Can Men Wear Sandals?

Upon searching for the answer on this argument, I encountered different points of view. Some people consider it ok for men to wear sandals. Take back at earlier time: Roman gladiators, “Greek gods”, African kings… even Jesus is wearing sandals. On the other hand some look it downright feminine if men wear girls considered clothing–and that includes “sandals”. As if wearing sandals for men will lose half of their respect to his fellows if they see his toes through his shoes.

Well, opposite to what is said, we can met along well dressed men use to wear sandals and walk along the sunny Rio de Janeiro, having vacation in Jamaica or simply strolling along the Street of Sicily. So what’s the final judgment, can men wear sandals?

The talk if men can wear sandals or not, is just a matter between fashion conscious and non-fashion conscious. If you think you look good wearing sandals then go on, if you feel not comfortable with your toes out on your sandals then wear shoes and the issue will simply end on that matter.

Whether we are fashion conscious or not, modern or tradition, flip –flop on the beach is just common sense. And sandals? Sometimes this is part of life of men from island countries.

Castañer Shoes Through the Years

One can tell, Isabel Castañer is truly at home, wherein she’s surrounded by wads of jute, multi-colored sail cloth braid and shoe lasts. Growing up among espadrilles, she had been an inspiration behind the sea change in the family firm she manage, this traditional shoe has turn into the last word in luxury and glamor for fashion victims in different parts of the globe.

Her interpretation of the espadrille bested some of the world’s most prestigious fashion names, including Yves Saint Laurent, Céline and Louis Vuitton, after collection from Catalan firm, all of whom have been quick to commission collection. In more than fifteen countries, in Europe, Asia and America the company’s own Cristina Castañer label has carved out a successful position for itself.

A family business way back in 18th century wherein children are involved has become a model firm and a textbook example of success in export business. Isabel Castañer told us how a simple shoe became an object of desire and let us view her future plans.

From a small workshop that dates back to 1776 is where Cristina Castañer came from… How did your firm turn the espadrille into a luxury article? Really, it was a case more of having to. The family business was on the point of folding, at the end of fifties. The consumers became uninterested anymore with espadrilles, and then it was the start of its losing ground. It was so devastating to think of the idea on closing down an activity which went back on centuries and many people depended on it. Restructure was then decided. Still we wanted to retain the same approach in business and still stick with the espadrilles that were in the very heart of our production process. What we want is to turn this simple shoe worn by country folk into something more glamorous, more up market and aimed the different target altogether. The idea of restructure changes the market out proving a big hit outside Spain and with all the recognition it acquired.

Gucci Perfect Black Bag

One of the ‘canvas’ Gucci bags is the Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag. Aside from this, among other Gucci bags classified as being ‘canvas’ bags are the Large Horsebit Hobo Brown Gucci Bag, The Sabrina red Gucci Boston Bag, the Singoria Large Gucci Tote handbag and the Scarf Cruise collection Gucci Tote Bag. For over the years, I have used quite a good number of Gucci bags. On top of those bags, I am most enchanted with Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag.

In many ways, Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag is a remarkable bag. When you lay your eyes on it, the first thing you will notice is its stylish design; which incorporates a couple of conspicuous side bags. It is a sort of a bag that can be sure of being asked ‘where you got it’ by interested friends when they happen to see you with Gucci Medium Tote Black Handbag.

Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag is medium in terms of its size; measuring some 14.2 inches in length, some 12.2 inches in height and some 6.3 inches in width. Clearly described, it is not a large bag but large enough to fit most wares a person could be looking to get space for.
Aside from this, Gucci Medium Tote Black handbag comes with a couple of side pockets. Moreover, this is to add the aesthetic appeal of the bag and at the same time an additional space outside the main compartment as storage if you don’t want to mix up your other stuff from the rest. When you’re moving around with the bag, it is also good place where you can keep your cell phone. These side pockets can be close through a flap.

Gucci Medium Tote Black bag is provided with a double handle to make for convenient carriage of the bag. With this double handle the bag can be carried under the arm and for short ladies the handle can be hang over their shoulder though it is long enough. The handbag is completely black, but you can choose the handle from red and blue in stripes. Rather than fix the handle on place with some sort of hardware, Gucci has opted to sew on the handles.

Gucci Medium Tote Black Bag has a trim made from leather. It is presented in black, like the whole bag, it is almost impossible to trace out this trim. So, in the ‘sea of black’ it gets lost.
As its final mechanism, for a customer who opt a ‘snap’ than a zipper Gucci has provide this style of handbag. This magnetic snap mechanism makes a very easy closure yet secure closure for this remarkable kind of handbag.

Most Comfortable Shoes

It seems to be that the towering stilettos from the likes of Valentino and Manolo Blahnik shoes was designed more for a style than its function, which is not best to be in that way. Comfortable shoes are available in wide range for you to experience the best of any sides. See for your style, here are just a few of them:

Ballet Pumps

When Audrey Hepburn started wearing the ballet pump with her Capri pants and big sunglasses, from then it has been a firm favorite among the fashion set. The shoes looks great when match with skirts or pants. And of course such a big thanks, to previous season’s craze for everything metallic, silver and gold pumps increases the glamor to the style.

Today another season has begun, a season that introduces another “a-must-have” color for shoes, and that is “the sexy color– red”. How nice it is to look if you wear red with a pair of sweet and stylish ballet pumps. And the best thing with your pumps is that, less time consuming to wear– within a few minutes you can slip your feet on and plus the fact that it is comfortable to wear with the style of your choice!
Since they came into fashion back in the 50’s ballet shoes have blossomed; today it came in out with new designs such as with ankle straps, flower adornments and unique patterns.


Yes, they can only be good on summer months, but as long as the sun shines, flip-flops are your guaranteed best friends. Wearing the thong toe looks like it should hurt, well not the flip-flops, for it is proven comfortable to many. As long as you want you can have it and you can wear it anywhere you go, to the beach or even shopping.

A summer casual look is a fashion style your flip-flops create. Sale on a friendly price, cheap enough that you can afford to own a pair that could match any outfit you want. Every color you like under the summer sun.


Looks are deceiving! Yes its true.—Wedge heels. They don’t look that comfortable like your flip-flops. In fact, like any pair of high heels they look as if they can hurt our legs. Actually, wedge shoes don’t or can’t be hurting any part of your feet or legs for it evenly distributes your weight over the shoe. From the different types shoe you can ever find, wedge heels is among that gives comfort. Compare to flip-flops that works good for a casual look, a wedge heels could be better for it comes in wide range of styles and even perfect to wear for evening events.

For women who are used on wearing heels but need to be comfortable, wedge shoes is an excellent choice of footwear. You may find flats uncomfortable to carry if most of the time you’re wearing high heels. Plus the fact, that if you wear high heels to match your pants, all of a sudden your pants legs will be too long to look. As an alternative, wedge could be perfect to match with your pants. You can wear it on daytime with cork heels and a pair of patent-leather for night. Your wedge heels lift you higher without hurting your feet.

The Perfect Briefcase

What makes a ladies’ briefcase perfect? This question doesn’t actually have a concrete single answer, for each individual has its own “wish list” of what they like. On the other hand, from the basis of certain style and feedback from owners, has appeared that there is a quality which is certainly desirable.

Top from the list is, ease of handling. This means that compare to men’s style they are lighter in weight. Still, they are equipped with padded straps that can be detached if not needed, it may be shoulder style or across the body style. The big ones have removable wheels, which is good if use on air traveling to comply the carry-on rules.

A style that allow for optimal organization is another style which is more wanted by women. A feature which is high on the rate is with, separate compartments for files and supplies, pocket for cell phones or calculators and pen loops. And for some who wants to leave their handbags at home, secure pockets for wallets or credit cards and ID are popular, as are zippered compartments to hold a little makeup and a hairbrush.

Basically, black leather is the popular choice but for some women they want more options. They want to choose from different colors, meaning if they want a white or a pink briefcase, it will be available. Interesting patterns such us imitation snake skin or even a paisley print is what women wants. And also, among women’s popular choices are fabric and as well as suede and canvas choices.
Some women dislike carrying the same briefcase with others. Maybe limited in their choices are those who are employed by staid organizations, such as banks. However, they prefer selections that are as individual as they are, if possible. This may come in a design like soft-sided embroidered design or fluorescent orange vinyl. They may also want to add a brass nameplate or their initials embroidered in the briefcase.
Locks are popular for men and women. But for women they don’t want a briefcase which has a tiny, hard to turn combination locks. This type of locks is difficult to work with long nails which can lead to damage polish or nails. What women prefer in a briefcase is the one with larger wheels that can easily turn and can worked with a pad of the finger.

Aside from the top features, what women want in her briefcase is having all the fabric and color options available in every style. If others prefer a large briefcase, some would be happy with an attaché case or portfolio briefcase. No matter what style it is made of, they still want choices beyond black leather. Moreover, if men can carry the same briefcase day in and day out for years, women occasionally switch out, carrying another color for summer and a different style for winter.

Over the decades it has been a standard for men carrying bulky and heavy briefcases, and fortunately designers have noticed that women were not happy for this type of case. They started to make items much more than just “toy” versions of men styles. Coming daily in the market are styles made of new fabrics and colors. Manufacturer has responded of producing items most suited for women, because they compromise the bigger share of the market since before.

No style of briefcase is perfect for all women. However, it is safe to say that all women can find one that is perfect for them, since there wide there are wide variety available.

The Flat Sandals

Back on our ancestors time sandals were already popular footwear. This is to protect their feet from sharp stones or hot ground. Mostly on summer time, at present sandals are worn since it is comfortable to carry and at same time it used to avoid overheat of their soles. There are sandals which are especially designed for both men and women.

For women, there is a large diversity in forms and colors in choosing their sandals. The distinction between high heeled sandals and flat sandals is a thing that matters to women. High heels show the elegance of a woman, despite the fact that it can be uncomfortable and may affects a person a state of mind. Women’s shoes designers came up with beautiful flat sandals for they have noticed it is bent for the practical aspect of their life. Flat sandals is the perfect choice for a modern woman who needs to go to work, tends her children, manage her house and still pretty and calm to welcome home her husband. To look great on her sandals, a simple thing is what a woman needs to do, take care of her feet or add a polish to her nails for a highlight.

Wearing flat sandals could match with a dress, a skirt, and shorts or even with casual trousers. Sandals come in different elegant design, with slim straps or with discreet adornments which are appropriate for a formal look. For special events or office look you can match it with elegant trousers, skirts or dresses. Some sandals are designed fitted for hiking. Those sandals are also comfortable for sports used on spare time with shorts or with casual attire.

Considering its style, wearing sandals is not just a protection on our feet at the same time it is healthy for the legs and for the spinal column. With sandals, your feet can move freely and naturally. In summertime, to make your feet happy buy the right pair of sandals. Most department stores offer different flat footwear, so you’re free to choose your own fashion style.

Create Your Own Rope Sandals

Rope sandals have been established since the 1960’s. These multipurpose sandals show that they’re able to be used almost anyplace as still keeping their level of comfort and longevity. Familiarizing your own self with the whole process of creating these types of sandals will allow you to appreciate exactly how simple it can be to make your personal and convey these interesting shoes straight into your house.

Materials Used

1.Polypropylene rope is an excellent solution for creating rope sandals. This type of rope will certainly melt very well, giving the rope fibers to help join easily and effectively. This material helps make the sandals durable, yet still light-weight and more comfortable to wear. You’ll need a lighter to perform the actual melting and anything to cut the rope into your preferred size. A blade or heavy-duty scissors must perform the technique. Additionally, you will require a permanent marker in order to indicate where you’ll want to cut the lengths of rope.

Sandal Size

2.The length of your sandals must be the similar as one of your preferred shoes. Place the pieces of rope out and about next to one another firmly. Put the sole of one of the shoes along with these strands to find out the length of time the rope needs to be and exactly how much to cut over the ends. Find the outline of the shoe around the rope using a permanent marker. Or, find one of your shoes on a sheet of paper and cut that away to use a template in the event that keeping a shoe and dealing with the rope all at once is somewhat difficult.


3.Hold the rope strands closely within your hand. Keep the lighter far enough through the rope which it begins to melt gradually, strand by strand, yet does not melt too quickly. Whenever you find the strands fused, determine a lenght of rope that goes all over the border of these parts. Burn this rope towards the others. Make any kind of straps that you like and stick to the similar process to require these too. Help make the straps good enough and more comfortable to walk in.

Why To Wear Wedge Sandals?

As you can see many different styles of sandals everywhere even it is still unseasonably cold this time. The perfect addition to a woman’s wardrobe this season  are wedge sandals, boots, and shoes, which  definitely add flair to your outfits. But you have to choose the right footwear for not all wedges are equal, and you need to be sure you’re buying a pair that will match to your outfit.

Here are some tips to be followed when wearing wedge sandals:

Women, why wedges? Wedges are same like heels in term of lengthening the leg and adding total height. You can choose what style you want either they can dress up or dress down an outfit.

Dressy wedge loafer is a perfect for your informal business attire but you are on your feet a lot, as wedges provide more arch support and give comfortable to your feet than traditional heels.Woven or canvass wedges are more casual while strappy wedge sandals is for formal event.

Wedge sandals are also perfect for summer season. Like the woven wedge sandal that is nice to pair in floaty sundress to make your summer outfit a classy one. For a lengthening effect, stick with a mule or sling back but for women with longer,  legs try a pair of espadrilles. Espadrilles come with a ribbon that you could lace up around your calf to look like a ballet-inspired style shoes.

Wedges can range from formal pumps to funky sneakers, which is a good compromise between flats and flats. Platform shoes are different from wedges for a wedge have the same outer silhouette as a high heel and taper slightly towards the bottom of the heel.

Ferragamo Handbags at Fashion Night Out

This year, there are hundreds of events happening for Fashion Night Out and I decided to saturate the website with every single event because I absolutely love most of the handbags that are being launched.

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most well-known Italian brands who conquer the fashion industry and the Salvatore Ferragamo handbags do the Fashion Night Out luxuriously by showcasing us some phenomenal handbags to mark the event.

The Creative Director, Massimiliano Giornetti is now designing the womenswear collection and to celebrate its first collection he recreated the Salvatore Ferragamo W Bag. The Salvatore Ferragamo W Bag is named for the brand’s matriarch, Mrs. Wanda Ferragamo and the bag was originally designed by her daughter Fiamma during the seventies.

The night at Ferragamo will concentrate on the signature W bag and to be hosted by Alek Wek, Ashley Wick, Elettra Wiedemann and Caroline Winbergalong. Vogue editors Lauren Santo Domingo and Valerie Boster will be also present to celebrate the bag collection. Some of the evening sales will benefit the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Being Ferragamo, I really appreciate the elegance and luxuriousness of the W Bag. So give us your thought about this bag.

Dolce & Gabbana Designer Shoes

The fashion duo designer, Dolce and Gabbana is in high demand and great value in every item they own. This brand is totally worth dying for in the world of fashion. Their designs are seen on most red carpet and award functions wore  by biggest names in Hollywood.

They excel in different types of Dolce & Gabbana shoes such as slip-ons, boots, sandals, peep toes , sneakers and the like.  The materials and embellishment been used are excellent. The design gives a total satisfaction and you can be rest assured that these embellishments will not fall off since they are held securely in place.

In their fashion house,  Dolce and Gabbana designs even though they have an extensive range of footwear  yet they steal the show. The most preferred shoes are the netted women’s shoes and the slip-ons. The canvas shoes of this design differentiate the word simplicity to elegance and come out the magnificent creation.

They are perfect for everyday wear and the combination of the color are pleasing to the eyes. Got to have this pair of shoes for they are stylish and comfortable perfect for outdoor fashionistas who likes to go hiking and trekking. Dolce & Gabanna are design to provide you lasting products and provide you complete value for the money you spent.

Hurry and grab your own Dolce & Gabanna designer creation! Sheryl Crow and Tina Fey are the two prominent people who admire D&G. So, be one of them!