How To Pick Trendy Yet Timeless Gucci Shoes

Today’s Gucci shoes come in so many designs that it can be confusing to determine which pairs to get for yourself. Just like your wardrobe, some footwear will look better on you while others will appear and feel a little awkward. Scour through the various styles on you will discover a wealth of variety to choose from.

To help you out a bit, here are some tips about the latest shoe trends that will stay stylish and fashionable for at least a few more years. For 2012 to 2013, this brand can offer you platform heeled shoes that make you appear taller. Both classic stilettos and thicker heels will be in fashion to give you a choice of how sexy or stable you want your footwear.

Another trend that has come back is studs on shoes or on the heel. The spikes are made more refined and less “spikey” for finesse and safety. You will find the studs on different parts of the shoe and straps, as well as on the heels only. Wedges also made a comeback in recent years but you will find less of those from 2013 onwards.

Classic low heeled pumps will still be around for those who prefer casual comfort. This is a timeless design which most women will use throughout the years. Women of various ages wear thee kids of shoes. To be able to make use of costly designer shoes for a long time, consider choosing classic timeless styles and basic colors that will go well with almost anything you wear.

Gucci women shoes:spring/summer collection 2012

When it comes to shoes or sandals, the women are very particular about the brand and the type that will go well with their feet. Men are still not that peculiar about their footwear or for that matter, anything related to appearance.

But I am not saying “they are the bunch of early men wandering the streets in fashion-oriented 21st century” either. The only point here is that the consciousness about one’s looks is more predominant in the female gender. And the majority of them are very price about what to wear from head to feet.

Speaking of the feet, the famous international brand Gucci has released its spring-summer collection of Gucci shoes for women. For all the diehard female fans of this world renowned brand, I have tried to select a list of my personal favorites Gucci shoes that will really find some appreciation wherever you’ll go wearing them.

Your taste and preference for the type of material used or the design might also vary a lot from mine personal choice but your own discretion before going for the final buy will be highly appreciated from my side.

  1. ‘Marola’ Spring/summer 2012 – Rubber made, lilac color shoes would be a woman’s delight. The price range for this collection starts from around 220$
  2. ‘Solar’ collection 2012 – available in white and black color base (made from leather) with the blue and red colored strap; these are for women desiring a flat sandal with utmost comfort. You can expect to buy these Gucci shoes for around 275 US dollars.
  3. ‘Ophelie’ Collection – the design type is ‘high heels’. The shoes fabric is the suede leather and metal is used in the heels to give it the strength it needs to take a woman gracefully to the high profile party. Typically glamorous collection.
  4. ‘Ace Comfort’ Gucci shoes – made from the leather-rubber mix, delivers what the name says i.e. comfort. Go for a leisure walk in the evening with almost no strain on your feet. Main colors are Beige, White, Dark Brown and Green, red are the secondary colors
  5. ‘Codrillas Low’ Summer Footwear – Similar to the ‘Ace Comfort’ Collection, they too are meant for utmost feet comfort. Coated Canvas, Fabric, Rope and Rubber are the materials used.

These are my personal favorite Spring/summer Women Shoes collections from Gucci. I hope the reader will appreciate the selection.

Trend Of Gucci Shoes Among Customers

Everyone wants to look stunning and attract others. A good personality also plays a big role to appear different than others. Even a dressing sense can help you a lot to look like never before. Shoes can also improve your personality and you should give special importance to them. There are many brands like Gucci shoes that you can review in the market to find that you are looking for.

The fashion of Gucci shoes has been increasing day-by-day among customers and designers. You can find many collection of its footwear in shops and other places. For this, it is better to stay in touch with the latest happening. Footwear designers always try to come up with something new for customers. You just need to keep an eye on their collections and take your right selection.

Even popular models and actors love to wear Gucci shoes. Their fans also follow them and find something spectacular. It’s good to appear like your favorite star but you should always have your unique personality.

There are many people who make this mistake while choosing a pair of shoes for them. Thus, it is important to know your needs so that you make your further plans and select the best footwear.

A number of Gucci shoes have created multiple choices for customers. Before buying anyone of them, go through their collections properly and take your right decision. You can also develop your personality through several ways. And shoes can certainly help you for this process. Complete knowledge about available footwear is necessary that you should consider up front.

Remember to compare various collections of particular brand to find the exact one which you are seeking from long. Many customers stick with a few designers and never think about others. However, there are other designers who have talent to design extraordinary shoes. Try those people as well and open many choices.

Trendy Gucci shoes are hot favorite among customers. They buy shoes not only to appear stunning but also to show their prestige in society.

If you are aware of your requirements, you can look for the desired shoes in a better way. So, review various Gucci shoes after listing your needs and choose the best pair.

How to Stretch Your Gucci Loafers

When it comes to know the name of famous loafer manufacturers, it is Gucci name comes first in mind.  Gucci is known for its stylish and durable loafers. Though, loafers have always been a favorite accessory of men, but Gucci has brought a new turn in the trend of loafers. Black, brown and different color loafers are introducing by Gucci every year.  It is no wonder to say that Gucci shoes are designed to give comfort and style together.  The Italy fashion house has put its own spin on the classic shoes by adding tassel and metal ornaments and now its loafers are known as “the Gucci Loafer.”

If you are interested to your Gucci loafers, please do it carefully. The thousands dollar shoes need care. No wonder, they are made of premium quality materials and to stretch the loafer, you also need to use quality materials.

It is advised to use a wooden shoe stretching kit in order to get a uniform stretch. Some apply plastic to stretch loafers, but the material doesn’t give the desired result. It bends and ruins the actual shape of your branded Gucci loafer. Carefully, insert the wooden stretcher as this is the first process.

Measure your leg and with the help of hinge-set screws stretch the loafer slowly. Make sure the loafer is not over stretched because there is no chance of undo.

To get the actual stretching size, you can use a sand paper to shape the wooden stretcher.

These are a few tips to stretch shoes. If you don’t want to take any risks of stretching, you can take help from a cobbler in your area. They are expert in this field.

One more important thing that can escape you from stretching your shoes is to carefully measure your feet. It is always advised to measure feet separately. Branded shoes are expensive and a little misinformation will detain you to get your desired shoes.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Shoes

Gone are the days when human beings don’t care for quality and brands. These days, fashion for fashionable people is when they wear branded outfits. Gucci, Prada and Chanel are some of the best fashion brands stand for quality, style and uniqueness. Each piece of these brands is exclusive.

Only a few online stores sell their latest and innovative collection. Though, to meet the demand of tens thousands people, it is replica available in the fashion market. They are same in color and design. The only difference is of quality. Being a die-hard lover of Gucci, you should know how to spot fake Gucci Shoes.

Before your purchase, check out the latest collection of Gucci. You can see the latest collection over the internet and from a well-reputed fashion magazine such as W Magazine and GQ Magazine.

Go to the official site to examine the logo before your purchase. Carry a copy of the logo if you are purchasing from the local store boasting Gucci Shoes.

Check the serial number. Fake Gucci collection has an eight-digit serial number on the leather lining whereas authentic has this number hidden on the inside of the shoes, right after the shoe-size. The heel of shoes carries name of the brand.

Carefully examine the sole of the shoe you want to buy. Fake has synthetic sole whereas Gucci sole is made of leather with words “Gucci Made in Italy.”

Don’t ever avoid examining the packaging. Gucci shoe bags are brown with the double “C”  and double “G” logo.

The quality of leather is soft. If you notice tough body of your shoe, it means it is not real.

Tips to Find Affordable Gucci Shoes

No wonder, Gucci shoes and handbags have always been the most attractive women’s wear. Whether high profile women or women with limited earning desire to adore their wardrobe with beautiful Gucci accessories and fashionable clothes. As a leader in high fashion, the brand dresses and fashion accessories are expensive. But many women don’t mind to purchase them. All gucci shoes are made from fine quality leather and carefully crafted to ensure the best quality.

If you are in tight budget, but still desire to maintain your fashion with Gucci, here are some tips to shop affordable Gucci shoes.

Your first step is to look for the discount online retailers who offer branded designer products at unbelievable prices. Your search will take some time and require patience. Don’t ever give up your hope for the best discount online retailers.

Create a list of discount online retailers and then narrow down your list looking their status. Your aim is to look for the authorized dealers. To check the authenticity, don’t forget to know their customer reviews. Getting 2-3 negative reviews is a signal that the online retail store is not good.

Many fashionable women love to buy Gucci shoes from auction online stores. There are celebs and rich urban elites, who show off shoes once and don’t like to repeat them. In such case, their shoes go for auction. These shoes are available at discounted prices.

Before purchasing shoes from auction, make sure about quality. Don’t forget to read the description before purchasing. Purchase the shoe carries good description and a clear photograph so you can evaluate the quality.

Make Your Style Statement with Real Gucci Hat

Pairing hats with modern style wears definitely enhances your personality. If the hat is of Gucci, it will not only enhance your style but also make your impression best among friends. It may possible that some of your friends feel jealous. Well, it also may possible that they want to copy your style purchasing fake hats. But maintaining style with real brand has an ultimate experience. If you are a real lover of Gucci, let’s know how to purchase a real Gucci hat.

The Italian house is famous for not only handbags but also stylish hats for both men and women. No doubt, like handbags, hats are so expensive item of this brand. Spotting a real hat of the brand is easy if your purpose is to buy an authentic hat. Usually, the telltale sign of finishing. Any loosen thread and unmanaged finishing are the signs of a fake hat.

Don’t forget to examine the workmanship of the hat you like to purchase. The hat should have straight seams and tight stitching. The material used to make the hat should be fine and heavy. If leather is used to make the hat, it means you are purchasing an original hat. If the hat is knit, it should be cleaned and tight.

Don’t forget to look the tag of the hat. It should be of the same material that is used to make the hat. The first line of the tag flashes the name of the brand and the second line “Made in Italy”. Carefully look the font of your hat. If you have any confusion regarding the size of the font, it’s good to take help from the official site of Gucci where you will find logo design.

It’s good to see the price of hats from the official site. It gives you an idea that the hat is real or fake. If someone is selling at a fairly lower price, it means you are purchasing a fake hat.

How to Make it to Fashion Industry

There are a number of people today out there that want to know more about the fashion industry. Top reason for this would probably have to be because of the fact that this is considered to be one of the top paying industries in the market today.

Owing to all of the amazing advantages that this industry has associated with it, more people are interested to know how they can possibly take advantage of it. Many brands, Gucci shoes, ferragamo, are working exceptionally well in their profiles. One of the ways in which you could be a part of this industry would probably have to be by getting some fashion industry internships. These are not that hard to obtain, if you know how to go about it.

You should be pursuing your fashion degree in a reputed school that has a good name associated with it. Moreover, it might also be beneficial if you are able to get good grades in this particular school.

In order to get the absolute best fashion industry internships, you should be able to demonstrate that you do possess the knowledge and determination to make it in this industry. Unless you are completely sure about what you are capable of, this might not really be the best option for you to opt in.

There also is a need to understand more about timing and picking out an option that will help in improving your chances of getting fashion industry internships. The time that you decide to apply has a lot of say in whether or not it is possible for you to get these internships.

Remember that in many situations, applicants tend to be at an advantage because they unusually apply well in advance. If you want your application to be considered seriously, you too ought to take the effort and apply for the internship at the right time.

Know About Some of the Famous Brands

Are you crazy about famous brands? If yes, there are many brands in market you should know. These are quite famous for their quality products and excellent services. Let’s discuss about some of the renowned brand names.

Gucci is a very famous brand you should choose if you are looking for stylish products. This is a renowned one and now become world famous for its stylish and durable products. They have a specific team who well takes care of the customers’ demand, their taste and preferences. No doubt, these products are quite expensive and taking advantage of this, many sellers have started selling fake products.

So, before purchasing the product, you are advised to visit the site of Gucci once. It will help you out in knowing about their specifications, logo etc that can save you from being trapped in these counterfeit products.

Next I would like to discuss about Dior. I like their leather bags too much. Though apart from handbags, they are also specialized in other accessories. I like their handbags, I like especially the leather folds. Same is the case with them as this with Gucci. Their products are also somewhat expensive but because they have quite good range, you can also easily find a good one under your budget.

Apart from Gucci and Dior, Chanel is also there to cater to your needs. These are comparatively cheaper compared to the discussed ones.

While buying branded goods, first of all you should be clear in your budget. Next, you should know about the specifications clearly. Also, you should purchase with a reputed outlet otherwise you can end up in purchasing counterfeit product.

There are many colors available in shoes, bags etc. Gone are the days when people used to have only black traditional bags only. These are the days of style. You also make a style statement with suitable selection. There is no dearth of options. You just need to be ready to rock!

Gucci, A Style Statement For Trendy Girls

If a jinni comes to you and asks for three wishes, what it would be? I know what it would be. It is of course the most trendy and luxurious wears that can dramatically change your appearance. And it will be undoubtedly an Italian brand highly sophisticated accessories.

Gucci, the Italian brand doesn’t need explanation from anyone. It is a remarkable brand and the most favorite of celebs and urban elites. The brand name is enough to excite girls. Unfortunately, some small firms are trying to mess the name of Gucci by selling replica.

No wonder, it’s quite hard to differentiate replica from fakes. If you are purchasing this brand accessory for the first time, it’s quite essential to know some of the most hot tips that prevent you to buy a replica. It is shocking but it’s true that recently, P700 million worth of signature bags were caught in Binondo, Manila and Philippines.

There are many online stores offer fake Gucci shoes and handbags. In this case, it’s quite essential to know some tips that may help you to purchase a real bag.

Thoroughly examine the logo of the brand. Smudged and Crooked logo is a certain sign of replica. Also, thoroughly check the font size. It’s better to take a copy of logo and then go for the purchase of Gucci handbags.

The lining of the bag should neat and cleaned. Carefully inspects the stitching, snaps and zippers. Remember, all exclusive bags of the brand are handmade and have neatly stitched. A few tips can help you to buy an authentic bag. If you are quite considered about your style, it’s good to read these tips before making your purchase.