Paul Smith: A Prominent British Fashion Designer

Paul Smith, a notable and respected English fashion designer is as famous as well-reputed Italian fashion brands. He is famous for designing fabulous menswear. No wonder, the fashion designer is well-known for his hard labor and new twist to men’s fashion. In his collection, vintage bow ties have got enough popularity as the designer comes with 100% woven silk or knitted cashmere with fastening hook and adjustable strap.

According to a top notch site, Paul Smith introduction into fashion was completely accidental. Paul Smith profile as a fashion designer was unplanned. At his early age, without any proper planning and qualifications, he worked at the local clothing warehouse in his native town. Paul had planned to become a racing cyclist but at 17, he met with an accident during cycling.

He suffered the injury for almost half a year. While he was in hospital, he found new friends. The interesting turn is that all Paul new friends were taking interest in art and many of them were students of an art college, love to talk on fashion designers.

While Paul attached with new friends, he got to know about his new passion, fashionable clothes.

It is his girlfriend, Pauline Denyer (who later her wife) encouraged Paul to open a fashion boutique at his hometown.  Paul had finally opened a tiny fashion boutique and started taking tailoring classes. With immense help of his wife and his passion to become a famous fashion designer, Paul was able to showcase his menswear collection in Parish in 1976.

Within 20 years, he has given a new turn to menswear and is now considered one of the most prominent British fashion designers. His exotic collection is available in almost 35 countries and has itself 14 shops in England.

Paul Smit shoes Collection for Women

Paul Smit is one of the best English fashion designers. He designs clothes and accessories for both men and women. Paul Smit was known for his great shoe designs for men. His designs are the most sought after shoes collection in England. The English people simply are in rave about them. Now enough about men, lets talk about Paul Smit Shoes collection for women for this summer.

Paul Smit shoes

As we all know women is the where the bigger audience is, and it’s a great thing that Paul Smith is designing for this market. Summer 2011 Paul Smit collection, involves a comprehensive range of powerful and flexible styles. You can expect that they are made from soft and durable leathers and are constructed in high quality.

This summer collection is composed of heels, boots, sneakers, flats with wide ranging colors and designs. It brings together a wide array of conventional shapes and styles as well as more modernized fashion sense. The Mainline collection is based form the mainline clothing. These have printed leather upper part with a ribbon trimmed sandals and with a sit beside raffia wedges. All these are made to perfection from Italy.

Pau Smit shoes collection for women is packed with colors and texture. They have prints and patterns that lift up the style for this season. Wedges with high heels look exceptionally beautiful at the same time comfortable. The summer 2011 boots collection is the pull up ankle boots that features soft leather that comes in wide array of colors are simply a must have for many. The signature lace up brogue is being reintroduced in this collection. It is based on the classic Paul Smit shoes men’s collection. This has a dip dye finishing touches that could only flatter the color and the texture of the leather. The women’s collections are offered with the summer flair.

Paul Smit shoe designs are known to be very comfortable and easy to use. He focuses more on the soles of the shoes that give you very little chance of slipping. You will also find that they are very durable and fashionable as well. A good grip and a fashion sense, that’s definitely a Paull Smit design. So you can easily hit the beach and be on style with these comfortable and fashionable shoes.

Paul Smith Swirl City Minin Briefcase

Paul Smith Swirl City Minin BriefcaseInject a swirling vibrant colors into your eight to five office hours with this fun Paul Smith Swirl City Mini Briefcase.
The colorful swirl print seems like sixties trendy version, but you don’t have to be a hippie to value it.

Conservative tastes might resist this vibrant design, but think of something new that will pop out as Paul Smith Mini Briefcase when paired with your office neutrals. Printed in a luxurious Italian leather makes this psychedelic pattern more amazing and eye-grabbing.

Requires no competition for this bag because the design is so loud and it must be kept simple.The flap style is basic, and the brushed golden hardware is superior.

The interior is divided into two large compartments to keep your daily files and folders well-organized. The large pocket was designed for your stashing pens, personal gadgets, and other office essentials.

The Swirl City categorized as mini briefcase. Obviously,it may not offer enough space for the most high-powered businesswomen.If you are in trouble of finding an office bag, this colorful Paul Smith briefcase could be the answer.

More Features of This Paul Smith Leather Office Bag

Purple lined interior
A single handle with a 4 inch drop
Measures 11 x 8 inches
Made in Italy

Paul Smith Clothing:Classic and Quirky

He is the British Style icon. Paul Smith personality sums up in 3 words. Nobody can replace the true British spirit of Paul Smith clothing and his unique designs. He has been at the center of the British menswear for almost 3 decades of producing menswear of high quality. Try to consider tailored suits, frizzy shirts, crisscross jackets, cuff links, and well-crafted shoes. It seems these are formal wear but each item have a “quirky” twist having a traditional British graphic print on it.

The true success of Paul Smith’s creations and overall business designs of classic and quirky were attributed to both of his roles as designer and a retailer. Giving men a chance to buy relatively traditional designs that offer a ‘twist’ of individuality and a classic look. These outfits are realatively popular for businessmen and traditionally associated with the upper class and wealthy that oozes class and quality.

Guys, I do recommend that you need to have one of his clothing collections in your wardrobe, no matter what societal level you are in. This is best for a young man who is looking to freshen up his formal or office attire this season.

There are always formal occasions for us to go through throughout our life and having an investment suits from Paul Smith means it will never go out fashion style.

See all our favorite picks from this season’s Paul Smith Clothing below:

Paul Smith Clothing

Paul Smith 2009_Clothing

Paul Smith 2009 Clothing

The Global Paul Smith Handbags

For more than 20 years of existence in fashion world, Paul Smith had proved himself as the pre-eminent British designer. He has the talent to anticipate, and even ignite off the trends not only in fashion but in the wider context of popular culture and has the ability to transmit a genuine sense of humour and mischief mixed with his love of tradition and the classics

His fashion boutiques reflect the character of his personality along with his designs, an unmistakable Englishness augmented by the unexpected. The fashion houses, shops the Paul Smith collections and an extensive selection of Paul Smith handbags, shoes and an array of interesting and beautiful jewelries and other fashion accessories.

Paul Smith is indeed global.His collections are readily available to more than thirty five countries and has fourteen shops in England. Other shops are located in London, Nottingham, Paris, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Kuwait, U.A.E. and over two hundred in Japan. He has greatly influenced the Japanese business in designing clothes, selecting fabrics, planning shop locations and a lot more.

Paul Smith “Swirl Folio” Handbag


Main color: multicolor
Secondary color: brown
Materials: leather
Dimensions: 16 1/2″W X 11 1/2″H X 4″D
Styledrops Price: $ 400

Paul Smith “Swirl Folio” is a large structured carrier made from swirl soft grained leather in multicolor form with brown leather handle.
This bag is styled with zipped-closure to add security.

The Inspired Paul Smith

The essence and inspiration of Sir Paul Smith’s latest collection was right there on his invitation.

The design has a photo of what could have been a tearoom on the English coast despite it was actually taken at Darjeeling. All are equally English-looking images used as a backdrop. Aside from a couple of madras-like pieces, that was all we saw of India, but the over all idea in English concept gives an international success of Paul Smith collections.



Normally, he dipped into his own past. The opening group of gray suits was accessorized with fluoro cycling shirts. Frock coats paired with multi-buttoned waistcoats had an Edwardian flair that connected to the sartorial snappiness of the mods, who were an early education in style for Smith. I tis indeed, the collections were emphasized on tailoring. Paul Smith is too much of a fashion polyglot to stick to one story. He mixed up different tartans in the same outfit, or combined city and country by showing jackets in a hearty twill. The lining of a brown corduroy jacket popped with hunting red.

Smith acknowledged the current climate after the show by emphasizing the importance of accessories in the collection, offering passports for people with the will but not the wherewithal to enter the world of Sir Paul. Sure enough—the shoes were standouts, particularly a pair of dusty pink Chelsea boots.

Paul Smith Shoes in Cora Heels

paul-smith-cora-shoesCora is a shoe designed by Paul Smith which features the 9 cm high heels that were made from the black patent leather with a pointed toe and a stiletto heel. Also have a T-bar detailing on the front that continues around the ankle and fastened by buckle.

Stow bag is included. The vibrant yellow soles feature an embossed with a Paul X and have a leather insole with a swirl trim.

This is one of the Paul Smith shoes for the spring/summer 2009 as featured in the Black Label Cyclic Lookbook.



Paul Smith Wallets

Paul Smith wallets are the most recognizable wallets in the entire United Kingdom. If you tend to buy a Paul Smith wallet for yourself, you are absolutely giving yourself a big treat. If you are buying one as a gift to somebody, he must be a very special man indeed!

All Paul Smith wallets are eye cathching. They have quality, stylish, funky and truly fabulous. It is not just the unique characteristics of his wallets that drive the public crazy but for the entire Paul Smith label and its history.

This is to be my top of the list when it comes to wallets. Yes, a Paul Smith wallet is definitely the most luxurious wallet a man can own.
Every season Paul Smith releases an eye-boggling line of colourful wallets with photographic imagery, colorful patterns and more.The most famous line was the multi-stripe pattern. This is the unforgettable image of Paul smith branding.

So expect to pay big bucks for this stuff.




The Great Paul Smith

paul-smithA great British success story, Paul Smith‘s smart, cool clothes and idiosyncratic accessories have earned him a place in the front ranks of British fashion. Paul Smith’s introduction into fashion was completely accidental.

Born in Nottingham in 1946, Smith started as a gofer in a local clothing warehouse at the age of 18. In 1970, he opened his first shop with a few hundred pounds of savings and took evening classes in tailoring, gradually developing his own style. By 1976, he was playing consultant to an Italian shirt manufacturer and to the International Wool Secretariat. In the same year, he showed his first collections in Paris under the Paul Smith label.

Today Paul Smith Ltd boasts a chain of around 225 shops and concessions, 200 of which are in Japan, where Smith is a local celebrity. In May 1998, he won endless column inches and credit for introducing a new retail experience in his shop-in-a-house on Notting Hill’s Kensington Park Road. And, although his company’s annual turnover is over £100 million, it still manages to retain Smith’s personal touch: a true man of the people, he advises and pilots each division himself, as well as finding time to oversee the running of the shops.

Smith was made a CBE in 1994 for services to the fashion industry and won a Queen’s Award for Export the following year. To celebrate his 25th anniversary in fashion, London’s Design Museum dedicated an exhibition to him, entitled Paul Smith True Brit. He was named Designer of the Year for four years running by the readers of GQ. On 24 November 2000, he was granted the ultimate honour, a knighthood and his wife’s hand in marriage.

Paul Smith “Optical Shoe Art”

paul smith shoes Slip your feet into one of the best creations of a pre-eminent British designer, Paul Smith in his stylish pointy toe multicolor pumps.

For me, the most striking element of this pair shoes is the multicolor geometric pattern that covers the entire shoe body even on a sole area. The intricate pattern isn’t a little busy, not enough to make you dizzy if you walk under the siege of pressure. The real complexity of the matter is that of streamlined beauty and preciseness that the designer’s soul truly expresses his deep emotions. As far as the shoe styles are concerned, for me, this crazy stuff as if the work of an optical art inspired by a famous late Hungarian-French artist in the name of Victor Vasarely. What do you think guys?

This is the type of pumps that demand attention from everyone because of its damned sophistication! Isn’t it? Indeed, the designer knows the real “Geometry”!

More Details

Main color: multicolor
Materials: leather
Heel: 3”
Price: $513

paul smith shoesRear View

paul smith shoesToe Focus