Different designer sport shoes designed by famous designers that has been a fashion staple for decades and it has consistently remained “hot” and in-style. This designer version is running rampant on the fashion runways. A lot of big names have developed the fever, adding height and hype to their style at every event wearing these stylish sneakers.

Featuring different styles and designs of Prada Sport Men’s Shoes

I am a fashion lover who loves collecting apparels like shoes and sandals particularly Prada collections. I like the depth of color and its authentic quality that Prada renowned for years. Prada carries a great line of comfortable, conservatively-stylish, casual sneakers on this season. Its design has very modern and graphic sensibility in sophisticated form.

These designer sneakers give me an alluring look that will attract tons of attention and is easy to match with my sport clothing and accessories! It gives me one more reason to attend more gigs and outside sport activities with friends.
I really got my taste on shoes on this Prada Men Spring/Summer 2008 shoe collection!!!

What’s New!!! What’s Hot!!! It’s all about Prada

I’m truly conscious about what is “IN” and “OUT” in the fashion industry nowadays and it seems that fashion brings to my life very expensive and luxurious. Designer fashion accessories were my favorite selection. Prada, Gucci, Puma, Nike shoes to name a few. I am very much updated in the fashion market today. Following the newest trend can cost me too much but it is worth for me.

I’ve been to a fashion runway few months ago and I witnessed one of a kind fashion show event of the year which features Prada shoes for men and women collections.

Prada Classic Men shoes

Prada is always an arbiter of good taste, at least what I could tell from looking at the glossy ads in my fashion magazines. The idea and obsession of that product created into my mind to collect and stock into my closet.

Prada Women Sport Shoe

This collection is very useful to me because I am a partygoer addict. I really like Prada stuffs especially its shoe collection so much. It was tested and proven when it comes to durability and style. There shoes are my options when it comes to my living fashion style and personality.
Watch out some more of my shoe related posts from your fellow fashionista to know more what’s new and what’s hot this season.

Accessory Speaks!

Have you been looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your Cinderella feet? Have you been searching for a handbag that speaks your attitude? If I am right in getting your mind, then latest Prada collection is definitely going to please you.

With the amazing range of Prada shoes, I feel like being on a shopping spree. With sleek heels, pointed out toes, elegant belts and buckles, I feel that not only men, but even women should be known by the shoes they wear. And known for being a fashionable lady, I would easily wear those red or black stilettos or the grayish white pumps and stand out. Personally though, my choice is pra184s-1p9873 with a pointed toe and a cool heel.

As always, accessories, especially the handbag that women carry speaks about their personality. And with Prada handbags, I can feel easy just anywhere. I can be chilled and relaxed at a picnic with the multicolored bags and be my elegant self in those black, off white or peach colored ones that go superbly even with party wear! I would go with the light peach pra146s-br3882 with a classy design and elegant feel.

Last but not the least, after a great fan of Miu Miu, I am crazy for Prada, especially for shoes and handbags because of the exclusive designs that they launch, the quality of the material and of course because they make you comfortable wearing your attitude.

So which is your way to be fashionable this summer?? Are you planning party wear or regulars? If you remain to be your fashionable self, start spring cleaning and pampering yourself in to a new pair of shoes and a brand new handbag from the Prada spring/ summer collection 2008!

Get High On Your Heels Ladies!

It’s not just face and your outfit but your foot wears can make you stand out in the crowd. It’s about how crazy you can be in your choice! How bold your looks can be! New Spring 2008 collection in Prada, Miu Miu and Gucci is just AWESOME.

Be it hot pink, sexy black or elegant beige, you will find it irresistible to go! Those high heels are enough to win your taste, blow your head and heart with a style gurlz! And when it comes to style, heels just win the game. And new Spring/Summer 2008 shoes are taking style and fashion to a whole new level with crazy jeweled, flowery, bowed and bubbled heels.


Well, my favorites are sexy block and jeweled heels. No doubt, these jewels will catch your boy’s attention. Prada line has introduced many colors and style this summer. In fact, whites have been the unique and elegant tastes to all ages. Black, Oooh! It is the all time killer!


Another quick look I had at those flowery designer shoes that just caught my eyes and made me smile at designer’s creativity. Sure to make your spring beautiful with beautiful flowery foot wears. Comfortable, graceful and unique! What else to look class apart? And to add more, heels are not the only attractive part but pretty prices will invite to click at the pair. With trendy matching accessories and comfortable summer wears skirts, just stay high on your heels and get into the eyes of everybody.


Black And White- All time favorite and the most fashionable colors!

Normally, you find yourself puzzled in choosing the right color on many occasions. Fashion is nothing but wearing those things that suits you well. However you dress up after a bath, it just reveals everything about your mood and style. Even the accessory that you wear says all about your thinking, choice and personality. That’s the reason why you should choose right color and right accessory for the occasions because colors show and express your real personality. The two popular colors that steal every ones heart are white and black. 


Black and whites are most popular colors when it comes to glamour. Be it handbags, dresses, shoes or other accessories, black and whites just invite you to grab them. Gucci shoes are mostly available in white and black. Black color Prada shoes are simply outstanding. These brands take care of their customers taste and manufacture according to their style and current trend. If you are confused in choosing the color for your party then don’t think much. Just put your hand on any white or black designer wear and you will look awesome. 

White color Prada handbags are just fabulous and you look stunning when you carry one. You tend to look unique with Prada handbags in these colors. All popular designer brands keep these two colors on top in their making schemes because they are rich party colors and suits everyone. So what are you waiting for? Come on Dollz! You deserve to look stunning with black and whites.

Here Comes The Fashion Updates Girlz! What’s Trendy And Fashionable In 2008?


Everyone wants to look trendy and try walking on the footsteps of the changing fashion and trend. A person who is fashion conscious never leaps the fashion and style development for the coming years. If you would have ever liked the style and trend of 50’s then you will surely like to buy and do a lot more shopping for 2008 because fifties fashion is coming back this season.  

2008, summer fashions will include many latest and oldest fashion of 50’s that you are going to adapt within no time. Baggy wardrobes lower to your knees for daywear and for evening, you will find vaporous dresses. Prada handbags, Tod’s handbags are the designer brands and have lot more to offer top their fashionable customers. Trousers, miniskirts, mini trousers may also be worn with pleasure and style. The colors that rule the fashion of 2008’s summer and spring are black, grey, yellow and white.  

You will find changes not only in dress but accessories and wearable items like bags, shoes and neck accessories will also get modernized and will become more chic than ever before. Prada shoes as well as Gucci shoes are very trendy, sporty and comfortable at the same time. You can find printed dresses much in fashion than that of patches and embroideries. Accessories that match your outfits will also be available along with the dress. It is up to you how you shop for your outfits and accessories, to look more gorgeous, stylish as well as trendy at the same time.