The Legendary Designer Shoes

Every designer has their own statement towards fashion especially when taking down designer shoes to be added in their wishlist.

Shoes have been the capturing interest since time immemorial. Way back from the legendary Cinderella’s slippers and Dorothy’s ruby slippers to the magical elves, shoes are considered as a tool that can be able us to transport beyond the infirmities of human condition.

Without the glass slippers, Cinderella might not be beautiful as what she is. Dorothy may never have found her way home from a magical place without the ruby slippers and for the cobbler’s success. To date, each of us may still be looking for that magical shoes but shoe designers will tell you that it’s a lot more about skills than magic and these designers proved their skills and hidden talents in designing unique shoes.

The List includes:

1. Gucci Shoes
2. Prada Shoes
3. Jimmy Choo Shoes
4. Tod’s Shoes
5. Hogan Shoes
6. Burberry Shoes
7. Dior Shoes
8. Dolce and Gabbanna Shoes
9. Fendi Shoes
10. Ferragamo Shoes
11. Marc Jacobs Shoes
12. Miu Miu Shoes
13. Paul Smith Shoes
14. Manolo Blahnik Shoes
15. Christian Louboutin Shoes

As a shoe designer, the decision is yours. You have the choice what design you’re going to pursue depends upon what season it is using a variety of raw materials, such as leather, fabric, plastic, wood and their perfect combinations.