ICON BAGS: The Puzzle by Loewe

The first masterpiece bag designed by Jonathan Anderson has become a LOEWE icon. With its innovative cuboid shape, extreme tactility and maximum utility, volume is created through precise cutting so the Puzzle bag can be worn in five different ways, from shoulder bag to clutch and folds completely until it´s flat. Now produced in in 4 different sizes sizes and many shades of colors, it’s become a must have bag in every fashionista’s wardrobe. A cutting edge design that matches with any look, it’s a distinctive piece that never goes out of fashion. Impeccably constructed, Loewe’s Puzzle bag is a charming addition to any accessory collection. The concealed zip closure means the intricate composition of leather panels is left uninterrupted, while a cleverly placed pocket to the bag allows for easy access to your essentials. Plus, it can be worn five different ways! Have a look at the new edition in Aqua-Light Blue-Stone Blue shade of colors below:


Exotic Leather Handbags and How to Store Them

Leather handbags have a kind of luster you cannot find from bags made of cloth and other fabrics. They look luxurious and able to enhance your appearance. No wonder, leather handbags are an expensive investment but the perfect complement to any wardrobe, so it’s important to take care of these luxurious accessories. Gucci, Prada and Chanel are some of the best brands master in producing high quality leather handbags.

If you want to make a good collection of Exotic Leather Handbags and use to for a long time, here are some essential things to keep in mind.

The first thing is cleaning. To maintain the shine of your leather purse, it’s quite essential to clean it with a non-abrasive cloth with cool water once in a week if you use it on a regular basis. Using your leather bag, up to 10 times requires cleaning once in a month. If you avoid cleaning your leather bags, stains are mostly oxidized which are simply impossible to clean.

To store, it’s good to remove any content and fill your bag with bubble wrap. It helps to maintain the bag shape while it is stored for a long time.

It’s good to take the strap buckles off so that the purse doesn’t get impression.

Keep your leather bag in a dust bag. If you want to keep 2 bags together, it’s better to separate them from keeping a pillowcase. This will prevent scuffs and scratches.

Make sure about your leather bag contact with heat sources. When leather comes in contact with heat, it expands and damages your bag original shape.

Facts about Freitag Handbags That Make Them Unique

When shopping for bags, you would come across several designers’ works and you may be interested in finding the one that is most appropriate for you. Well, it would be good that you know some of the facts about a design work so as to make informed choice. Sometimes you may find yourself attracted to some items just because of what inspired the creation. Still, you would want to select what is most fashionable.

The Freitag handbags are still the most fashionable collections you would come across. They are inspired by the messengers of the past. However, if you are the person who is more inclined to black, you may not be successful here. There is no black in this collection but you can trust that you will be able to find other exciting colors to choose from. The collection has some weather proof items.The material that is used to make the bags is what make them weather proof.

They are actually made from sheets of truck. For those who adore a green lifestyle, then this is a piece that you need to include in your collection. The collection is quite unique and known to evoke the emotions of its owners. Yes, Freitag handbags are made from recyclable material and this is quite eco friendly. The environment plays a big role in our lives and we just would appreciate that it is well taken care of. The best way to support this is to buy products that are friendly to the environment.

The collection is famous and you would want to shop for one from a store that gives you best pricing and value. Do not forget that these handbags are capable of evoking your emotions as the owner. Even though they do not have black in the collection, you will find the other color as appealing and elegant as you would want them. These handbags are more fashionable and perfect for every woman.

Essential Tips For Designer Warm Handbags

Designer warm handbags are valuable because of the expense involved and secondly and secondly these reflect the lifestyle of the person. In such a case, it is advisable to keep these luxury items clean and in good condition. Important points that will help to maintain designer warm handbags are –

Warm Handbags

1. The bag interior deserves care. Before cleaning, the entire interior needs to be pulled out in a gentle manner. For complete cleaning of insides, you can use the soft brush. These bags are made of nylon material and generally chocolate particles and food crumbs get stuck inside. The stains on the outer as well as the inner surface can be cleaned with the help of soft rag and warm water.

2. If the warm handbags contain zippers, you should maintain it in a good manner.  The fact is that these bags are of no value without zippers. You can keep these away from the water exposure and can be lubricated with the help of beeswax. This material is generally available in the hardware stores.

3. the third factor that is important is the attention towards the handle. Do not put extra stuff in the bag. It can damage the handle. The handle of these bags generally does not have the potential to hold stuff beyond any particular capacity. If there is a stain on light colored handles, lotion can soften it.  I is important to clan the exterior with help of light brush.

How To Choose Bag To Flatter Your Body Shape

Handbag is the accessory that completes our physical appearance. It can make our overall outfit more glamorous and meaningful. So being a fashionista, we must be very careful in choosing handbags.
So, consider the following simple tips before buying your next handbag:

Bust. Women with big bosoms and broad shoulders should avoid handbags with short and tiny handles because these usually end around the bust area. If you want to expose your breast area, well short-handled handbags or clutches are perfect.

Waist and Hips. Broad waist, big stomach and hips will look less noticeable if you wear handbags that finish up under your arm.
Avoid handbags that go down to your midriff or hips to keep your bulges. Stay away from bags that go down to your midriff or hips, this will attract attention to your bulges. Big totes will look unflattering as well as bags with big funky details.
If you are lucky to have a slim waist, bag with handles of an average length will be a good option as well as a clutch. Modern clutch can be either tiny for evenings out or middle-sized to be roomy enough for all those items you always need to have with you.

Legs. Girls with long slim legs can wear bags with long handles and look great. Messenger type will work best. But ladies with short legs should choose classic shapes and sizes.

Frame. Women of larger frames should avoid tiny bags as they will look even bigger. You need well-tailored bags of average sizes. Choose from medium-large range. Clutches will be fantastic, but again choose oversized ones to keep proportion.

Tall and skinny girls can opt for broad and slouchy bags. Long bags will look unflattering.
Short women will want to look taller. This is easy to do if you select long and lanky bags that go in color harmony with your outfits. Stay away from wide oversized totes as they will make you look even shortery.

The Beautiful Prada Briefcase and Prada Luggage

Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, ‘Australia’? Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley in the film) was stunning there when she stepped ashore with a luggage all custom-made by Prada.

It was an award-winning Prada briefcase made famous by the beautiful Kidman. This extraordinarily comprehensive set of luggage takes four porters and a trolley to carry it.

The Prada luggage is made from ‘canapa’ and ‘saffiano’ leather, in an exclusive, blue and white color-scheme for the film, includes trunks, suitcases, hat-boxes, vanity cases and even a picnic set. The leather dates back to the very beginning of the luxury Italian fashion brand’s history when Mario Prada – Miuccia Prada’s grandfather and founder of the company – used it to make luggage for the Italian royal family. The unique goatskin is handcrafted today using the same techniques he employed almost a century ago.

Each piece requires more than one week’s hand-work to complete. Once the leather, without scars or blemishes, has been selected, it is then pulled over wooden frames, glued and stitched by hand.The piece is then assembled, completely by hand, including the addition of the locks, metal feet ‘hardware’ and the ‘vitello’ or calf leather-trim.

The lining is Prada’s signature nylon jacquard. Imagine the tedious process of making the briefcase. That simply shows how delicate and how Prada adheres to producing quality bags in all your needs. A selection of traditional suitcases and vanity cases is still part of Prada’s Pergamena luggage collection today.

Designer Miu Miu Handbags Collection

There are a number of designer handbags and this one should never be out of the limelight. In fact, many of my facebook friends asked me to feature Miu Miu handbags in my fashion reviews. Miu Miu and designer purses in general will welcome us with its Miu Miu Bird Suede and Python Clutch. We noticed the same designs over and over. Some site reviews would comment it less innovative. But as for me, quality matters. Whether it’s good or bad for others but in the case of this Miu Miu bag, I say it is really good.

Here is what I noticed in Miu Miu handbags. The clutch alternates strips of black python and pink suede with a python pink and black bird embellishment on the front. The bird accent breaks up the stripes and gives a fanciful touch. It is the shape of the bird that they use that I adore, long, lean and fashionable. The fold over top has scalloped trim which adds another touch that is greatly appreciated.

What I love is that Miu Miu planned each aspect of this bag. And with the thought process the bag ends up standing apart from the rest. In a saturated handbag market you either have to have a classic bag that appeals to everyone or find another way to grab a buyer’s attention. This clutch was able to grab my attention, make me do a double take, and got me clicking to look at detailed shots. That is precisely how you engage someone, so props to Miu Miu for this clutch. The clutch is big, considerably outsized, and offers interior compartments and an optional braided rope shoulder strap. Having an optional shoulder strap is always helpful, especially with the long shoulder drop which makes this a great evening bag but still leaves options for it as a day bag.

You can buy Miu Miu handbags at your favorite online shopping store Don’t miss it!

Gucci Briefcase for Workaholics

For those who go to work everyday with a lot of documents on hand, you need a fashionable briefcase. Try Gucci briefcase for spring and summer this year. But despite the name of this gorgeous briefcase, it also caters to men as well. Gucci is not at all feminine; just a pure alluringly fashionable briefcase. Gucci really knows how to make an edge through this Women’s Briefcase. And like other briefcases, it comes in a rectangular form.

Unlike other briefcases, however, this is crafted in white leather with dark nickel hardware. I guess the large metal closure buckle for the front pocket makes it more appealing. You may choose to carry it by hand or on your shoulders.

To those workaholics, teachers, well-organized professionals, or simply outstandingly fashionable and classy individuals, Gucci’s Women’s Briefcase is made for you!

Marc Jacobs Handbags for Spring 2010 Collection

I have a friend who is dying anticipating for Marc Jacobs handbags for  Spring 2010 collection. Well, for her, watch out for it soon. Marc Jacobs will surely surprise you of his beautifully made handbags. For basic information, here’s what I can give you guys.

Marc Jacobs has been consistent with softer color palette. In most of MJ’s collection, we noticed a lot of champagnes, light and medium blues, creams, and whites in the accessories collection. Many of the bags were made of multicolored lattice leather, sometimes in what looked to be several different textures – I definitely spy some python, at the very least.

There is Jacobs’ signature quilting too, with many of the quilts bearing forth rivets and tassels. As for me, I liked the addition of texture, but these are not my favorite bags of the show – the tassels and their cords looked like tentacles to me. Not a good look.

Finally, apparently fringe is not over yet, at least not in Marc’s mind. Many of the latticed bags had nearly a foot of fringe swinging from them in the similar colors that made up the bag’s body. We have a feeling that this will be shortened somewhat before the products are shipped to stores, but I didn’t hate it. In fact, quite the opposite – I thought that it was quite appropriate, considering the construction of many of the pieces .Leave it to someone like him to make us all take a second look at fringe.

Marc Jacobs Handbags for  Spring 2010 Collection

John Galliano Handbags Collection

We cannot attend occasions without wearing the kind of accessories that match our clothing. Now, John Galliano has ventured into accessories to accentuate our simple attire to make us elegant. To ensure of the quality, Galliano is licensed to Plus IT under a five-year contract for design, production and distribution. The Galliano accessories collection is made up of 100 styles which includes bags, small leather goods, belts, luggage and travel bags.

The collection will include the Dior creative director’s design signatures – prints, appliqués and embroideries – on messenger, doctor, and hobo bags – made from faux oilskin leathers, washed nylon, distresses calf skin and kilim-printed corduroy.

It’s anticipated that there will be a romantic themed collection too, featuring the Galliano logo in blush pint with gemstone embroideries, lacework, heart-shaped metal charms, keys and the letter G, and the newspaper print John Galliano handbags.

Ask for the price? It’s reportedly been sold wholesale from 80 euros for a feathered clutch to 400 euros for a large leather tote decorated with charms.