Fendi Goes Hairy : Trendy Fur Sur!

It’s a furry day at the Milan Fashion Week for Fall 2013.There were a lot of amazing colored furs covered the international runways and one of them Fendi really stood up.

It was an extravagant fur for Fendi which featured everything fur from bright fur Mohawks to patchwork fur booties wore by the models when they came down the runway.  To complete the fur list, there were house’s Selleria fur handbags with fur cut and fur accessories hanging, fur sunglasses, fur collars, fur cuffs, fur pencil skirts and fur belts. Everything is fur! This is for sure the Fendi trends 2013.

Karl Lagerfeld’s collections for the house have gotten more than a little hairy. He named this as Icons Unchained. This was the reemergence of fur in the luxury collections and Fendi brought this to the market.

Check out the some of the furry opulence brought to us by Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi collections:


Meet with the Emerging Italian Fashion House, FENDI

Fendi, the Italian fashion house, is best known for its extremely sophisticated collection called “baguette” handbags. The emerging fashion house came into existence in 1925 in Rome where a small leather and fur shop was opened.

Today, it is known as one of the best multinational luxury goods brand that has been successfully running by LVMH. The year 2010 is considered a lucky year for FENDI as the brand earned pound 286.9 million that year. The whopping amount has included in FENDI profile.

Going through the managing department of FENDI, its headquarter is in Rome, Italy and the creative director is Karl Lagerfeld who is a German fashion designer, photographer and artist. The multitalented director has collaborated on a variety of art and fashion related project. Now, the fashion house is successfully running under his surveillance. The CEO of the luxury fashion house is Michael Allan Burke.

FENDI is well proficient in furs, fragrances, eyewear, timepieces and writing instruments. Its handbags are style statement for many. You can buy the brand luxury goods at any reputed online store. Make sure about the authenticity of its luxury products. If you are purchasing a bag, make sure about the finishing and fabric. FENDI is famous for selling high quality bags.

If you observe any unmanaged finishing touch, it means you are on the way to purchase fake bags. No wonder, FENDI has made a good reputation in the fashion market, if you follow the style of this brand you will easily come into the modern person category.

War of Shoe Making Companies

Oh fashion! It has given new thoughts to girls and boys in order to experiment their look. No wonder, luxury Italian fashion brands come up in your mind first while talking on fashion. Apart from Gucci, Chanel and Prada, there are brands offer loads of colors, designs and patterns to explore your look. Recently, FENDI appears as a tough competitor of these well reputed brands. Newcomers have the luxury fashion house a good start to experiment with their style.

Like Gucci, it offers stylish ready to wear, handbags and shoes. FENDI women’s shoes are now globally popular. From animal prints to bright colors, different types of shoes are available to give a colorful kick. Its winter shoes collections for remarkable. From knee high boots to beautiful fur boots are available to maintain your style in winter.

If you are fond of Italian luxury brands but your budget doesn’t allow you to go with. Don’t worry; fendi shoes are ranged from $350 to $1000 or more at many well reputed online stores. The brand uses exotic textures and patterns to make its shoes trendy. From peep-toe to high vamp, different types of shoes are available to enhance your style.

Some of its exclusive styles include two different colors like maroon and red to find completely a new style and to easily adjust your dresses. FENDI shoes are now style statement for teen girls.

Stand Apart With Fendi Handbags

As far as handbags that are luxurious are concerned, handbags from Fendi are leaders in the world of fashion. Fur used in their making make them the most sought after bags amongst super stars and those associated with the world of fashion. Fendi, a famous designer since the year 1997 has the baguette as a feather in the Fendi cap, which is unique as well as elegant, simplistic in design, and a rage amongst women all over the globe. Women from the glamorous world of fashion, film stars, celebrities, high profiled women, models etc, consider them as lifestyle defining handbags,

Fendi handbags
Designs are classical to look at and after the baguette with a classical appearance, an innovative range of handbags have hit the global designer market since 2000. A number of bags flaunting classical designs have been produced by Fendi. The Spy Serious bag from Fendi has lots of space. Due to its circular design it allows you to keep all essentials and in the process save lots of space as well. Emergence of jewelry on Fendi handbags has added the much needed grandeur. The bags look ‘out of the common’ due to unique leather japanned in two lines that appeal to a lot of women desiring unique handbags. This offers you the convenience of carrying a range of things in a classy handbag. The best part about the brand is that it enables you to flaunt a style that is exclusive and functionality that is universal.

Most women do not feel content till they own at least two or more Fendi handbags in their collection of branded bags for women. Most suitable is the online shopping spree to take a look and place an order for some of the most appealing bags from this unique and top-brass brand. All information on latest designs, patterns, sizes, colors, prices, etc can be availed on handbags from Fendi, at the click of a button and from the comfort of your home. No need to worry about safe payments, as the credit card serves well online. Those interested in larger orders of this branded product can make the most of discounts, specials and festive offers.

Boost Your Personality Style with Jimmy Choo Handbags

When shopping for handbags, you need to be sure about what you would want to achieve at the end of the day. Different handbags are known for different purposes. At the same time, there are so many designers that you would come across and you just want to be sure that you are settling for the works of the right one. All the same, you need to have an idea of what you expect so that you make a perfect choice.

There is a designer who gives the handbags that are quite trend defining. If you are interested in such, then you certainly need to check the collection of Jimmy Choo handbags. The other thing about these bags is that they are quite timeless. They are ideal for women who travel a lot and always need to be set for a trip. In fact, the collection is inspired by jet set women and how they travel.

So, you can be sure that you will not miss on anything from them. The bags have the power to boost your personality style. But this is not just because of what inspired the creation of the collection. It is also based on how they are created. You would expect to find outstanding quality leather in this works.

The Jimmy Choo handbags feature stunning colors and so you would expect that you would find all that you would be looking for in the collection. The designer of the brand is one who is popular in the world over. If you feel like defining your trend, this is just the collection to shop from and expect to find just what is perfect for you.

Your personality style should always be up there and this has to manifest wherever you would be. Well, you have heard it all, that with the right handbags you will certainly boost your personality style. It is time to make a move. Get online in one of the best outlets and grab what would boost your personality style in a big way.

Fendi Begutti: A Masterpiece Of Custom Tailoring

The Fendi bags are tailored in such a manner that makes them seductively stylish.  Not only one but many factors count to make these bags elegant. These bags are versatile, elegant, beautiful and original.

All the attributes to such bags are because of the expert craftsmanship that is required to make these masterpieces. These bags have stood the test of time and are being used by people of all classes. These bags do have the traditional quality but their designs are open to innovations and ideas.  In fact, the company that manufactures these bags has achieved phenomenonal success.

The road to success – start from the beginning

As per the top management of the company that manufactures Fendi bags, they all say that that organization had a humble beginning.  These people further say that the quality of product is directly proportional to the philosophy that is rooted in the culture of the organization. The same philosophy is carried from top to bottom of the company. Must haves: Fendi begutti is an exceptional brand. It is elite in all the segments of bags.

Statement of Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Fendi – I fully believe in my next unique collection. Apart from this, I have never been satisfied with myself to the core. I do not, in fact, have a satisfaction limit and this is what pulls me on.  Fendi begutti is a dream of every fashionable woman.

Fendi Shoes Offers their Signature Style

Looking for a best Fendi shoes? Italy was one of the best makers of fendi shoes, among their top shoe designers are Prada, Gucci, and Fendi which is known for their durability and high quality shoe products. Their names have been synonymous with style and luxury since the early twentieth century. These less expensive designer shoes is just like the pricier one you can buy in boutiques, for their difference only is the price tag.

For a reason that designers shoes are seasonal, out in a few months, Prada new style of shoes will be wedding gowns while until the end of the season you can find cheaper designer shoes. This time by Design the Vertigo plan, FENDI continue to support the non-boundary design creativity and in addition, it take the ingenuity deduction handicraft concept, as well as brings the multiple sensation experience again as everybody in which the stimulation develop a new field of vision and the sense of touch.

Girls’ night becomes much more stylish and indulgent of Juicy Couture sleepwear and socks creations. Their youthful and unique styles carry out the glam-factor in casual. Your fendi shoes can be more stylish with tiffany co lounge wear while you were lounging around and watching a marathon of your favorite TV shows.

Juicy Couture quickly spread out branches and began offering a full line of accessory products, though it started out as women’s sportswear line. Their products in line of women’s shoes and girls shoes bring out their signature style of creations. You can select from different array of pumps, sandals, ballet-flats, slippers and boots to compliment its apparel line. Before, the square scarves for marriage ring were the channel flats and the aureate ring with gems on them. Now, it was absolutely in demand when metals like platinum and titanium were added to the design.

Fendi Handbags for Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Love handbags? Here comes another must-have collection of handbags intricately designed by Fendi that will surely go with your style. No one beats Fendi handbags with its classic and impressive looks. For Fall / Winter 2010 the collection has a logo or two in its second lovely presentation. The extensive collection was comprised of clean, classic shapes, rendered in a subdued, retro palette of browns and orangey-yellows.

The styles remind of Hitchcock classic Marnie, all mid-60s subdued tailoring and mid-century color combinations. The results were subdued and gorgeous, with impressive details that one should never miss to buy. You should also never miss to have these Fendi handbags with embossed models’ initials or signatures on the hang tags of several of its brown leather bags.

I’m sure everyone will love this unique collection of handbags specially made by Fendi for its avid customers.

Here are some of the Fendi Handbags presented for you to splurge on this coming Fall/Winter 2010:

Milan Fashion Week S/S 2010 Shoe Highlights

We’ve already published some of the designer’s runway shows with amazing pics and videos during the Milan Fashion Week for Spring /Summer 2010 collections created by renowned designers all over the world.

The highlights of the show focused to some gorgeous shoes for spring/summer 2010. An array of trendy heels, wedges, platforms, sandals and flats were being presented.

One of the influential designers who successfully showcased her excellent collections was Donatella Versace. Her Spring/Summer 2010 shoe collections was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie.

We saw loads of high platforms, bright patterns and geometrical ornaments. Overall, the shoes are brightly colorful, awe-inspiring with architectonic designs and very stylish. The collections were decorated with buckles, studs and cut-outs.

Dolce & Gabanna mixed pumps and socks and the designer wants cowboy boots with fringe for spring weather.

The house of Fendi designed footwear collection in neutral colors and materials.

Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 handbags

The house of Fendi offered variety styles for their 2010 Spring/Summer handbag collection with two opposing themes – vintage and futuristic.
The designer, Karl Lagerfeld used lots of obscure, lingerie influenced fabric to cover several handbags, but the end results are bit sloppy and worn.

Some Fendi handbags are made of wooden handles and has an unusual feature of a snap on fabric cover, in various form of materials from linen with a flower-embroidered edge to needlepoint.
Other wooden handled handbags has a strip of transparent Perspex, giving a futuristic element that looks inappropriate for a vintage style bag.

Leather and snakeskin materials embroidered with some decorative details are being used for Peek a Boo handbag.
Most perplexing were the transparent Perspex clutches and they modeled empty but what does it look like if it has something inside on it? Of course it would ruin their beauty to carry anything in them. We use bags to carry things, right?

I saw one potential bag from the collection and it was a studded Perspex clutch. The studs gave enough cover so you could actually tote the bag with no sloppy-look at all but there’s a huge empty space with no studs where your hand should go to carry the bag.

Overall, I found the effort of the designer creating extraordinary handbags for the chic and classy women with a vintage and futuristic approach towards fashion.

See the the collections after the jump courtesy of: www.purseblog.com

Fendi Handbags


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