How to Find the Best Style with Shoes

Gone are the days when women didn’t give a special time to select their shoes. But today’s women are quite conscious about their shoes. They want to maintain their style with the right selection whether it is shoes or dresses.  If the dress color is red, the pair of shoes should be red. The style of shoes also matters a lot.

Pumps look good with mini dresses or floor-length gowns. Strap sandals and pee-toe sandals too look good when you combine with mini dresses and gowns. Boots find their proper look when you combine them with jeans and cow boy looks. However, there are certain shoes for certain types of dressings.  Women have verities in terms of shoes. They don’t need to confuse with the selection of the right pair if they know how to find stunning looks.

Today, there are many fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Westwood want to give their consumers new style. It is why these fashion houses are always in try to present something unique and innovation. Talking on Westwood shoes, the brand has created a revolution in the fashion world with its plastic shoes in 2010. You just amaze to know that the jelly shoe is made of only plastic.

The flat shoes are considered an ideal beach wear. Each pair is known as the holiday footwear because it doesn’t require enough space in your bag. Just mold the shoes and pack them for your beach holiday.

The 2012 collection is also amazing as the Westwood comes up with check shoes. Checks boots, check sandals and even check jogging shoes. Combing red with blue to create some innovative check shoes is all about to enhance your style. So, are you ready to change yourself with these designers innovative collection?

The Most Comfortable Shoes for Women

Undoubtedly the most comfortable shoes you can ever put on your feet are the casual shoes. Whatever wrong with your footwear you are experiencing, it may be the pain and discomfort of corns, bunions, flat feet, fallen arches or calluses, all this sufferings will surely end, once you find the right pair of casual shoes and it’s like you’re not going to want taking them off.

Casual shoes are the ones which is the most versatile you can ever find in your closet. In any type of clothing you wear, practically you can match it with your casual shoes its either you wear t-shirts, shorts, culottes, sweat suits, sweaters, Capri pants and even swim wears.

So, what’s the most comfortable pair of shoes for you? How will you look for it? First consider some factors, like your lifestyle needs and as well as the specific style of shoes you wanted to wear. There are different types of footwear you can like; maybe you like to wear sandals, sports sandals, moccasins, mule, oxfords, walking shoes, slip-ons or lace ups. It’s your choice that always matter, what ever you like each of those types of shoes can be the most comfortable you have ever worn.

In choosing the right shoes for you, proper fit is the first thing you must consider. You shouldn’t settle for any other size if you wear an odd sized shoe. Considering that not all foot are in the same shape, you maybe have a big foot, a slim foot or maybe you wear extra-small or extra-large shoes. There are plenty of women shoes out in the market that you can choose from, and in searching hard enough, you can find the exact size you wear and not settle for less. Internet is just a click away if you can’t find in a local shoe store the one that can fill in your needs. Wearing shoe not fitted to your size will only cause pain and problem to your feet.

Second factor to consider is the type of activity you are participating with. Like, if you jog- what you need is a good quality of jogging shoes. For a woman on the go that loves fashion and at the same time wants a casual pair of shoes that she can take on and effortlessly, best for her is mules and slip-ons. While moccasins are best for lounging around the house on a lazy afternoon, for cool footwear on the summer season sandals can be great.

Another factor to consider is that, the most comfortable women’s casual shoes you can find are of course the ones that keep your feet either warm or cool in the climate that you live in. If you happen to live in a northern part of the globe which has a cold and damp climate, probably you want a shoe that protect and at the same time keeps warm. In places with warmer climates, like beaches, needs a cool and lightweight sandal.

In choosing the most comfortable women’s casual shoes it is best to meet all the criteria above. But when you go shopping for casual shoes, there’s more to consider. Like, if you need shoes that support fallen arches or weak ankles, it is better if you choose a shoe that has a high – topped leather or canvas upper. For a woman who has a flat-foot shape, added support is needed in order for her to feel comfortable. But the support must be from soles of the shoes and not much in the top. Surely, a casual shoe that has a thick, heavy sole is best for this type of feet because the sole will help absorb the shock from walking.

To sum it up, whatever your lifestyle, wherever you live or whatever the climate, or what fashion you like, you can always find the best women’s casual shoes suited for you. Only, be sure always that you visit a shoe store with good quality and never got hook on discount places that sells poorly made shoes using inferior materials.

Dolce & Gabbana Designer Shoes

The fashion duo designer, Dolce and Gabbana is in high demand and great value in every item they own. This brand is totally worth dying for in the world of fashion. Their designs are seen on most red carpet and award functions wore  by biggest names in Hollywood.

They excel in different types of Dolce & Gabbana shoes such as slip-ons, boots, sandals, peep toes , sneakers and the like.  The materials and embellishment been used are excellent. The design gives a total satisfaction and you can be rest assured that these embellishments will not fall off since they are held securely in place.

In their fashion house,  Dolce and Gabbana designs even though they have an extensive range of footwear  yet they steal the show. The most preferred shoes are the netted women’s shoes and the slip-ons. The canvas shoes of this design differentiate the word simplicity to elegance and come out the magnificent creation.

They are perfect for everyday wear and the combination of the color are pleasing to the eyes. Got to have this pair of shoes for they are stylish and comfortable perfect for outdoor fashionistas who likes to go hiking and trekking. Dolce & Gabanna are design to provide you lasting products and provide you complete value for the money you spent.

Hurry and grab your own Dolce & Gabanna designer creation! Sheryl Crow and Tina Fey are the two prominent people who admire D&G. So, be one of them!

Prada Shoes Spring 2010 Collection

Each designer showcases their fashion collection every season through Ad Campaigns and fashion runways. They come and go all the time and if we want to dress in a fashionable manner then we have to check for the newest trends in the fashion market. Trends that are introduced by dedicated and renowned designers and major fashion houses including shoes, handbags, clothing and other fashion accessories.

Collection of most designers come and go along to the tides of fashion all the time and, if we want to dress fashionably, then we have to be on the lookout for new trends in the fashion world, especially trends that are set by those famous designers and major fashion houses.

Prada is one of those major fashion houses that are dedicated in creating refine and excellent collections resulting to a fresh and surprising look. This season, the house of Prada is showing us the best of its spring 2010 collection including handbags, clothing and Prada shoes in very summery and interesting look.
Some Prada creations are made of Plexiglas and colored plastic to highlight the very simple designs.

Prada Shoes

Shoes of this collection consist of high sandals with a very trendy design or a Chandelier shoes in embellish with different types of stones and hanging elements in various colors. These high sandals are available in transparent, yellow, and green color variations. Be sure to give your toes a pretty pedicure to look good and feel confident to show up your feet.

New Collection of Dsquared Shoes for Spring-Summer 2010

The new collection of Dsquared shoes for Spring-Summer 2010 symbolizes fetishism and the love for shoes that was presented at Milan Fashion Week. Killer spikes, causing the forms and brutality like in the case of fetish brothers Keith prepared for the season.

The collection features two fashion trends in high platforms and shoes made of plastic. Everything else is beyond the realm of fashion and it will occur in almost every season’s collection.
Dsquared shoes have created ankle bold and robust platforms in very bold combination of plastic looks sharp nails littered in the entire surface.

Barbarous platforms and wide straps extra weights gathered in the squeeze box. But this is just like a podium that rises above to give emphasis to the items. These sandals are extremely spectacular and elegant to a tunic or short dresses.

Eye-catching yellow color dominates the Dsquared collection primarily the yellow shoes. Those shoes are highly attractable not only in color but also its unique structural shape.

Bikkembergs Shoes as Belgian Footwear

Dirk Bikkembergs is one of the so-called Group of Six designers who have ruled the Belgian fashion market for decades and known as fashion mecca to the country. The label have greatly contributed and brought new attention to the creative group of individuals in Belgian community for the innovative and application of new concept.

Deconstructionist in their designs, they have applied such innovations as exposed seams, loose-fitting garments, and ragged edges. Bikkembergs first came and widely known for his widely to prominence with his treatment of footwear, the Bikkembergs shoes. He is specialist in the making of authentic and high quality footwears that he applied the .traditions of well-made, hard-wearing shoes made up for him by Flanders craftspeople with the late 1980s and early 1990s who epitomized the era’s obsession with workwear. He brought together the designs inspired by classic functional styles. Sports couture is also his thing that rocked and changed the fashion world.

Dirk Bikkembers shoes collection has an unique Bikkember design: strong and durable materials and simple shapes but also austere line, abundant use of leather y virile details like belts.  These characteristics are present in the Bikkembers men collection as well as in the women collection. Dirk Bikkembergs style is very popular among teens and the most young, attracted by the logo and by the incredible offers and prices of Bikkembergs products.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used to create Bikkembergs shoes and the best design, the company is one of the major company in the world.We must honor him for his great contribution to our fashion industry.

Splurge Yourself with Tod’s Shoes this Season

The house of Tod’s introduces the latest Spring/Summer collection that heats up the world wide web fashion corner. Tod’s  is easily recognizable for its impeccable workmanship and ostentatious designs. When it comes to Tod’s shoes, the label has something to say and proud this season. Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques, intended, after laborious reworking, to become an exclusive, recognizable, modern and practical object. They are known for shoes and luxury leather goods, with styles that have became icons of modern living

The shoe collection dedicated to men and women is definitely beautiful, implausibly well crafted in simple yet knock-down designs, and pay attention to high quality Italian leather materials.

Tod’s deserves the best for their real fans and supporters. They offer bright color shoes for summer that look comfortable and casual thus still maintaining its femininity.

The Driving Shoes are the ones that cherished by celebrities and ordinary people worldwide, and have become icons and forerunners of a new concept of elegance, for both men and women.

Splurge yourself with these Tod’s shoes for Spring season!

Hogan Shoes Embrace New Style For Spring/Summer 2010

There are number of leading shoe manufacturers in the world that are already listed in the A-list corner of most celebrities. Each of them has its own unique and exquisite styles for the fashionista alike.

We all know that shoes provide millions of people to stand out from the crowd. It is something that pays attention when it comes to styles and design so that people might find it attractive and worth the money they spent.By keeping this in mind, Hogan shoes caters the needs of every fashionista. every season,they have policy to renew from their collection so that they are not left behind on top of the fray. Being an Italian manufacturer, having the latest in style is an absolute necessity.

Their newly announced spring / summer 2010 collection has a huge number of new and interesting lines for the public as well as the updates to existing popular models. They are helping out that their models will continue being famous and enjoy the Hogan products that they compete. Hogan Shoes did their very best on product innovation including some new wacky designs.The company aims to for a traditional designer and invites more people to use and appreciate their brand and give them a try for satisfaction.

If you always want the best shoes in town, you should opt for Hogan Shoes and give it a try. You will definitely experience the real designer stuff and chic look on your overall outfit.

Cool Collection of Y-3 Shoes this Summer 2010

This is the best season for Y-3 as they engage business into a world of FIFA World Cup themed items, embarking sports performance with luxury apparels. Y-3 shoes for Spring/Summer 2010 continue to bring back the label’s commitment to stylish performance . New colorways and styles has been introduced this season aside from Yohji Yamamoto’s solid collection of classic Y-3 sneakers. The collection is more mature and create a basic color palette of red, black, white and neutral shades.

The hi-top Hemla is an interesting cross between vintage dress shoes and satiny urban sneakers as its sleek silhouette and discreet lacing system are counterbalance by an upper rugged reddish brown leather.

Other collection to note is the soccer cleat inspired Field silhouette retread in speckled fresh colorway. Like the Hayworth Mid II, the Field features a black base with white speckles throwing a big kick in an architectural, granite look.

Count the Hejarklack style as well. For those of us who are seeking more casual, easy wearing lines that can be lugged around on lazy weekends. Hejarklack is the reinvention of classic basketball shoes with excellent details. Lace eyelets have been displaced and run in a zig-zag manner at the both side of the placket, and the dark olive leather upper shed over to a part of the mid soles to give an interesting contrast with the white EVA mid soles and rubber out soles.

For those who are searching for clean cut performance to match with slouchy sweat pants and a nice rumple or something to dress up your favorite denim, the Y-3 classic Honja, Kazuhiri and popular Hayworth Mid II are the excellent option. The come in bold colorways such as navy, silver, black and red.

These shoes are now available online, so head over to your favorite online stores and request for an order to freshen your sporty look this Spring / Summer 2010 with Y-3 shoes collection

Dolce& Gabanna Shoes Collection for Spring/Summer 2010

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana successfully established their brand name with a high recognition from men and women all over the world for its fresh and modern urban style. The designers have dressed some of the influential people and red celebrities showing their unique flair for skillful tailoring.

The Dolce&Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. The duo designers give honor to the Sicilian way of life and the classic beauty in all of its new forms. Not only the beauty of the body and soul, but also a court towards the epicurean beauty of a sartorial suit studied to its finest and causing sensuality with the use of lace, crochets and floral prints.

The Dolce& Gabanna shoes collection for Spring/Summer 2010 are beyond my expectations. The are almost over the top and not realistic for normal daily wear. This season, the collection is really fabulous for a rocker, hippie, street chic on the go. I love that the designer used black lace and fishnet material instead of the overused stud trend to reach their look. Most of the shoes have unfinished details that extends to the sole of the shoe

So take your time to check out those stylish styles brought to us by Dolce & Gabbana below: