Paul Smith Clothing:Classic and Quirky

He is the British Style icon. Paul Smith personality sums up in 3 words. Nobody can replace the true British spirit of Paul Smith clothing and his unique designs. He has been at the center of the British menswear for almost 3 decades of producing menswear of high quality. Try to consider tailored suits, frizzy shirts, crisscross jackets, cuff links, and well-crafted shoes. It seems these are formal wear but each item have a “quirky” twist having a traditional British graphic print on it.

The true success of Paul Smith’s creations and overall business designs of classic and quirky were attributed to both of his roles as designer and a retailer. Giving men a chance to buy relatively traditional designs that offer a ‘twist’ of individuality and a classic look. These outfits are realatively popular for businessmen and traditionally associated with the upper class and wealthy that oozes class and quality.

Guys, I do recommend that you need to have one of his clothing collections in your wardrobe, no matter what societal level you are in. This is best for a young man who is looking to freshen up his formal or office attire this season.

There are always formal occasions for us to go through throughout our life and having an investment suits from Paul Smith means it will never go out fashion style.

See all our favorite picks from this season’s Paul Smith Clothing below:

Paul Smith Clothing

Paul Smith 2009_Clothing

Paul Smith 2009 Clothing