ICON BAGS: The Puzzle by Loewe

The first masterpiece bag designed by Jonathan Anderson has become a LOEWE icon. With its innovative cuboid shape, extreme tactility and maximum utility, volume is created through precise cutting so the Puzzle bag can be worn in five different ways, from shoulder bag to clutch and folds completely until it´s flat. Now produced in in 4 different sizes sizes and many shades of colors, it’s become a must have bag in every fashionista’s wardrobe. A cutting edge design that matches with any look, it’s a distinctive piece that never goes out of fashion. Impeccably constructed, Loewe’s Puzzle bag is a charming addition to any accessory collection. The concealed zip closure means the intricate composition of leather panels is left uninterrupted, while a cleverly placed pocket to the bag allows for easy access to your essentials. Plus, it can be worn five different ways! Have a look at the new edition in Aqua-Light Blue-Stone Blue shade of colors below:


Charm Your Look With A Perfect Handbag

Handbag plays an important role in the appearance of a lady. Women spend a lot of money and time finding the right handbag for a particular occasion. They do not even think twice before buying branded ones like Celine handbags. And why should they when even celebrities cannot resist themselves from buying these beautifully crafted bags.

It totally depends on your personal choice to buy a handbag but there are certain things that you should consider while choosing one. A handbag should be according to your personality, size, shape and your dress.

Women who are tall should not go for a small handbag as it does not go well along with their height. Similarly women with short height should avoid long hanging bags or they might end up looking shorter than they actually are. Taller women with fine bodies look great with handbags hanging at waist levels. This is the best way to flaunt your figure and the handbag at the same time.

The other factor is the figure. Women who have curvaceous bodies should go with sleek purses to make their figure prominent. And for those with a little flatter body a curvy handbag makes up the appearance. Women with big bust lines should avoid using armpit clutches as it looks odd. They should rather go with hanging shoulder bags.

Yet another factor is choice of dress. Make sure that it does not look out of place. Use formal bags with formal dresses and fashionable bags with dresses. If you are sporting a short dress, then go for a clutch instead of larger bags. Even sports bags are gaining popularity as accessories with short dresses.

Next in the list comes the color of your handbag. Do not buy a purse which is completely matching in color with your dress. Try your imagination and creativity to know which bag goes well with a particular dress. You can find hundreds of colors and designs in handbags and it is entirely your choice to pick out the best one. Always go for branded products like celine handbags. Branded products have longer life and impart a classy look to your personality.

Gucci Handbag: Your Style Signature

Everybody in world aspires and spends a huge portion of his/her income in grooming. It has become very difficult task to make a mark on people’s minds. The attire should be more than perfect to have heads turning towards you. Gucci handbags can help you in your bid to look best in party night or at any other occasion.

Human mind has the tendency to categorize people according to their appearance. Even scientists admit that people with impressive personality can have their way to any task easily. Nobody can be blamed of discrimination as this happens in the subconscious level and not deliberate. That is why you spend lots of money in buying the best dress. A good dress is complimented with suitable accessory.

A handbag comes first in the list of accessories. Only a woman can understand the importance of a bag. However, most men think of them as unnecessary burden. Bags do add to the beauty of a woman and helps in defining her personality.

The type of bag a woman carries tell a lot about the kind of person she is. While a roughed up bag shows the rough side of her, a chic bag shows that the woman is fashion conscious. Then there are designer handbags which are very popular these days. However they are costly, yet it does not stop women from buying them.

There are a variety of handbags like bowlers, evening bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, clutches and top handles. You should choose your bag depending on the need of hour. Branded bags help you stand apart in a crowd. You can flaunt your bag and I am sure it would not go unnoticed. Even if you are silent creature people cannot help but admire the beauty of your beautiful handbag.

When you think of investing in a bag make sure that you choose the best one. However, it is tough to make a choice considering variety of bags available in brands like Gucci handbags. Take your time and weigh your choices before making a selection. A good handbag complemented with a nice dress can keep heads turning as you walk past in any gathering.

Why Should You Choose Prada Handbags

So you are thinking of buying a handbag. You must be confused about the brand and design of the bag. Women always face this problem and for men who want to gift a bag to their beloved it can be daunting task altogether. Anybody would find himself/herself at sea when it comes to choosing a single bag from plethora of choices available in the market.

When you talk about bag there are only few brands that flash automatically in mind. One such brand which does not need introduction is Prada. Prada handbags have been sported by almost all the famous celebrities on one or the other occasion.

The elegant design of the hand-made bag leaves the onlooker mesmerized. The bags are simple yet so stylish. It can be a perfect party accessory and the most appropriate business bag. The material used in Prada bags is of superior quality. It bag lasts longer and looks new-like for a long time. People who think that Prada is too costly and thus a poor investment idea are wrong.

Considering the quality of material used and the style and elegance it offers it is worth every penny. Moreover due to its long life, it saves you from spending money on new bags. Added to this, the name itself speaks a lot about style. The company has been in the fashion business from quite some time and launches new line of products with changing trends. Prada handbags have been a trend setter and the company does not disappoint its customers’ expectations. The research and development and strict quality control ensure a master piece in every hand bag.

These handbags make you stand apart from the crowd. You will feel great when people will appreciate your choice. Who would not like that after all! You can flaunt the bag in front of your friends and they cannot help being impressed.

However it is recommended to make a buy carefully. There are people out there who sell replica handbags on the same price. To avoid being conned it is better to buy from trusted stores and websites.

Essential Points to Consider While Buying Designer Bags

Are you planning to buy a handbag? You must be confused about what brand and bag you should invest your hard earned money in. this is quite obvious considering the large number of branded bag lines and the designs they have to offer. Handbags are in vogue and the kind of bag you carry matters a lot in determining your looks and people’s perception about your personality.

Fashion trend changes frequently and what seems most fashionable today may not be that popular in the next season. So it is better to think properly before buying a bag. There are hundreds of companies which offer designer handbags but a few like Gucci handbags stand apart from the rest. The best thing about these bags is that they do not get out of fashion. Style may change but the name itself is enough to draw attention of people. Following are some points to help you in choosing the right bag.

Firstly, decide your budget and the money that you can invest in a bag. Keep one thing in mind that branded bags however cost you a little extra yet they are a smart choice. You should not mind spending few extra pennies to make the best buy. Branded bags are made up of high quality stuff and it gives them a longer life.

Secondly, go through the websites of different bag companies or look for other sites which show bags of different brands at one place. In this way you can have an idea of the cost of such bags. It is good to compare rates from different websites.

Thirdly, make a list of top five bags that you like to buy. Prepare the list considering the amount that you can invest in a bag.

Fourthly, do thorough research about these 5 bags and finalize the best one.

Buying bag is not as easy as it seems. The millions of choices make it hard for a person to find the best bag. Gucci handbags cater to the needs of people with different tastes and choices. A good and thoughtful selection of handbag can make you satisfied with your buy.

Sophisticated And Stylish Ferragamo Handbags

Ladies and handbags are inseparable. Whether it is a small clutch or a completely large handbag, she can’t even think of stepping out. All the essential things that you need are easily and safely kept in it. Not being less in terms of variety, there is a matching handbag for every dress in your wardrobe. Match the one with dress you have to wear and flaunt your style and fashion sense.

The ferragamo handbags are available in vast collection. There is no dearth of variety, color, pattern, trends, designs, material, shape and size of these handbags. Blue, black, brown, white, cream, red, yellow, orange and pink are the colors in which these handbags are available. Select your favorite one. These bags may be of one or two handles. All these handbags are shoulder hanging and some are clutches too. If you are going to office choose from subtle colors like black, white or red.

Party or daily life, these handbags are there to suit your style for any occasion. Some bags are also there in printed materials. Use them when you go out for a hangout with friends. Smart professional handbags complement your business attire.

Refrain from selecting weaved or loud colors to take to work. When out for party, select bold and captivating colors like red, pink or orange. Whatever color you choose needs to complement your dress. Any mismatching bag would ruin your appearance and make your beautiful dress lose charm.

The ferragamo handbags are available in the price range of $641-$2247. Decide on your budget and then make the purchase accordingly. The materials used in these handbags are leather and fabric. Whenever you shop for handbags, try to go for buying branded ones. This is necessary as only a brand is synonymous for authenticity and quality products.

As with any other thing, never compromise on quality. After all, this is the matter of flaunting your fashion sense and style. And, even a single wrong choice would make you the hot topic for wrong reasons. Not every company but a branded one can understand the worth of using quality material and offering great products to you. Buy a stylish handbag and become the hot topic for obvious reasons.

Make Your Own Style Statement With Designer Handbags

While getting ready for a special occasion, you want everything to be perfect and so that you look at your best. A good dress looks incomplete without a classy handbag. Market is filled with plethora of handbag brands which offer bags of different size, shape and colors.

While most of the people do not want to spend too much on a handbag, some who take care of every detail go for branded ones like Fendi handbags. Branded bags have their own charm and attraction and people cannot resist staring as you look classy and complete.

A number of Hollywood actresses and socialites have sported branded designer bags and hence increased their popularity. You would not mind spending some extra pennies to become proud owner of a handbag liked by your favorite Hollywood celebrity. Designer bags come in different styles and you have freedom to choose the best suited one for your personality.

The answer to why women cannot resist designer handbags is still a mystery. It is difficult like deciphering the ‘Da Vinci code’. No matter how many bags a woman has, she would not mind buying another one for the next occasion. Handbag companies understand your expectations and cater to your quest for a new style every time you go for shopping by launching new bags every now and then.

Handbag companies like Fendi handbags have long been into this business and thus assures you with quality material. You can buy a designer branded bag that can last for many years. Some handbag companies understand the environmental crisis and have come up with a noble environmental friendly production process. The products which are used in such companies are natural and the production process does not harm the environment.

The only thing that keeps most of the people from buying branded bags is their price. But this is not true as these handbags are made up of good material which last for years and you can enjoy the beauty of your favorite handbag for longer period. On the other hand a cheap handbag is made up of cheap material and you will have to invest again and again on buying a new one. In this way, branded bags are more cost effective and hence a better choice.

How to Choose A Bag That Causes Heads To As You Stroll By

Bags are irresistible and no matter how many you have, you cannot have enough of them. Trend changes with every season and to keep up with the new fashion, there is no harm in equipping yourself with the latest handbag. Whenever you go for shopping a bag, you target the best one that comes in your budget.

But at times it can be a daunting task for most of the people to choose from wide variety of bags available in the market. Bags range from the classy Balenciaga handbags to cheap imitates of famous brands.

It is always good to have an idea of your budget before going to buy a bag. I recommend one good bag per season instead of buying few cheap ones. A good bag can cost you dearly but believe me; you can afford that luxury to get noticed in crowd. Bags like Balenciaga handbags are very popular among celebrities and are an important part of their wardrobe. Such bags can cause heads to as you stroll by.

It is important that you buy your handbag from authorized showrooms as there are some people out there to cheat you. They can cheat you by giving a cheap replica of your costly branded handbag. It is recommended to check the stuff and logos properly.

Another important point is that the bag you choose should be according to the dress you want to wear it with. A party dress looks complete with a fancy bag while an office bag should be more on the formal side. Branded bags are easy to wear and you do not have to baby them like couch bags. It is a misconception that cheap bags are cost effective than branded bags.

A branded bag is made up of quality material and hence has longer life. A good bag can last for a time which is equal to five cheap bags. Branded bags have an added advantage of adding class to your personality. People will talk about your choice and get ready for all the attention you will receive after owning a good branded bag.

Of Bags And Women

‘Diamonds are girls’ best friend’ the saying is getting old as designer bags take their place. Bags have always been in vogue and no matter how many bags a girl has, she craves for more. If you share the same feelings, no one can blame you because this is something girls are addicted to. Every bag is different in shape, size and color and there is no harm flaunting a new bag every time you step out of your home.

My girlfriend loves hand bags and has a huge collection of designer bags. So I was in a dilemma about what should I gift her on this valentine. I thought it would be useless to gift her yet another bag when she already has many. And it is designer bags she loves the most. I was caught in a very difficult situation of what to do. I closed my eyes and took a decision.

I went to a nearby Gucci showroom and bought a hand bag for her. The moment I came out of the showroom I thought I should have taken something else and that she would not be happy to see a bag yet again. Anyways, the same evening I took her out for dinner and was nervous about her reaction when she looks at her gift.

Trembling because I did not want to ruin our valentine, I showed her the purse and closed my eyes. To my surprise she literally jumped out of excitement. I cannot frame that feeling in words. She was happy to see the Gucci purse and I, to see her beaming with joy. In this way our valentine turned out to be a big hit.

A question usually comes to my mind is what actually makes these handbags so desirable. Maybe they define a girl’s personality. They look incomplete without their hand bags. They carry their world with them in their bags. Ask a girl if she can spend a single day without her purse and you will get to know what actually a bag means to her.

Ways to Check Prada Serial Numbers

Having a Prada handbag is a matter of pride. Only a few women afford to buy so many Prada handbags as they are expensive. Women with moderate income can buy this brand bags from their saving. If you are one of those who want to buy an authentic Prada handbag, here are some important tips to check Prada serial numbers as they are the base of authenticity of the brand products.

Prada has serial numbers or you can say model numbers associated with all of its merchandise to help verify the authenticity.

During your purchase of a Prada authentic bag, don’t forget check the Prada authenticity card which is come with the product. Whether you are buying the previous collection bag or the latest, you can get the card that has engraved Prada name. If you notice printed name, it means you are one the way to purchase an unauthentic bag.

Carefully go through the card. Read the serial number carefully. There are 2 cards attached with the bag. One is of plastic and another is black paper card, both cards have the same serial number for a product. With the serial number of a product, there is a bar code. The codes depend on the product. It can be one or two.

Purchase the bag from the dealer that offers to return it in case of any ambiguity. Try to know the authenticity of the serial number by mailing the Prada customer service. Request through the mail about authenticity of the serial number of your purchased bag! They can provide you with enough information about the serial number.

Apart from serial number, you can look at the quality of fabric, lining and the bag design. It is because you are going to purchase the high-end brand accessory.