Whats Back In The Fashion Week: Spring 2011 Trends

The New York fashion week: spring 2011 trend report revealed some of the strongest fashion trends from deconstruction to minimalism. The following days were somewhat schizophrenic. The New York collections always get the first applaud with designers like Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, Phillip Lim to Rag & Bone.

The spring 2011 had quite a few surprises wrapped for us through vibrant colors and brilliant designs that dominated in podiums.  The Topshop spring 2011 can help you take a note of upcoming fashion trends as summer is just round the corner.  The colors and diverse fashion trends have been created by some renowned fashion designers that will enchant your eyes. So what’s back this season?

Here are two retro styles that are inspired from the past and have made headlines in the fashion week: spring 2011 trends.

Re-return of Wide-leg Trouser: The first come back this season is the re-return of wide-leg trouser. There are many for whom the high-waisted, wide-leg trousers will never go out of fashion. One could see this trend practically popping up from all over the ramp. This collection was inspired by 70’s and Tommy, Marc and Tory all fashioned it to perfection.

Edgy New Moon Manicures: The next trend in rise was the edgy new moon manicures that casted in magical spell over New York Fashion Week. The moon manicure has replaced the typical French manicure which was popular all throughout the season. Over the past four seasons this manicure turns it inside out and paints the crescent to match the tips. During the 20’s half-moon was a status symbol because spending so much time on your nails meant you belonged to a high class.

Gucci Glides in the Runway

Fashion shows in the runways will not be complete without the shoes itself. The House of Gucci brought their Spring 2009 Resort for New York Fashion Week yesterday to the public to showcase their newest refined collections raging from Gucci Shoes, Handbags down to Gucci clothing. These are all for upcoming Spring 2009.

Try to consider these greatest collections of all time brought to you by the House of Gucci.

photos courtesy of: nymag.com

New York Fashion Week Glides down the Runway….

Fashion Week is an excellent opportunity for Americans and other international designers to show off their latest upcoming collections in the fashion industry.

We will be expecting more fun, great entertainment because of its loud, mood-setting music and vibrant lightings and we will be amaze with different gorgeous outfits as well. The shows are primary sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and they are referred to as “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week” that will be attended by respected journalists (to write about and photographs the runway collections for newspapers, magazines, internet and television), buyers, celebrities and other social types.

It’s going to be a glorious time filled with fashion shows and parties. Watch out for this year’s fashion extravaganza featuring the Spring 2009 collections. The shoes will begin this Friday, September 5 to September 15, 2008.

Check out Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website for the official site featuring news & updates with the complete schedule, designer profiles, and daily photos.

I wish that the House of Gucci will also showcase their collections ranging from Gucci handbags down to Gucci clothing as part of their great contribution to the fashion industry.