Versace Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week would not be memorable without the runway show of Donatella Versace for her Versace itself. She is a person of unusual vision of things and skills to personify her entire creations.
Her Spring/Summer collection 2010 was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

I loved the idea of that fantasy land,” said Donatella.

She created her own pieces to make fashion aficionados look younger. Donatella shows her own opinion of how young people should look like. These are not only to showcase short skirts and sheer materials but also to bring the usefulness of these fashion ensembles. Versace was able to make something new and interesting for modern youngsters – something stylish, innovative, and classy yet very feminine. The collection looks fresh and sumptuous for its vivid pastels, geometric prints, baroque curlicues, super-short skirts, diverse materials and elaborate combination of fabrics.

The collection includes not only clothes for our daily wear but also for evening occasions. Floor-sweeping airy gowns with high slits are nice for semi-casual events; they look elegant and attractive.

Milan Fashion Week S/S 2010 Shoe Highlights

We’ve already published some of the designer’s runway shows with amazing pics and videos during the Milan Fashion Week for Spring /Summer 2010 collections created by renowned designers all over the world.

The highlights of the show focused to some gorgeous shoes for spring/summer 2010. An array of trendy heels, wedges, platforms, sandals and flats were being presented.

One of the influential designers who successfully showcased her excellent collections was Donatella Versace. Her Spring/Summer 2010 shoe collections was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie.

We saw loads of high platforms, bright patterns and geometrical ornaments. Overall, the shoes are brightly colorful, awe-inspiring with architectonic designs and very stylish. The collections were decorated with buckles, studs and cut-outs.

Dolce & Gabanna mixed pumps and socks and the designer wants cowboy boots with fringe for spring weather.

The house of Fendi designed footwear collection in neutral colors and materials.

Versace Men Spring 2009/2010 Fashion Week in Milan

The Milan runways are crowded with fashionistas who wants to witness the incredible Italian menswear Spring 2010 collections. They are trotting rippling through the season’s greatest designer made ensembles. Few of them made the impression of travel into more wishful thinker than the house of Versace. Its latest collection for men was a modern take on the French Foreign Legion.

Versace Men 2009

IMAGE courtesy of Fashion Windows

The label’s design director, Alexander Plohkov through the effort of Donatella Versace made some tailoring “codes’ like sleek double breasted jackets in white linen perverted the mood by creating beautiful elongated djellabas with hazy desert mirage prints.

The Saharan theme creates a lively setting in stylish beige leather tops and bags with patchwork covered the show. A wide array of colors such as palette of khaki, white and sand is being used on silk muslin and crumpled leather fabrics.

The overall show made a genial roving nonchalance that recalled military braiding through its smart details like cavalry tassel belts and wristbands or even on faille collars on tuxedos.

Cutting Prices on Luxury Goods in the U.S. Fashion Market

Have you ever heard the news about the luxury-good manufacturers in the U.S. fashion market lately and still like hotcakes hitting via online or even on fashion channels today? Good News to all fellow fashionistas or even on local and international celebrities. This is for you!

As reported by a credible online source from The Wall Street Journal, luxury-good makers are cutting their prices on most designer apparels, shoes and handbags exclusively in the US market. It was said that the prices were cut from 8% to 10% on most designer products sold in the US.

I never thought that these designer moguls such as Chanel, Versace, Christian Louboutin and Chloé would slash their prices into the highest level even their suggested prices are increasing at least once a year despite of the poor economy.

It seems that this is good news to everyone! You can now probably count a designer bag with over thousands of dollars and shoes on your wardrobe.

louis vuitton logoDuring the recent prosperous years, most luxury companies assumed that money was not a big issue for their loyal fans. The French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, never moved their prices at this moment, they are remain as what they are. Proved that consumers are still patronizing their goods even the prices are still increasing twice for an average increase of 10% and sales have still continued to rise.

hermes logoThe sales for Hermes began slipping and it has hardly dared to raise their prices. The commercial teams will decide by January whether they are increase or lower their prices in US and Japan territory. “We must take the market’s capacity to absorb the price hikes into account” says Mireille Maury, Hermes’s managing director for finance and administration.

chanel logoChanel moved early to cut their prices last month. The fashion house decided to cut its prices by 7% to 10% on most of their items that are striking the US stores now. “The dollar’s recent strength has allowed us to pass on greater value to our customers” says John Galantic, the company’s U.S. based president fro Chanel. The company encouraged other renowned designer such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Chloe to lower their prices as well.

This is to be the first time for most major fashion houses in the US cuts their prices at hike maybe the rebound of the dollar plus the global recession is the main reason to this hot issue. Let’s see the possible outcome for this next year…

Designer Fashion Trends: That Versace Vibe

VersaceStructure has come to be the theme of most Milan fashion shows for their Fall 2008 collections, but Donatella Versace gives even this popular fashion trend a twist that’s all her own. Striking a balance between structure – something that usually ends up looking simply formal and stuffy – and chic is rarely easy, but quite a bunch of garments on the Versace runway made it to that middle ground. It’s not exactly young-looking, but you’ve got to admit that those clothes do look gorgeous enough for a second look on your next high fashion shopping trip.

The runway saw an abundance of short coats and dresses on the Versace models, and that just about screams “next fashion trend!” for all and sundry. With the emphasis on the shoulders (a good number even had pads), some of these pieces would easily be a retro look. On the other hand, the daring cuts and the surprisingly bold colors also make them look very current. Although the show started out with tried-and-tested black and gray, more and more color began popping up as it progressed.

VersaceVersace’s evening gowns certainly deserve a mention, what with so many red carpet wearables sashaying down the runway. Volume was definitely given an emphasis, especially when you look at all the dresses with relatively plain fronts and surprising amounts of cloth on the back. Like the casual portion of the show, the evening wear was a Technicolor affair with yellows, silvers and nudes. Perhaps it just goes to show the versatility with which the Versace fashion house has reinvented itself from its very bling-y roots to its chic and sophisticated present.

Chace Crawford for Versace

Sounds Interesting and intriguing!

Everyone loves him, adore him and praise him. Gossip Girl hottie, Chace Crawford is under negotiations to substituteGrey’s Anatomy hunk Patrick Dempsey as the new male model of Versace.

As we spotted him, Versace issued last Thursday a press release having an additional promotion for the label as Gossip Girl actor wore this great designer three times in three recent big name events includes Fashion Rocks, MTV VMAs and for 21st birthday brawl of co-star Blake Lively.
Chace fanatic and supporters, what do you think the possibility of Chace being Versace’s new face???

As chatters whispers about the issue after receiving the Versace’s press release, they responded, “We have been working hard to develop our relationship with Chace – and that is all we can say on the subject. Patrick Dempsey is contracted with us through Spring/Summer 2009. It is undetermined who will replace him at this time.”

Gotcha! So Versace people! It’s a crystal clear…. there is a great possibility that this young actor will be the next new face of this fashion icon, Versace. Whatever they say, let’s see in the runways and in most fashion magazines as well.

The Cutting-Edge of Fashion

The true colors shows and express our real personality, that’s why we are so curious and very careful to choose the right color combination of our fashion outfit. It is indeed, we love designer everything, Isn’t it? As a fashionista, we love discussing handbags and other fashion related issues with our peers whether senseless or not!

Owning one of the great Italian designers like Versace is the great honor! It is the cutting-edge fashion designer of luxury goods, fragrances, and handbags for men and women. Versace handbag lines are very beautiful with futuristic effects. Attracts the attention of all bagistas to crave more. A gorgeous designer handbags that made of soft, textured authentic leather. Perfect size to hold all our essentials and very stylish that is perfectly glamorous inside and outside. This designer meets the customer demands and satisfaction. More to stumble!

Another Piece of Italian Fashion: Versace

Refined Italian high-fashion designer, bring up notions of glamour and prestige in the fashion world. Italy is the home of the worlds most revered and prominent fashion houses headed the development of haute couture.

The House of Versace is one of the world’s renowned Italian fashion houses with its simple yet pure love within its founder’s heart. Known for expressive blending of colors and textures, fabric houses have created and produced one of kind high-quality fabrics.
Behind this signature lies the name of its founder, Gianni Versace, which began his fashion career by helping his dressmaker mother on their industry. Versace studied well on many areas, from pattern buyer to dressmaker to designer. The House of Versace was born. Began a as a paid ready-to-wear designer in Milan, Italy. He designed and launched his very own collection in the same city holding its famous name which is very popular until now.