When It Comes to Ladies’ Handbags…

Handbags don’t matter for men who have some rough-n-tough attitude, but for ladies that cannot help eying on the latest trends in the market, handbags count. And a number of women out there in the American society (and entire civilized world for that matter) are definitely moved by a look that a lady wears with a shining handbag like one from the lines of Prada.

Handbags have been redefining the classy sense of wearing, carrying and looking dashing with them in hands. There are material concerns that are of course underlying all the refined, sophisticated, concerns of touch, look and style attributed to the bags.

While the material intactness is all the way taken care of by the manufacturers who know how to take care of sensitive feminine skin and overall physique, more challenging is the task of satisfying the calls for vibrant colors and even more the styles—the demands for which are literally unpredictable.

The rulers are the designers that flaunt their creativity in every possible way, always startling the people with the entire aura and vibes of freshness in the fashion shows every alternate months.

The trends are all the more global these days. Silver and blue colors are, for example, in vogue these days across the world. The place that follows is historically assigned to the king ‘Black’.

The bags in trend are light-weight and handy to carry. The texture they afford on the exterior and the convenience using them are the other concerns. The manufacturers have a fine eye for details as they have to address their consumer counterparts who eventually may have the finest sense at using them.

How a bag is opened and closed; how intact it will remain while moving in rushed places and in haste are other points of concern. The inside ‘management’ of the bags too needs to be handy. Brands like Prada take care of these aspects as well.

Whether it opens on the go exposing all the layers where the beautiful ladies would find their essentials without making a mess of all that, or it is just a bag with a blunt mouth—it counts among lots of other fine things. Last but not the least; the handbag needs to be amply spacious to serve the purpose of the occasion.

How to Differentiate Between Real And Fake Prada Bags

Handbag as an accessory has always been in vogue and if you own a Prada handbag you will be the center of attraction in any gathering. What makes them so popular and desirable? It is the quality of material used in making them and the fine craftsmanship which makes them irresistible to have.

Whenever you walk through a handbag store your eyes automatically stops at prada but you should make sure about the authenticity of bag before buying it. There are people out there who want to make some easy money by selling you a cheap replica. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping a handbag.

Firstly, check the material of handbag. Those who have a keen eye can make out at first glance whether it is fake or genuine. Prada uses high quality material in its products. The leather is genuine and by mere smelling you can tell if it is genuine. If you smell any chemical then it is a direct indication that the bag is not genuine.

Secondly, check if there is any discoloration on the metallic parts of the bag. Branded bag makers take care of even small defects and a Prada will never have such discoloration.

Thirdly, check if there is any designing mistake in the bag. Branded hand bags are neatly and carefully knit. Every product from Prada goes through a tight quality check so there are minimal chances of any designing abnormality.

Fourthly, branded bags have supreme quality material both on the inside and outside of the bag. If you discover that the quality of stuff used on the inside is somewhat inferior, don’t go for it.

Fifthly, check the triangular logo. A genuine logo has proportionate letters and design. You can easily make out if the logo is fake, by looking at it carefully.

Prada handbags have become a style statement. It defines your personality and shows your rich taste. But it is advisable to make sure about every minute detail before buying these pricey bags. To avoid being conned, you should always buy such products from authorized stores or from the product’s official website.

Check Out Icon Bags of Prada & Gucci

Women are fond of designer handbags. Having a designer handbag is a matter of pride for them. Although, Gucci and Prada are some of the top notch brands known for stylish, sleek and high quality handbags. Designer bags or you can say “icon bags” discussion is incomplete without discussing Prada and Gucci handbags. So, here is a quick glance on these brand stylish handbags.


Fashion divas find their dressing for parties incomplete without Gucci’s clutches. The brand offers clutches for every mood. No matter how simple you are and how stylish you are, Gucci offers clutches to suit your style. Simple but classy black clutches boasting Gucci tag suit woman of every age group. Animal printed and light beige satin with Swarovski crystals are available to enhance overall appearance of women and make them ready for an evening party.

The Gucci 2012 collection is totally different from previous years. Every year, designers of the brand try to present something different and stylish. A stylish shoulder bag that has made me crazy is “Chocolate Crocodile with detachable interlocking G charm.” The bag is perfect for casual parties and shopping.


Prada boasts classy “icon bags.” Like Gucci, it offers bags for every season. Prada spring 2012 collection is mind-boggling. Blood red to light brown bags have got space in the spring collection. It seems that Prada doesn’t want to miss any chance of making its summer collection popular. Fire theme is added on some exclusive bags of Prada. Silver and gold hardware detailing is used to give bags a different look. Designers of the brand have not hesitated to give new style to Prada bags.

Let’s start your shopping with these brands if you want to stay ahead in fashion.

Ways to Check Prada Serial Numbers

Having a Prada handbag is a matter of pride. Only a few women afford to buy so many Prada handbags as they are expensive. Women with moderate income can buy this brand bags from their saving. If you are one of those who want to buy an authentic Prada handbag, here are some important tips to check Prada serial numbers as they are the base of authenticity of the brand products.

Prada has serial numbers or you can say model numbers associated with all of its merchandise to help verify the authenticity.

During your purchase of a Prada authentic bag, don’t forget check the Prada authenticity card which is come with the product. Whether you are buying the previous collection bag or the latest, you can get the card that has engraved Prada name. If you notice printed name, it means you are one the way to purchase an unauthentic bag.

Carefully go through the card. Read the serial number carefully. There are 2 cards attached with the bag. One is of plastic and another is black paper card, both cards have the same serial number for a product. With the serial number of a product, there is a bar code. The codes depend on the product. It can be one or two.

Purchase the bag from the dealer that offers to return it in case of any ambiguity. Try to know the authenticity of the serial number by mailing the Prada customer service. Request through the mail about authenticity of the serial number of your purchased bag! They can provide you with enough information about the serial number.

Apart from serial number, you can look at the quality of fabric, lining and the bag design. It is because you are going to purchase the high-end brand accessory.

Stylish Handbags to Make a Style Statement

Are you looking for stylish handbags? If yes, there are many brands that can cater to your needs. Let’s have a look at some of these:


A very famous brand that satisfies all of its customers.As per their choice. There is a range of products to choose from. Whether you are running short of budget or have enough to shell out, there will not be any dearth of options.


Prada handbags are also very stylish and cater to the requirements of people. Products are available in different colors and designs but it’s preferable to purchase from original outlet or some high quality shop.


If you keep a bit of interest in brands, you must have heard about Dior. The one thing which looks more classic in these bags are their leather folds.


among fashionistas, these bags are quite famous. The best thing about these bags is that you can find bags in lower range also which is otherwise difficult with famous brands.

There are other brands also like Diesel etc which can be very helpful in your selection. So, you don’t have dearth of options. But you need to take care of some things before purchasing. There are many sellers making good money by selling duplicate products of these branded products. If you are a novice, you may not differentiate between fake and original products.

If you visit the websites of these brands, you will have enough idea of their products, services, prevailing rates and some other things. Always remember that branded products have their standard prize range. So, if any seller is quoting lesser price, you should be careful instead of being happy. Inquire about the authenticity of product properly before buying it. Search for some good quality shop or outlets of these brands only. If you are searching for quality just take your time and select a nice piece for you!

How to Identify Real Prada Handbags

Girls are almost crazy for Prada handbags. They find the brand wears highly sophisticated. Even, some celebrities are die-heart fan of this brand. However, the rich quality fabric, unique craftsmanship and unique color combination make the brand accessories and ready-to-wear remarkable. No wonder, like every well reputed brand, its goods are exclusive and pricey. To reach its exclusive accessories in every hand, there are companies manufacturing fake Prada handbags. If you are a real fan of this brand, here are some tips to identify fake handbags.

People who are purchasing the brand handbags for the first time should buy from the official site of prada. It is the best source to find a real handbag.

If you are buying a handbag of the brand from street, it is a fake bag. All reputed brands accessories and dresses are available only in a well reputed online and local store.

If you want to buy from an online store, make sure about the store reputation. It’s good read the store clients reviews to know the company reputation. Another important thing is to buy from the online store provide clear picture and complete description of its accessories.

Buy from the site offers money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Well, there are a few that provide the type of flexibility to their customers.

Once you get the bag, don’t forget to check its fabrics, logo and lining. If you are not much aware of how to identify a real Prada bag, please take help from the internet. You can take help from our site as it is dedicated to give detailed information on all luxury Italian brands.

Stylish Handbags to Make a Style Statement

Are you looking for stylish handbags? If yes, there are many brands that can cater to your needs. Let’s have a look at some of these:


Gucci is a renowned brand that can well cater to your needs. There are different styles of bags available there. But, the range of Gucci bags is quite high. This is the reason that many counterfeit products are being sold in market. So, if you are planning to buy Gucci bags, you should be able to judge the authenticity.


Prada handbags are also very stylish and cater to the requirements of people. You can get different designs and colors but it’s advisable to purchase these bags at some high end gallery or shop. There are lots of varieties available and you can utilize as per your budget.


You must have heard about Dior bags. What I feel most enticing in their bags is the leather folds. These bags look quite elegant and you can make a style statement on your own.


Channel handbags are also very popular among fashionistas. The best thing about these bags is that you can find bags in lower range also which is otherwise difficult with famous brands.

There are other brands also like Diesel etc which can be very helpful in your selection. So, you don’t have dearth of options. Just take your time and select a nice piece for you!

Maintain Your Style with Prada Handbags

Prada, the Italian luxury fashion house is popular for its highly sophisticated leather handbags. The brand fashion accessories are style statement of urban elites and Hollywood divas. Mario Prada founder of Prada aim was to bring something very creative and innovative style handbags.

Today, the brand is producing different types of highly fashionable handbags like messenger bags, classic bags, travel bags, backpacks, small purses and leather handbags. Here are some ever popular Prada handbags to jazz your style.

B7338 Black Messenger Bag

The Prada bag is made of vela nylon. It comes with fully adjustable 50” strap allows comfortable wear on your shoulder or across the chest. The zip top closure bag is good for college going girls who want to maintain their high standard. The bag is quite spacious and offers to carry your dairy and small books.

V141 Black Travel Bag

Crafted from classic Prada woven tessuto nylon black travel bag can be one of the best partners of your journey. It comes with double twill handles so you can easily carry heavy luggage. Multi-compartments with zipper close side pockets at each side offer you to carry your small goods like keys, identity card and credit cards.

Both bags are made in Italy and are available in online stores with heavy discounts. It can be up to 60%. If you are eager to maintain your status and style, it’s good time to purchase them.

Are Prada Handbags Really Different?

Are you looking for top quality handbags? Have you taken a look at Prada yet? If you are one who values your money’s worth, elegance as well as style, Prada is a must-have. The brand is known for innovation and creativity embedded in each of the designer bags, alongside glamour as well as top notch quality.

The bags look great with any regular or special ensemble and whether you flaunt them on designer wear or any other elegant looking overall makeover, Prada balances the act. These bags help in enhancing your appearance and style and bagging admiration and basically capturing glances of everyone you meet.

If you are looking at buying Prada handbags, then you should gear up for some research. The varieties include bags with orbs and special shimmering clasps and beautiful patterns and prints, set in materials like plaid and leather. The fashion world comprises handbags with some of the most sophisticated designs from Prada. It is a designer brand known throughout the fashion industry.

The range comprises outrageous, sophisticated as well as rebellious design collections. The Prada bag collection is mostly known for its bold, elegant and unique styles as well as features.

The bags made by the brand are by far the most loved and popular among celebs. It is common to see models and film stars flaunt them. Now available online and offline, a wide range is available in the 2011 Collection in paten leather. They add elegance and style to any occasion. You can choose from totes and purses and the regular handbag collection.

Colorful appliqués, top brass zips, graffiti like prints etc, all speak of the distinct elegance that only Prada can have.  The bags are shaped to perfection in interesting colors with lasting zip closures and accents. Top handles that are adjustable and buckle fastening features make the bags stand apart.

Be Trendy this summer with Fringe of 70’s

The ever changing fashion trends makes it difficult to decide what is in vogue and what is not. At times it becomes difficult to decide if a particular fashion trend will make an impact or make you a victim of fashion faux pass.

Fringe of 70’s

Most fashion trends tend to comeback with modifications for the benefit of the fashion conscious crowd like the 80s exposed midriff or the 70s fringe fashion. The 70s fringes are back for spring 2011 collection and prominent designers have revived this fashion trend on the runways of Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion shows amidst huge cheers from the crowd and fashionistas.

70s fringe is back with a bang this spring with designers flaunting their creations on dresses, accessories, bags etc. to give them a 70s edge and have adorned them on anything fashionable.

Prominent designers flaunted this spring 2011 fashion trend on maxi dresses, jump suits, maxi skirts, leather jackets, bags, shorts, coats, belts, and pants leaving no item left out of the fringe fever. The fringe detailing on all these made jaws drop and hands join to clap and applaud on the innovative usage of fringe.

This 70s fashion trend has already been a part of most red carpet events this year and gowns adorned with silk fringes, fringe decorated cocktail and evening dresses made it sure that there are many more who want to be adorned in fringes to be in vogue this season. The 70s fringe is back with a bang; grab one before its too late.