The Valentino Handbags “Candystud” is back with an emblem.

Season after season, Valentino finds new and exciting ways to reinterpret its now-iconic Rockstuds bags. With its particular studding on soft calf leather, Valentino handbags stand for the ultimate marriage of a luxury handbag and the stroke of genius. The Rockstud luxury leather handbags line in particular unites rock-chic with elegant Italian flair.


For 2018 the Valentino logo VLTN features boldly on the Candystud bag’s front. This style is the star of the new collection, in fact it gas been modeled by the one and only Gigi Hadid for the 2018 advertising campaign. The Candystud bags and the Rockstud sneakers are at present the most famous items of the Italian fashion house. worn by celebrities like Anne HathawayOlivia Palermo and Gwyneth Paltrow.





Become Fashionable with Valentino Rockstud Bag

Are you looking for a glossy and stylish bag to complement your dress? If yes, there are many brands and you have enough options to pick what you exactly need.

Your requirements may depend on budget. Renowned ones like Channel, Gucci etc are expensive but if you don’t want to buck up this much money, cheaper options are also available for you.

Here are some good brands to help you out in your selection:

Coach Handbags: These bags are one of the most sought after bags. Elite prefer them; they also grace celebrities and even teenagers. In fashion industry, these bags really carry a name of their own. You can select from shoulder bag or strap bags. Some bags contain brass chain as strap which looks very elegant and sophisticated.

Channel Bags: These bags are quite expensive.Starting from the range of $500, they can go up to the range of thousands. But these bags are known for their quality and durability. Available in different and sharp colors, you can easily pick any matching with occasion and dress.

Gucci Bags: Gucci is a big name in fashion world. Because of the popularity of these bags, many sellers are selling duplicate bags in the name of Gucci. So, it’s advisable to know about their originality before buying these bags. Kenly observe how the actual logo looks like, what are the specifications of Gucci etc. It will help you out in spotting fake bags.

Dior : Dior is also a quality name and preferred for its style and uniqueness. What I like the most in their bags are the fine leather folds. These bags are also available in different range and colors and you can select as per your choice and occasion.

Valentino Rockstud: You can go for Valentino Rockstud bag if you want uniqueness and style. They grace celebrities and elite people.

So, you don’t have dearth of options in bags collection. Markets are just packed with these branded bags. Need is to differentiate between fake and original and selecting the suitable piece to enhance personality.