Best Wrist Bags Pick for 2013 to Splurge

Wrist bag is a small purse usually with a tiny strap that fits around your wrist. Sizes and designs make this bag differ from other purses. This is also tagged as clutch because it is being worn and held through the hand. Wrist bag is often used when attending a musical show or concert, clubbing or best pair with evening dress. This accessory is ideal to carry a few items like money, makeup, keys, cellphone and the like.

Considering its size, wrist bag is not ideal to someone who carries a lot of bulky items everyday. This is a good alternative for someone who wants to carry selected items not a purse. This is an ideal fashion accessory to choose for day and night party no matter your age preference is.

Dreaming for best wrist bags 2013 is very easy. You can have search it one the internet or visit your favorite retails store nearest on you.

For the meantime, here are the best wrist bags pick for 2013 to splurge on.

Burberry Handbags "HAYMARKET WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013


Fendi handbags "WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013


Gucci handbags "MICROGUCCISSIMA NEW BRITT WRISTLET" Spring/Summer 2013

Gucci Handbags Have A Classic Appeal That Remains Timeless

Some of the most recognizable fashion accessories are Gucci handbags. They have been around since 1921 and the “GG” insignia became a fashion icon in the 1950s when celebrities and Hollywood stars began using them. Today, they come in so many varieties and you can find them all at

Bags made by this fashion house can come as totes, hobos, duffels, evening purses, brief cases, or travel luggage. Designers for this brand have been known to use a lot of python skin, leather and high quality fabric. Lately, they have brought back the classic studs in their bag designs due to thereturn of spikes and studs in today’ fashion.

The brand’s interlocked “Gs” have become its icon and main feature. Many leather purses made by this brand have the “Gs” embossed into the hide earning the material used for their bags the nickname “Guccismo leather”. Their bags have a timeless look to them that make their products good investments although a bit pricey.

The brand is known to signify a high-end classy appeal that never fades or tarnishes with time. If you want a classic purse to go with your elegant clothing, this kind of bag will earn its place next to your most expensive and sophisticated wardrobe. It is an investment worth taking that will remain ageless and classic for years to come.

How To Spot Fake Gucci Handbags

There are many fake companies offering similar types of Gucci handbags in the market to increase their sales by using the brand name. If you are thinking to buy a quality Gucci handbag, it is necessary to identify the fake handbags. For this, you can take care of a few simple points and buy the desired handbag easily.

1.  Access the official website of Gucci. Thereafter, go through its features thoroughly including colors, threads, lines and other memorable aspects. Also, review the Gucci logo properly so that you can easily identify while buying the handbag.

2.  Try to find heavy-duty coverings for handbags. If you come across any lightweight dust cover which is cheap as well, the possibilities of fakeness are more.



3.  Ensure that you read the tags correctly. Check out for any grammar and spelling errors. Many fake handbags add misspelled or inaccurate price tags.

4.  Find whether its color is faded. Most of the knockoff handbags have faded colors. So, it is a major aspect that you can easily examine at the time of shopping.

5.  Examine the Gucci logo. In case, “G” appears like “E”, it is most probably a fake bag. Mostly unauthorized companies use “E” logo instead of original one.

6.  Compare stitching of handbags as per the images on Gucci’s site. Zoom option is also available on the website to closely review the threading.

7.  Authentic handbags are always manufactured with high quality materials. In case you are not sure about the quality of materials, it is better to go for the other collections.

If you keep these tips in mind while shopping, you can make your purchase in a better way. Also, it is necessary to buy the Gucci handbag from an authorized and popular showroom. Don’t consider road side shops because most of them sell fake handbags.

What Makes Gucci Handbags So Special For Women?

There is no doubt on the importance of hand bags for women but these now more a fashion accessory. This makes it very important to get a perfect bag for them where a good bag has a number of requirements to fulfill—from style and looks to brand. There are concerns regarding the color and make of the bags as well but these mostly depend on the dress and occasion.

Keeping in mind the huge requirement of the hand bags, you need to get these from a trusted band. The reason why Gucci has gained the present status in the market is because providing the best bags consistently and over a longer period of time. It takes a lot of time for a brand to establish itself in the market and needs a lot of efforts. This is what this brand has provided to the people.

For women Gucci is a very reliable bag and the products of this brand are amazingly better. The way the designers have come with the varied designs is worth appreciation. This has allowed the brand to not only survive the competition but has also made sure that it sustains its place among the top and most after sought brands of the world.

The remarkable and continuous varieties have always kept the women interested in this brand. Not only the designs but the colors on offer are astonishing as well.

Another important thing that Gucci has done very well is the price. They have controlled the increase in prices. There are some of the bags of this brand, which are very costly but still there a number of bags which come with an affordable price.

Apart from all the above bags and in fact, all the products of this brand are easily available. With the growth and popularity of this brand, a number of physical stores have been thrown open at a number of places so as ensure their easy availability. The best way still is to get these bags online. You just have to make sure that you get these from the authentic websites only. Also don’t forget to make a thorough comparison because you can save a considerable amount of money this way.

Gucci Handbags For Every Occasion

Fashion touches minds and hearts of youths. They want to look fashionable and glamorous. Their craze for fashion has no limit as many of them don’t mind to spend more than their budget in order look fashionable. Looking at the hot market of fashion, there are many fashion houses cashing in. Day to day, new styles come and go.   But in the fashion industry, there are some fashion houses mastered in providing a wide range of fashion accessories and beating those industries is harder. You sure want to know their names.

Gucci, Prada and Chanel, these three are world popular brands. Endorsing those brand products is a matter of proud for celebrities. Gucci, one of the oldest fashion houses, is famous for its designer ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags. Whether it is summers, winters or autumns, the brand promises to come up with fresh and stylish handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear. Gucci handbags give a very tough competition to its competitors like Prada and Chanel. Having   a handbag of the brand is also considered a matter of proud and a precious asset of one’s wardrobe. It is why many fashionable women ready to pay more for Gucci bags.

Gucci handbags are exclusive. You can buy Gucci products from its official website, from its stores which are in a few countries and from some famous online stores. Purchasing its products from online is considered the smartest deal. If you are a first time purchase of Gucci, it is advised to purchase from its offline stores or from the official website. It is because there are many stores selling replica of the brand. These replicas are very much similar to the real Gucci products. If you don’t know the tricks to identify the real, you may leave with paying high for a fake product and later repent for that.

Gucci bags are identified with their luster, quality fabric, clean finishing and logo mark. While you are going to purchase a Gucci handbag, don’t forget to determine these things. It is advised to purchase from well-reputed stores so that you can avoid the risk of fake products. Remember, the brand products are expensive and exclusive. So, don’t be lazy to find the real Gucci product.




Gucci Handbag: Your Style Signature

Everybody in world aspires and spends a huge portion of his/her income in grooming. It has become very difficult task to make a mark on people’s minds. The attire should be more than perfect to have heads turning towards you. Gucci handbags can help you in your bid to look best in party night or at any other occasion.

Human mind has the tendency to categorize people according to their appearance. Even scientists admit that people with impressive personality can have their way to any task easily. Nobody can be blamed of discrimination as this happens in the subconscious level and not deliberate. That is why you spend lots of money in buying the best dress. A good dress is complimented with suitable accessory.

A handbag comes first in the list of accessories. Only a woman can understand the importance of a bag. However, most men think of them as unnecessary burden. Bags do add to the beauty of a woman and helps in defining her personality.

The type of bag a woman carries tell a lot about the kind of person she is. While a roughed up bag shows the rough side of her, a chic bag shows that the woman is fashion conscious. Then there are designer handbags which are very popular these days. However they are costly, yet it does not stop women from buying them.

There are a variety of handbags like bowlers, evening bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, clutches and top handles. You should choose your bag depending on the need of hour. Branded bags help you stand apart in a crowd. You can flaunt your bag and I am sure it would not go unnoticed. Even if you are silent creature people cannot help but admire the beauty of your beautiful handbag.

When you think of investing in a bag make sure that you choose the best one. However, it is tough to make a choice considering variety of bags available in brands like Gucci handbags. Take your time and weigh your choices before making a selection. A good handbag complemented with a nice dress can keep heads turning as you walk past in any gathering.

How to Stretch Your Gucci Loafers

When it comes to know the name of famous loafer manufacturers, it is Gucci name comes first in mind.  Gucci is known for its stylish and durable loafers. Though, loafers have always been a favorite accessory of men, but Gucci has brought a new turn in the trend of loafers. Black, brown and different color loafers are introducing by Gucci every year.  It is no wonder to say that Gucci shoes are designed to give comfort and style together.  The Italy fashion house has put its own spin on the classic shoes by adding tassel and metal ornaments and now its loafers are known as “the Gucci Loafer.”

If you are interested to your Gucci loafers, please do it carefully. The thousands dollar shoes need care. No wonder, they are made of premium quality materials and to stretch the loafer, you also need to use quality materials.

It is advised to use a wooden shoe stretching kit in order to get a uniform stretch. Some apply plastic to stretch loafers, but the material doesn’t give the desired result. It bends and ruins the actual shape of your branded Gucci loafer. Carefully, insert the wooden stretcher as this is the first process.

Measure your leg and with the help of hinge-set screws stretch the loafer slowly. Make sure the loafer is not over stretched because there is no chance of undo.

To get the actual stretching size, you can use a sand paper to shape the wooden stretcher.

These are a few tips to stretch shoes. If you don’t want to take any risks of stretching, you can take help from a cobbler in your area. They are expert in this field.

One more important thing that can escape you from stretching your shoes is to carefully measure your feet. It is always advised to measure feet separately. Branded shoes are expensive and a little misinformation will detain you to get your desired shoes.

Essential Points to Consider While Buying Designer Bags

Are you planning to buy a handbag? You must be confused about what brand and bag you should invest your hard earned money in. this is quite obvious considering the large number of branded bag lines and the designs they have to offer. Handbags are in vogue and the kind of bag you carry matters a lot in determining your looks and people’s perception about your personality.

Fashion trend changes frequently and what seems most fashionable today may not be that popular in the next season. So it is better to think properly before buying a bag. There are hundreds of companies which offer designer handbags but a few like Gucci handbags stand apart from the rest. The best thing about these bags is that they do not get out of fashion. Style may change but the name itself is enough to draw attention of people. Following are some points to help you in choosing the right bag.

Firstly, decide your budget and the money that you can invest in a bag. Keep one thing in mind that branded bags however cost you a little extra yet they are a smart choice. You should not mind spending few extra pennies to make the best buy. Branded bags are made up of high quality stuff and it gives them a longer life.

Secondly, go through the websites of different bag companies or look for other sites which show bags of different brands at one place. In this way you can have an idea of the cost of such bags. It is good to compare rates from different websites.

Thirdly, make a list of top five bags that you like to buy. Prepare the list considering the amount that you can invest in a bag.

Fourthly, do thorough research about these 5 bags and finalize the best one.

Buying bag is not as easy as it seems. The millions of choices make it hard for a person to find the best bag. Gucci handbags cater to the needs of people with different tastes and choices. A good and thoughtful selection of handbag can make you satisfied with your buy.

Gucci Handbags – Offer Splendid Quality

People using the top brand items can depict a trendy style. When you go to purchase handbags then the designer signature involved can assure you of the quality of product selected. A top quality item would last for a very long time.

Women have a passion to select from a variety of designer handbags. The Gucci handbags come from a very reputed brand offering an elegant and trendy look that instantly catches the attention of anybody. These Gucci handbags are the first choice of numerous women all over the world. These handbags depict a distinctive appearance which anybody would like to have.

In case you find some imitation arising from the Gucci bags then it would not be surprising because the enormous popularity of these handbags is causing many copycats to imitate the genuine Gucci handbags. It is very crucial to examine the quality of handbags prior to making a purchase.

You have to concentrate on some significant things before you make a choice. The first thing that you should look at is the company Logo. The Gucci handbag having many mistakes would possess a logo appearing bad. You should also examine the spacing, centering, wrong spelling, freshness and lack of clearness. Always check the symmetry in regard to G’s featuring on monogrammed bags. This is necessary to get genuine products.

You should also take a look at the stitching of bag. There are tight stitches featuring on the genuine Gucci handbags. In case the stitches tend to be loose, irregular and large then drop the handbag immediately because it would not survive for long and is not a worthy choice. You should thoroughly check even the minutest details of the handbag such as zippers, picture and other kinds of hardware. These things must be uniformly fixed with respect to the leather. The metal involving the hardware must be bright.

Of Bags And Women

‘Diamonds are girls’ best friend’ the saying is getting old as designer bags take their place. Bags have always been in vogue and no matter how many bags a girl has, she craves for more. If you share the same feelings, no one can blame you because this is something girls are addicted to. Every bag is different in shape, size and color and there is no harm flaunting a new bag every time you step out of your home.

My girlfriend loves hand bags and has a huge collection of designer bags. So I was in a dilemma about what should I gift her on this valentine. I thought it would be useless to gift her yet another bag when she already has many. And it is designer bags she loves the most. I was caught in a very difficult situation of what to do. I closed my eyes and took a decision.

I went to a nearby Gucci showroom and bought a hand bag for her. The moment I came out of the showroom I thought I should have taken something else and that she would not be happy to see a bag yet again. Anyways, the same evening I took her out for dinner and was nervous about her reaction when she looks at her gift.

Trembling because I did not want to ruin our valentine, I showed her the purse and closed my eyes. To my surprise she literally jumped out of excitement. I cannot frame that feeling in words. She was happy to see the Gucci purse and I, to see her beaming with joy. In this way our valentine turned out to be a big hit.

A question usually comes to my mind is what actually makes these handbags so desirable. Maybe they define a girl’s personality. They look incomplete without their hand bags. They carry their world with them in their bags. Ask a girl if she can spend a single day without her purse and you will get to know what actually a bag means to her.