My Envious for Fendi Shoes

If you want to taste the spirit of Italian fashion, first and foremost the brand Fendi comes in your mind. When I first encountered the images of Fendi for its Spring 2013 collection, I couldn’t take my eyes of those lovely angels vamping the runway with beautiful Fendi shoes. No wonder Karl Lagerfeld had its brilliant mind in designing those shoes.


From the house creative director, Karl Lagerfeld created a strong preference for sportswear, a bright colored palette, a touch of sparkle, geometric shapes and collars, and strong boxy silhouettes.. No one would ever think that the creation has a strong sensibility for a label’s luxurious fur even on its sportswear. The colors range from white, blue, orange, nude, peach or yellow.

Fendi also gives attention to their geo-printed designs in structural cuts to the architecturally-perfect peep-toe sandals.

These shoes are some of the hottest I have seen from other designer collection for Spring 2013 and I am sure from this collection, loyal wearers of Fendi from a-list celebrities down to local fashionistas will flock to this Fendi Spring 2013 collections.

Fendi Shoes

Fendi Shoes

Fendi Shoes


Tips to Spot Fake Fendi Shoes

Do you love branded wears? Are you ready to spend extra for quality? These questions are for shoe freaks, those want to maintain quality and style together. No wonder, the fashion industry comes up with a wide variety of shoes to glorify your look. Fendi is one of the best designer shoe sellers. Fendi all items are expensive and exclusive. Though, Fendi has marked their presence also in designer ready-to-wear and handbags.

Fendi shoes are expensive but fashion freaks love to buy them. It’s why some companies are trying to sell fake shoes of the brand to cash in. You cannot differentiate the fake from real if you don’t pay attention and know tricks to identify the real.

Fendi shoes are famous for excellent craftsmanship. The stitching of every shoe is clean, smooth and sturdy. If you observe crooked, sloppy and uneven stitching of the shoe that you would like to buy, it‘s good to look another pair.

Pay close attention to stitching to notice any glue remnants. Apart from stitching, it is possible that fake shoes are glued.

Try to feel the quality of the pair of shoes you would like to buy. Fendi maintains high quality. Leather and suede are durable and shiny. Noticing cheap and oddly stiff, they are likely not authentic.

Carefully inspect the hardware on the shoes. If the shoe is decorated with buckles and any kind of accessories, they should be of high quality.

Take your time to carefully inspect the logo. If you notice any misspelling and font change, the pair is likely not real.

It’s good to carry the logo photo along with you so that you can examine it carefully.

War of Shoe Making Companies

Oh fashion! It has given new thoughts to girls and boys in order to experiment their look. No wonder, luxury Italian fashion brands come up in your mind first while talking on fashion. Apart from Gucci, Chanel and Prada, there are brands offer loads of colors, designs and patterns to explore your look. Recently, FENDI appears as a tough competitor of these well reputed brands. Newcomers have the luxury fashion house a good start to experiment with their style.

Like Gucci, it offers stylish ready to wear, handbags and shoes. FENDI women’s shoes are now globally popular. From animal prints to bright colors, different types of shoes are available to give a colorful kick. Its winter shoes collections for remarkable. From knee high boots to beautiful fur boots are available to maintain your style in winter.

If you are fond of Italian luxury brands but your budget doesn’t allow you to go with. Don’t worry; fendi shoes are ranged from $350 to $1000 or more at many well reputed online stores. The brand uses exotic textures and patterns to make its shoes trendy. From peep-toe to high vamp, different types of shoes are available to enhance your style.

Some of its exclusive styles include two different colors like maroon and red to find completely a new style and to easily adjust your dresses. FENDI shoes are now style statement for teen girls.

Fendi Shoes Offers their Signature Style

Looking for a best Fendi shoes? Italy was one of the best makers of fendi shoes, among their top shoe designers are Prada, Gucci, and Fendi which is known for their durability and high quality shoe products. Their names have been synonymous with style and luxury since the early twentieth century. These less expensive designer shoes is just like the pricier one you can buy in boutiques, for their difference only is the price tag.

For a reason that designers shoes are seasonal, out in a few months, Prada new style of shoes will be wedding gowns while until the end of the season you can find cheaper designer shoes. This time by Design the Vertigo plan, FENDI continue to support the non-boundary design creativity and in addition, it take the ingenuity deduction handicraft concept, as well as brings the multiple sensation experience again as everybody in which the stimulation develop a new field of vision and the sense of touch.

Girls’ night becomes much more stylish and indulgent of Juicy Couture sleepwear and socks creations. Their youthful and unique styles carry out the glam-factor in casual. Your fendi shoes can be more stylish with tiffany co lounge wear while you were lounging around and watching a marathon of your favorite TV shows.

Juicy Couture quickly spread out branches and began offering a full line of accessory products, though it started out as women’s sportswear line. Their products in line of women’s shoes and girls shoes bring out their signature style of creations. You can select from different array of pumps, sandals, ballet-flats, slippers and boots to compliment its apparel line. Before, the square scarves for marriage ring were the channel flats and the aureate ring with gems on them. Now, it was absolutely in demand when metals like platinum and titanium were added to the design.

Milan Fashion Week S/S 2010 Shoe Highlights

We’ve already published some of the designer’s runway shows with amazing pics and videos during the Milan Fashion Week for Spring /Summer 2010 collections created by renowned designers all over the world.

The highlights of the show focused to some gorgeous shoes for spring/summer 2010. An array of trendy heels, wedges, platforms, sandals and flats were being presented.

One of the influential designers who successfully showcased her excellent collections was Donatella Versace. Her Spring/Summer 2010 shoe collections was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie.

We saw loads of high platforms, bright patterns and geometrical ornaments. Overall, the shoes are brightly colorful, awe-inspiring with architectonic designs and very stylish. The collections were decorated with buckles, studs and cut-outs.

Dolce & Gabanna mixed pumps and socks and the designer wants cowboy boots with fringe for spring weather.

The house of Fendi designed footwear collection in neutral colors and materials.

The Fendi Spring/Summer 2009 Collections

The Fendi Spring Summer 2009 collection is inspired by the sky-high sculptural coifs and coquette-ish flouncy skirts which are playfully balance and youthful femininity.


Fendi’s spring summer 2009 show in Milan is dominated by a neutral color palette, like pale blue, tan, peach, crème and basic black shades.

Collections also compose of a mixture of wide geometric waist clasping belts that make the looks different which lend a polished finish to the coy and girlish feel of the dresses shown.


Also features the snowflake style lace cut-outs that give an ultra-feminine deresses and skirts on the runway with very transparent chiffon and crinoline fabrics.

The Fendi’s Spring Collection 2009 was considered tame compared with the past seasons which are consisting of strictly interesting peep-toe wedges.


Finally, this season of bag collections include the oversize Birkin-look a likes in patent and mock-snakes skin with charming cut out clut.


Fendi Shoes: The Women Shoe Personal Style

Fendi is one of the prominent labels in the fashion industry with ever-changing trendy styles since its establishment in 1925. A huge numbers of hottest celebrities prefer to walk the runways and to all major streets with Fendi’s incredible footwear styles. It is become a huge success when it comes to celebrity fashion highly favored by high profile actresses like Angelina Jolie, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and many more.

The house is a world renowned designer collection for its clothing and accessories such as unique, up-to-date footwear collections. The collection unveils a variety of classic flats, sexy pumps, sporty sneakers, boots and booties. These incredible shoe styles are satisfying women with all walks of life. Made with high quality materials to guarantee the true statement of utmost style and comfort.

Discover the Fendi Women Personal Styles…

Fendi Pumps

This sexy chunky-heel pump will add a little mystery and a lot of sizzle to your runway step.

fendi shoes Main color: black
Secondary color: grey
Materials: suede leather, leather
Styledrops Price: $722

Fendi Flats

This classic flat shoes offers ultimate in both style and comfort. Leather made and available online for only $781.

fendi shoesMain color: black
Materials: leather
Styledrops Price: $781

Fendi Sneakers

I love sports that’s why I love this Fendi Sneakers!

fendi shoes Main color: tobacco
Secondary color: dark brown, black
Materials: fabric, leather, rubber
Styledrops Price: $518

Fendi Booties

This Fendi booties is a great way to enhance the appearance of your outfit.

fendi shoes Main color: black
Materials: suede leather, leather
Styledrops Price: $931

Fendi Boots

Be the first to explore the entire snowy city with your fashionable Fendi boots this Winter season.

fendi shoesMain color: black
Materials: suede leather, leather
Styledrops Price: $1979 $1879

The Fendi Shoe Corner

Fendi has been a prominent label in the fashion industry and its collection has been evolving with variety of shoe styles and became the renowned fashion designer collection which embraced by famous celebrities local and international.

In addition to ultimate clothing and accessory or even pefume collections, the house also offers unique and sophisticated footwears for all walks of life.

The collection unveils a variety of classic Fendi designs ranging from pumps, flats, sneakers, boots and booties in an inverted FF logo that symbolizes the great Italian style. Each design is made with high quality materials to ensure the utmost in style and comfort.

Discover some Fendi shoe styles for every Fendi Passionate.

Shop for Fendi Pumps

fendi shoes Main color: beige/grey
Materials: crocodile-print leather
Heel: 4”
Styledrops Price: $767

Shop for Fendi Flats

fendi shoes Main color: black, black
Materials: leather, leather
Styledrops Price: $781

Shop for Fendi Sneakers

fendi shoes Main color: black
Materials: fabric, leather, rubber
Styledrops Price: $489

Shop for Fendi Booties

fendi shoes Main color: black
Materials: suede leather, leather
Styledrops Price: $959

Shop for Fendi Boots

fendi shoes Main color: tobacco, dark brown
Materials: pvc, rubber
Styledrops Price: $254

The price of Fendi shoes are ranges as low as $150 to as high as $1000 or more depending on the specific model and to the season as well. If you’re looking for a high quality, stylish pair of designer shoes, Fendi will definitely provide you with the styles you’re looking for. Take it or leave it!

The Legendary Designer Shoes

Every designer has their own statement towards fashion especially when taking down designer shoes to be added in their wishlist.

Shoes have been the capturing interest since time immemorial. Way back from the legendary Cinderella’s slippers and Dorothy’s ruby slippers to the magical elves, shoes are considered as a tool that can be able us to transport beyond the infirmities of human condition.

Without the glass slippers, Cinderella might not be beautiful as what she is. Dorothy may never have found her way home from a magical place without the ruby slippers and for the cobbler’s success. To date, each of us may still be looking for that magical shoes but shoe designers will tell you that it’s a lot more about skills than magic and these designers proved their skills and hidden talents in designing unique shoes.

The List includes:

1. Gucci Shoes
2. Prada Shoes
3. Jimmy Choo Shoes
4. Tod’s Shoes
5. Hogan Shoes
6. Burberry Shoes
7. Dior Shoes
8. Dolce and Gabbanna Shoes
9. Fendi Shoes
10. Ferragamo Shoes
11. Marc Jacobs Shoes
12. Miu Miu Shoes
13. Paul Smith Shoes
14. Manolo Blahnik Shoes
15. Christian Louboutin Shoes

As a shoe designer, the decision is yours. You have the choice what design you’re going to pursue depends upon what season it is using a variety of raw materials, such as leather, fabric, plastic, wood and their perfect combinations.

Cover Me Your Signature

Fendi is always an arbiter of good taste in terms of fashion accessories and can be found on the arms of many celebrities and fashionistas as well. Fendi’s iconic “double F” logo pattern was first designed by one of the most influential fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. This logo has been used on a variety of Fendi products, including handbags, wallets, luggage, shoes, and apparels.

Consider these lovely shoes that were wrapped by Fendi’s famous logo

The coloring is great and the materials and designs are really special. These shoes are totally impressive when it comes to simplicity of style, design and color. They are wonderfully cute and wearable. Thanks for such innovative styles.