Get to Know All About Prada Purses and Shoes

You wouldn’t say you know about fashion when you do not know about Prada. It is an internationally known fashion house. Those who are keen with fashion at least associate the name Prada with the lovely black nylon handbags. These are the true symbols of luxury but then there is more to know about the name Prada especially pertaining to its purses and shoes that would also help you make a decision on whether they are best for you or not.

The label Prada traces its history way back to early 19s when it started with the company’s famous handbags, shoes and trunks. These were the works of the founder whose name is Mario Prada. Later on, he had a daughter who initially seemed to opt for a different career line in political science. But this changed because we know she is the one who expanded the family business. So, as we try to understand all about Prada purses and shoes, she features as the big name behind those handbags that are many women’s favorite today.

Prada Purses and Shoes

Prada products are simple, classic and very subtlety chic. They complete a woman making her have that chic look. The Prada purses are truly luxurious. When you carry one, you totally transform your outfit into chic and that is why many have discovered them today. For some women, a purse is not best until it has that Prada label.

The shoes are also glamorous. You can imagine yourself with the chic handbag and glamorous shoes, you would be hot. Women can find the stilettos, boots and sneakers in the collection whereas men and children can find shoes too. But, it is also important to mention about cost when mentioning all about Prada purses and shoes. Because of the value they bring, the products are not any cheap but you can be sure of no regrets should you sacrifice to get one.

The above information and background of Prada should help you understand better why every elegant woman wears Prada. The history behind those handbags is quite strong and that is how the name has remained famous to date.  Prada’s power to give a woman that simple, classic and subtle chic look is also a reason why all the elegant women would only wish to be associated with its design works.