The Sock-Sneaker Trend – examples from Valentino shoes e Prada shoes

12Sock sneakers are the most widespread trend in footwear nowadays. And it’s no wonder why, they’re stretchy, breathable and have insanely comfortable uppers! These shoes are as cozy as your favorite pair of socks! From high-end designer options to versions that can be picked up on the low, these sneakers give any outfit an ultra-modern twist.4

All sock sneakers are typically made of a knitted pattern so the transition from sneaker to sock is much more seamless than you’d expect. The sock-like knitted collar t wraps around your ankles, avoiding any need for laces and tongues.

With menswear fully embracing the athletic fashion trend, top-shelf fashion brands like Valentino shoes and Prada shoes have even debuted sneaker socks. 3

Even if you can’t afford Valentino, there are plenty of stretch-knit sock sneakers on the market in a variety of colors and sock heights.5

Sneaker makers Adidas, Reebok and Nike have pounced on the cozy trend, introducing sock sneakers to the world. The Adidas EQT SUPPORT style, combining features like Adidas Boost cushioning and a primeknit upper weave, has quickly become one of the most popular running shoes Adidas offers.

Prada shoes: Cloudbust sneaker, an unexpected success!

One of the brightest ideas we’ve seen from Prada shoes collection in quite some time is the Cloudbust sneaker. The new quirky, almost child-like style has turned into a must-have for fashionistas and street wear enthusiasts all over the world.

The sculpted mid sole gives the shoe its original and trendy look; it is deconstructed and separated into three pod-like sections, giving it a futuristic profile. The logo plaque on top of the velcro strap gives that branded finish off the shoe.


These edgy sneakers were a great hit on the Resort 2018 runway, balancing the collection’s overt prettiness perfectly. Made in Italy from spongy white mesh, this futuristic-looking sneaker looks cool with almost everything, especially tailored pants or a mini dress.

Prada’s ultra-technical Cloudbust sneaker is now available in many colours, both in Prada women’s shoes and men’s shoes lines.

Prada Shoes : Epitome of Grace and Beauty

After seasons of showcasing her addicted customers with highly themed and conceptualized collections, Miuccia Prada did a great effort to things that she really loves. It’s been a couple of months since we first seen and feasted those lovely Prada creations for the season.

For her Prada Spring 2013 shoe collection, we can pick such weird shoes and unconventional Prada shoes. You will be amazed by those toe sock and thong shoes that was inspired by a whole lotta Japan-meets-sixties look, Why?  Let those pictures speak for itself.

Those shoes are not conventional to fashion forward people. By browsing their collection and from its ad campaign, we can see a futuristic platform with leather toe socks. The collection is very interesting that for sure a lot of women are eager to try those lovely creations.

Brace yourselves because you are about to be overcome by grace and beauty by the Prada Spring 2013 shoe collection after the jump.




Guide to Men Shoes in Selecting Colors

You can judge a man by the shoes he is wearing. With the ever popular trend nowadays brought to us by a wide campaign of social media, tv and billboard ads, a large number of men are taking interest the way they look just to maintain a paragon of stylish men through the ages.

Take this essential guide to men shoes when it comes to combining colors with your total outfit. In this discussion, let us give focus to leather shoes. They are particularly worn because of their personal preference so shoe color gives a huge impact on its suitability to maintain its stylish impact.

Brown Shoes

Prada_ShoesBlack trousers and brown shoes, this combination is the most controversial topic even in the traditional fashion sense. Overall, these two colors are indeed incompatible. Views of the people will change but still brown and black should never be mixed in a formal occasion.

In casual setting, brown and black are perhaps acceptable depending on your self-preference.  Brown will also go with every color from your choice of gray , navy, green and violet. Pick a brown shoe with a hue of deeper, richer, tones of color to compliment a wide array of colors than black. All colors of chinos, trimmed trousers, shorts are go well with your brown shoes.

Black Shoes

Prada ShoesBlack is very classic and a little more restrictive. You can wear black and black until you are tired to sport it.  Grey is the best pair for black. It creates a great influence. You might also want to try black and navy blue. This works very well in formal setting.

Pull out you chinos in the closet because black shoes are perfectly suited. Try to expose your ankle by cuffing your chinos inorder to reduce the contrast between your black shoes and bright colors such as red, yellow or light blue.

Actually, there are no such rules apply to your casual outfit when it comes to what shoes to wear. Formal wear is indeed the rules applied and strictly followed by fashion conscious people.


There are wide array of shoe style in the rack, stick to the most classic and suites to all your outfits layering inside your closet.  Invest a handful of stylish shoes and economically right on your pocket. You are not even look fashionable all the time and but perfectly you can save for your future fashion demand.

About Shopping For Prada Shoes

You can never go wrong when you buy yourself a pair of Prada shoes. This particular brand has been giving consumers the best looking items on the market for years. When you head to you can look at all the different styles you would like to purchase.

These accessories for your feet may be a bit pricy when you do not know how to shop for them. It is always best to go with something that you know you will be using often. Many women would usually buy something in a classic color like black so that they can match it to any outfit.

You could go with that suggestion or with something more bold if you have the budget for it. Every once in a while it is good to spoil yourself with something nice. You can do just that when you purchase any kind of boots or heels from this particular brand.

This is even a better way to window shop without having to leave the comfort of your home when you look up this website. You will definitely be able to see what’s in and what’s not when you check it out. This is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the curb when it comes to trends in this area.

When you look up this designer brand you are guaranteed to be looking at something timeless for your home collection. You will be able to enjoy wearing something chic as well as classy when you go out. Pradas will definitely boost your wardrobe to another level.

Prada Shoes For Getting Unique Look

Prada needs no introduction in the fashion world as everyone knows that this is one of the high-end fashion brands in the world. Every year, it gives tough competition to its competitors like Gucci in terms of stylish fashion outfits. The brand shoes for both men and women are durable, fashionable, exclusive and expensive.

Not everyone dares to flaunt its fashion wears and those who flaunt are considered rich and stylish. So, having the Prada shoes is a matter of proud. Now, you sure want to know how to have a nice pair of shoes of the brand. Don’t worry for that because there are many ways to buy an authentic Prada shoes.


The very first way is to purchase shoes from its offline store. Do you know that the fashion house has over 250 worldwide boutiques? If you are a resident of Kuala Lumpur, you can shop from the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the offline store established in 2008. Recently, Prada has opened its fashion store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates also.

If you don’t find the first option lucrative, you can go with the second option which is to purchase from its official website.  Fashion experts suggest the first buyers of Prada to shop from its official website. There is no risk associated with the shopping from its official website. You will get the recent and previous collection from the official website.

The third option is risky but is quite popular. The reason is various options to choose from. You can buy the previous collection at a reasonable price and can have the resell Prada collection from auction websites. Now, it is mainly depended on you which option you would like to go with. If you want to go with the third, ensure about the knowledge to identify the real shoes.  Having scanty knowledge on the brand products can end you with fake shoes.


How To Recognize The Real Prada Shoes

Gone are the days when people paid less attention to buy shoes.  Today, shoes are an integral part of fashion. Not only girls but also boys love to wear trendy shoes that match well with their outfit. No wonder, looking at the importance of shoes, there are many national and international fashion accessories houses come up with outstanding ranges of shoes.

They are experimenting with styles and colors to create the pair of shoes looks fashionable as well as comfortable. Gaining fashion with comfort to their designer shoes is the prime goal of many international fashion houses. Prada is no different from designing outstanding shoes for both men and women.

The worldwide popularity of the brand has invoked many to imitate it styles, it ‘s why you can easily find replica of Prada shoes.  If you are a real lover of the fashion brand and want to buy the real pair of shoes of it, here are some guidelines to recognize the real shoes of Prada.

Examine the box of the shoes. This is the first way to recognize the real.  Corrugated plastic is used to make Prada shoes boxes. If you observe the cardboard made box, it means you are heading to purchase the fake.

Carefully inspect the box as it has logo of the brand at the end of the box, the size and the material information. Mind that the brand doesn’t put logo on the top of the box.

Now, examine the shoes. With only examining the box, you can reach at the point that the shoes are real. You have to carefully inspect the shoes fabric, design and logo.

The logo of Prada is in the sole of and it should be in on any zippers or toggles on the shoes. Carefully inspect the logo size and font to recognize the real.

Right below the logo, the Prada date of establishment is given, “1913”. The fake could be the date but it can be “1931” to confuse customers.

Check the finishing of the shoes. There will be no loose stitches.

Flaunt Your Bold Style With Prada 2012 Collection

When it comes to choose the best fashion houses, Prada has always been one of the most favorite brands. The Italian fashion label is specialized in selling stylish shoes, handbags and ready-to-wear. No wonder, the brand designs and quality are out-of-box and give a tough competition to many popular fashion houses.

Every year, it tries to bring something innovative and classy to its customers. The 2012 spring/summer collection is one of the most awesome collections for Prada. The Prada shoes are inspired from the fifties and sixties American tailfin cars. These cars were quite popular and their eye-catching aesthetic made them different from other normal looking cars. The dramatic paint jobs, highly polished chrome metalwork and flaming exhaust pipes made them a highly desirable car of fifties.

Now, the style is again to experience in form of 2012 Prada spring collection. It is Miuccia Prada (the youngest granddaughter of Mario Prada, founder of Prada) who has designed shoes that have freshened up the memory of American tailfin cars. Shoes are featuring flame design with highly polished chrome metal work. Bright colors are made to give the eye-catching look to shoes such as red, blue, black and green.

Some famous names in the modeling world- Megan Collison, Elise Crombez, Natasha Poly and Kathryn Kruger have the face of Prada 2012 summer campaign. You have already discovered the campaign photos where models are showcasing their bold appearance with flame shoes.

If you want to buy a new pair of shoes of the brand, you will get them from Prada’s own official website or from a well-reputed online fashion stores. No wonder, to get these beautiful pairs, you will need to lose your pocket a little bit more. So, get the one to show off your bold style.

How to Shop for a Real Prada Shoes

When it comes to fashion, Prada has made its reputation as a high-end Italian fashion house. It is master in manufacturing classy luxury goods such as ready-to-wear, shoes, luggage, hats and leather accessories for men and women. Every year, fashion lovers desperately wait for Prada innovative collection. The Prada Spring 2012 collection is extremely remarkable. Through the 1980 to 2000, the brand was unbeatable, a household name and a favorite word of authors Lauren Weisberger and Candace Bushnell novels on fashionistas.

Prada is famous for using simple clean lines, colors and quality materials in the construction of innovative shoes for men and women. The brand emphasizes delicacy and elegance in the designs. Its shoes are now become status symbol for many. Looking at the popularity of Prada shoes, replica of the brand are now available to make people fool.

Being a real lover of Prada, you should know the tips to spot fake Prada shoes.

Avoid buying cheap shoes of the brand as they may unauthentic.

Examine the shoe box as real Prada boxes are made with corrugated plastic.

Check out the logo of the box which is one the top of the box. Information about shoes material and size is also on the box.

The logo on Prada shoes should be at the sole. If you observe the brand logo on the side of the shoe, it means you are purchasing a fake pair of shoes. If you are planning to buy a zipper shoe of Prada, don’t forget to examine the zipper as it must contains logo.

Don’t forget to look at the dust bag. It should be silver with a silver drawstring. Observing a silver dust bag but with a black drawstring, it means the pair is fake.

Avoiding the risk of fake Prada shoes, it’s good to buy the pair from the official website of Prada. It is the best way to buy an authentic pair of shoes.

Buying Shoes for Kids: Things to Take Care

Buying something for kids may be daunting as the priorities for your child might be completely different. Comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to prada shoes for children and appearance is only second to comfort. One of the things that can help you decide what kind of shoes you want to buy for your child is what activities will your child be engaged in when wearing the shoes.

If you are looking to buy shoes for a child that engages in a lot of outdoor sports then you need to look into a specific category. On the other hand if you are looking for shoes for your child for a specific occasion or formal event then your choices will differ.

The most important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the relation of what the pair of shoes is going to cost you in comparison to the durability that it has to offer. Of course you will be able to find extremely low priced kid’s shoes in the market but these are usually made of extremely cheap quality and are likely to give way sooner than later.

As a parent the above-mentioned information is vital when searching the market for an ideal pair of shoes for your child. You need not go all out when looking for a durable pair of shoes for your child. However you need not blindly fall for the cheapest quoted price. When valued in terms of durability, you should be prepared to put in a few extra dollars to acquire the right kind of shoes that will last your child in the long run.

Sports shoes stand unparalleled in terms of the quality construction that has been employed in there making. The only time you will have to replace these shoes is when your child grows out of them because they are not likely to give way to the roughest of use and abuse.

Furthermore on shoes for kids are extremely comfortable which makes them ideal for daily wear. At the same time they have a trendy look that can be sported with a wide variety of clothing making it an extremely versatile pair of shoes that is worth your investment.