Best Wrist Bags Pick for 2013 to Splurge

Wrist bag is a small purse usually with a tiny strap that fits around your wrist. Sizes and designs make this bag differ from other purses. This is also tagged as clutch because it is being worn and held through the hand. Wrist bag is often used when attending a musical show or concert, clubbing or best pair with evening dress. This accessory is ideal to carry a few items like money, makeup, keys, cellphone and the like.

Considering its size, wrist bag is not ideal to someone who carries a lot of bulky items everyday. This is a good alternative for someone who wants to carry selected items not a purse. This is an ideal fashion accessory to choose for day and night party no matter your age preference is.

Dreaming for best wrist bags 2013 is very easy. You can have search it one the internet or visit your favorite retails store nearest on you.

For the meantime, here are the best wrist bags pick for 2013 to splurge on.

Burberry Handbags "HAYMARKET WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013


Fendi handbags "WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013


Gucci handbags "MICROGUCCISSIMA NEW BRITT WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013

How Old Is Your Hand Bag, Lady?

You might naturally ask what difference it actually makes. But you know from very inside of your heart that it matters. Handbags are something that no more a means to protect or carry your goods; these have to lend a feel of wearing something admirable and satisfying.

Do consider your hand bag matches your dress and personality well before others start pointing out or noticing that it does not. Following is a description of the latest Fendi handbags in the market that are always worth shedding an eye on.

When you consider a new hand bag, the most confusing as well as admiring aspect is color. Silver and sky blue is in trends these days at Fendi showrooms. Apart from these, classic black and cream colors are in fashion this season. Ochre color with black beadings also looks fabulous.

There are different shades of red, coral and rust. Those with fine artwork also lend a charming look to the lady carrying the bag. There are also some tricolor bags with straps having the contrasting colors. For example the bag may have white and light brown color with its long straps having shining black color.

While choosing the bags you have to consider your dressing sense as well as the occasion when you are heading to buy Fendi handbags. The company is a well known manufacturer of ladies’ handbags along with other fashion accessories. It will be interesting to note that the company is on its way to offer up to 25 percent discount on its selected products including handbags.  So, it may be high time to consider that your handbags have become older and you can think to change the existing lone with a couple of trendy and glowing bags.

Do consider the size of the bag depending on the occasion you tend to wear that. If you are looking for a bag to carry that to your office, it must be spacious enough to carry the goods of daily office use. Conversely, if you tend to buy one for parties, it needs to be colorful and lightweight so you may carry it like an ornament.

Make Your Own Style Statement With Designer Handbags

While getting ready for a special occasion, you want everything to be perfect and so that you look at your best. A good dress looks incomplete without a classy handbag. Market is filled with plethora of handbag brands which offer bags of different size, shape and colors.

While most of the people do not want to spend too much on a handbag, some who take care of every detail go for branded ones like Fendi handbags. Branded bags have their own charm and attraction and people cannot resist staring as you look classy and complete.

A number of Hollywood actresses and socialites have sported branded designer bags and hence increased their popularity. You would not mind spending some extra pennies to become proud owner of a handbag liked by your favorite Hollywood celebrity. Designer bags come in different styles and you have freedom to choose the best suited one for your personality.

The answer to why women cannot resist designer handbags is still a mystery. It is difficult like deciphering the ‘Da Vinci code’. No matter how many bags a woman has, she would not mind buying another one for the next occasion. Handbag companies understand your expectations and cater to your quest for a new style every time you go for shopping by launching new bags every now and then.

Handbag companies like Fendi handbags have long been into this business and thus assures you with quality material. You can buy a designer branded bag that can last for many years. Some handbag companies understand the environmental crisis and have come up with a noble environmental friendly production process. The products which are used in such companies are natural and the production process does not harm the environment.

The only thing that keeps most of the people from buying branded bags is their price. But this is not true as these handbags are made up of good material which last for years and you can enjoy the beauty of your favorite handbag for longer period. On the other hand a cheap handbag is made up of cheap material and you will have to invest again and again on buying a new one. In this way, branded bags are more cost effective and hence a better choice.

Fendi Handbags Add Stylish Look to Your Beauty

Italian fashion is very popular around the world. Their products have huge demand in the society. You can find wide verity of accessories in the market. At the time of selecting a right one, you may face problems to pick a suitable product in numerous brands. Many designers show their skills to make their products. Topmost brands like Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci and Fendi offer their various items. Fendi handbags are very popular among people because of their elegant designs.

From past ninety years, Fendi is serving many customers. Its history contains a long journey to reach to the perfection and finest quality. Their professionals design bags for men and women. There are number of celebrities who use these handbags to maintain their gorgeous appearance. When you see their innovative products, you will certainly feel good. Within a minute, you can change your look with them.

In order to select a desired handbag, you first need to examine many of them. Fendi handbags are available in exclusive range. These are specially made to meet your all needs at any point of time. Different materials are used to design them. Most of them are designed from lamb, canvas, calf and other materials. They use quality leather to make them. Due to the durability, many people use them for long time. This is a good feature of these bags.

Mostly women attract more toward these handbags because of their superior quality. They look for those products which match with their style. And with Fendi, they easily get various designs. Even these are cost-effective. You can easily afford anyone of them under your budget without affecting your other necessary requirements.

Expert craftsmen try to give a sole appearance to their different designs. They use latest techniques to maintain their shine. It does not matter whether you want to carry it to your office or any party, you will always get beautiful look. This way you can attract many people. If you want to impress your boss or loved one, gift them a singular peace of Fendi handbag. It certainly helps in your personal and professional life.

In glamorous world, these bags have huge demand. Many actresses and topmost models extensively use them. You can find them in advertisements as well. Their fans follow them and buy those products which they use. But you first need to give priority to your needs. Therefore, while selecting a suitable one, you need to closely examine all of them.

Stand Apart With Fendi Handbags

As far as handbags that are luxurious are concerned, handbags from Fendi are leaders in the world of fashion. Fur used in their making make them the most sought after bags amongst super stars and those associated with the world of fashion. Fendi, a famous designer since the year 1997 has the baguette as a feather in the Fendi cap, which is unique as well as elegant, simplistic in design, and a rage amongst women all over the globe. Women from the glamorous world of fashion, film stars, celebrities, high profiled women, models etc, consider them as lifestyle defining handbags,

Fendi handbags
Designs are classical to look at and after the baguette with a classical appearance, an innovative range of handbags have hit the global designer market since 2000. A number of bags flaunting classical designs have been produced by Fendi. The Spy Serious bag from Fendi has lots of space. Due to its circular design it allows you to keep all essentials and in the process save lots of space as well. Emergence of jewelry on Fendi handbags has added the much needed grandeur. The bags look ‘out of the common’ due to unique leather japanned in two lines that appeal to a lot of women desiring unique handbags. This offers you the convenience of carrying a range of things in a classy handbag. The best part about the brand is that it enables you to flaunt a style that is exclusive and functionality that is universal.

Most women do not feel content till they own at least two or more Fendi handbags in their collection of branded bags for women. Most suitable is the online shopping spree to take a look and place an order for some of the most appealing bags from this unique and top-brass brand. All information on latest designs, patterns, sizes, colors, prices, etc can be availed on handbags from Fendi, at the click of a button and from the comfort of your home. No need to worry about safe payments, as the credit card serves well online. Those interested in larger orders of this branded product can make the most of discounts, specials and festive offers.

Fendi Bags Classy To Use

‘Retro bags for modern women’, isn’t it something different written. No not at all, it is today’s tradition. They express their unique fashion style with classic handbags of 80’s and 90’s. Today’s fashion style is very hard to define as it incorporates with all fashion style and statement. These bags get mixed matched with any dress combination or pattern and are now becoming favorite of everybody.

The colors were unique and are still well suited and capable of defining its trend of particular decade. For example gorgeous black bags with red border justify the time of 80’s and 90’s. These fendi handbags were easy handy and required little maintenance in terms of cleanliness. This spacious bag channels with retro vibe design that recalls the glory days of the old time.

The time when travel means, only luxurious travelling.The simple color scheme makes the bag clean and stylish, at the same time blue with white give it a customary look. These travel bags wee ideally prepared for travelling with canvas on the front with long or short handles.

These bags were far different from today’s bags in term of style and color. There were no tattoos and graphics in these bags. These retro bags were traditionally prepared with its own signature say a leopard print or dark black with a hardcore leather print.

The fendi handbags were equipped with certain features that are somewhere lacking in today’s bag. For instance say protective button feet, flexible shoulders straps and a comfortable measure of 15x4x11 inches.

Fendi Handbags for Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Love handbags? Here comes another must-have collection of handbags intricately designed by Fendi that will surely go with your style. No one beats Fendi handbags with its classic and impressive looks. For Fall / Winter 2010 the collection has a logo or two in its second lovely presentation. The extensive collection was comprised of clean, classic shapes, rendered in a subdued, retro palette of browns and orangey-yellows.

The styles remind of Hitchcock classic Marnie, all mid-60s subdued tailoring and mid-century color combinations. The results were subdued and gorgeous, with impressive details that one should never miss to buy. You should also never miss to have these Fendi handbags with embossed models’ initials or signatures on the hang tags of several of its brown leather bags.

I’m sure everyone will love this unique collection of handbags specially made by Fendi for its avid customers.

Here are some of the Fendi Handbags presented for you to splurge on this coming Fall/Winter 2010:

Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 handbags

The house of Fendi offered variety styles for their 2010 Spring/Summer handbag collection with two opposing themes – vintage and futuristic.
The designer, Karl Lagerfeld used lots of obscure, lingerie influenced fabric to cover several handbags, but the end results are bit sloppy and worn.

Some Fendi handbags are made of wooden handles and has an unusual feature of a snap on fabric cover, in various form of materials from linen with a flower-embroidered edge to needlepoint.
Other wooden handled handbags has a strip of transparent Perspex, giving a futuristic element that looks inappropriate for a vintage style bag.

Leather and snakeskin materials embroidered with some decorative details are being used for Peek a Boo handbag.
Most perplexing were the transparent Perspex clutches and they modeled empty but what does it look like if it has something inside on it? Of course it would ruin their beauty to carry anything in them. We use bags to carry things, right?

I saw one potential bag from the collection and it was a studded Perspex clutch. The studs gave enough cover so you could actually tote the bag with no sloppy-look at all but there’s a huge empty space with no studs where your hand should go to carry the bag.

Overall, I found the effort of the designer creating extraordinary handbags for the chic and classy women with a vintage and futuristic approach towards fashion.

See the the collections after the jump courtesy of:

Fendi Handbags


Fendi Handbags1

Fendi Luxury Two-Tone Tan Handbag

Handbag designer Fendi created this very cute novelty handbag for you to splurge on this season.

Fendi was famous for their bondage-style patent heels and continued its concept to this two huge shiny buckles mounted on this tan purse.
The purse has a traditional tan satchel design trimmed in black patent piping with curved lines and designer logo that was strongly emphasized.

The huge twin buckles are the bag’s main feature. The two handles in over-sized chain are antique colored

After you’ve considered the more obvious features of this handbags, you can see also the additional details that always set Fendi apart from others. Indeed, a nice touch for the signature logo buckles! This handbag sounds expensive but this is a great and deserving member of your collectible Fendi stuffs. A wow-factor for this designer brand this season.


Highlights of this Fendi Luxury Two-Tone Tan Handbag
18″ handle drop (leather and chain)
Inside pocket
Fendi pouch included
Sumptuous leather

Top Luxury Handbags

The TOP 5 list of Top Luxury Handbags

Hermes Birkin BagHermes “Brikin”

The Hermes “Birkin” lead the Top Luxury Handbags. A hysteric for this particular stuff has reached into maximum heights similar to its crocodile-skin models for as much as $80,000. It is indeed handcrafted because it takes up to nine months to finished this item.

Hermes KellyHermes “Kelly”

The second top Luxury Handbags is the Hermes “Kelly” bag. This bag was named after the Princess Grace of Monaco and it is unattainable dream for the majority of fashionistas alike.

Fendi Silvia HandbagFendi “Silvia”

This type of handbag is at number 3 to the Top Luxury Handbags. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi and inspired by Karl Lagerfeld to enhance the trademark of Fendi handbag. The house of Fendi utilized a mosaic of purses, which came out for the first time in the 1999 Fall/Winter collection.

Louis Vuitton Handbag Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is our number 4 pick for the Top Luxury handbags. A hip new handbag for the chic, young at heart being.This is the the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami creation. It has a classic logo comes in multiple colors for Spring/Summer getaway.

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Balenciaga “Motorcycle”

The Balenciaga handbag is the number 5 top luxury handbag comes in “Motorcycle” style. This type of Balenciaga handbag is extremely hard to get with our hands.