prices. The commercial teams will decide by January whether they are increase or lower their prices in US and Japan territory. “We must take the market’s capacity to absorb the price hikes into account” says Mireille Maury, Hermes’s managing director for finance and administration.

chanel logoChanel moved early to cut their prices last month. The fashion house decided to cut its prices by 7% to 10% on most of their items that are striking the US stores now. “The dollar’s recent strength has allowed us to pass on greater value to our customers” says John Galantic, the company’s U.S. based president fro Chanel. The company encouraged other renowned designer such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Chloe to lower their prices as well.

This is to be the first time for most major fashion houses in the US cuts their prices at hike maybe the rebound of the dollar plus the global recession is the main reason to this hot issue. Let’s see the possible outcome for this next year…

Best Halloween Picks: Dolce & Gabanna Handbags

halloweenTo fulfill your Halloween desire and to experience the true essence of a horrific season, a Halloween designer handbags was created.

“Trick or Treat”

What is brewing to these slick leather handbags brought about by Dolce & Gabanna? I reckon, this famous designer couple is highly appreciated everywhere bringing the status of luxury, glamour and versatility.

D&G style give birth to unique models diffused among stars and celebrities spotted carrying these lovely handbags and as a fitting cauldron for the most sophisticated sorcerers. Spiced up in different devilish colors that hide the magical potion as part of an Italian sexpot design.

Discover what is HOT and TOP Picks Dolce & Gabanna Handbags this Horrendous moment

dolce gabanna handbag A pumpkin suede handbag in black accent makes a cozy companion for the season.

dolce gabanna handbagDeep brown and bronze D&G spacious bag is elegant and eye-catching. Perfectly matched for your colorful Halloween outfit.

dolce gabanna handbag A classic violet handbag is a Winter mainstay for everyday sophistication.

dolce gabanna handbagA roomy, structured leather bag in a muted dark brown color is a great choice for Winter. Resembling gold hardware creates superiority among others.

dolce gabanna handbagWork a red kiss of devil for Halloween by choosing a deep red handbags.

dolce gabanna-handbagD&G handbag in dark brown and beige spiced up for Halloween and for the Winter with gold details.

dolce gabanna handbagA sleek pebbled leather handbag in a color like coffee or espresso is a versatile Halloween/Winter accessory.

Fashion Brings Wildlife and Jungle this Fall

A ferocious season picks mimic jungle creatures with fabric, color, prints and details migrate to fashion’s forefront. Consisting of seductive serpents, spangled anthropods and feathered avians bring all floras alive with uproarious enjoyment.

As the “King of Animal Prints” continue to make its mark on the voguish pieces that favored this season an inspiration from flights of fancy and sultry vibe lush rainforest through a rich concoction of hues, lush patchworks of fabric selection and intricate detailing that will definitely heighten the temperature of incoming fall.

Colossal Models with an “Animalistic” looks

I’m sure all of you guys know that animal prints are mad big. Resembling leopard as the majority, tiger and zebra as well! To complete the set, a woman needs this one. I love this Dolce & Gabanna multicolored with pony-hair calf leopard print accent. It’s subtle enough as your everyday handbag this fall. Get wild and rock the animal prints!

A Woman Needs This!

Nothing beats a great pair of sexy high heels. This has been recognized as the ultimate sexy footwear ever.
Ultimate Reasons:
1. The height of high heels alters the wearer’s center of balance.
2. Creating sexy walks that make the hips sway.
3. Protrude the shape of the shoe that elongates the legs appear longer and leaner. Awesome!
4. Creating an air of confidence and sophistication by having taller and slimmer appearance.

No wonder sexy high heels are one of the most popular types of women’s shoes around!

Sexy high heels are the essentials of any woman’s wardrobe, and shoe designer, Dolce & Gabanna, plays an ultimate role in creating sexy and elegant shoes. If you don’t have at least one pair in your closet, it’s time to get one. Have a Happy Shopping!

Dolce & Gabbana: Must be your Next Option

Louis Vuitton has always been the choice of everybody in terms of handbags but take consideration to another Italian-made designer, Dolce & Gabbana . This designer is almost worn by famous celebrities namely Madonna, Christina Aguilera and the like. This is one of a kind that specializes on more expensive luxury items that was inf

luenced more by its.

I am searching websites to find the perfect Dolce & Gabbana handbag collections and accidentally I stumbled on a beautiful bag at I bring to you one of the Dolce & Gabbana handbag collections. This handbag is really beautiful in every way, its shape and form. The satchel has gorgeous authentic leather, fabric and metal. With beige as the main color and brown as its secondary. The color is gorgeous, and the over all structure of the handbag is appealing and it is complete with a logo plate dangling from the handle.
This designer must be the next option on your fashion statement. Be the first one to change!