The Exotic Bags

Ladies and Gents, these are the big boys. The Power Hitters. The Big Buck Bags!

When you own a couple of these, you know you’ve made the big time.

Do I like them? No, not really.

Personally I prefer a high quality leather bag, but these seem to be part of a status symbol that tells everyone that you have succeeded in life, that you have “made it”.

I introduce you to “The Exotics”!


The Pythons

Carlos Falchi


Fendi and Nancy Gonzalez


The Crocodiles

Jimmy Choo and Nancy Gonzalez


Nancy Gonzalez


The Lizards

Bottega Veneta and Nancy Gonzalez


It seems that as well as the ostrich, the reptilian creatures are the sign of the elite.

I’m sorry, but this material just creeps me out!





2 thoughts on “The Exotic Bags”

  1. Plumped with reptilian skin bags that are more than just a gimmick…these exotic stylish bags are totally gorgeous. I love trends just as much as the next fashionista in a runaway. I am amazed with these designs. I’ve seen these handbags mostly on famous celebrities that made them unique to everyone and as a sign of status symbol. Its supreme beauty makes everybody proud of. The designer of this exotic bag, Nancy Gonzalez, renowned her great design crafted fabulously with the exotic reptilian skin. I hope I can have any of these bags as my new fashion statement. Really EXOTIC….still all up and about just being alive and kicking.

  2. Luscious and luxurious, two words that I can describe to these beautiful exotic handbags that are made of different exotic reptilian skins. I love the texture of Python leather bags by Carlos Falchi; it’s soft and buttery with flaky and textured-grainy feeling. I can constantly run my fingers on the leather, up and down and I am absolutely feel it.
    I started looking for a bag with exotic skins as my handbag collections. This is totally outrageous exotic elements just makes this bag really amazing this spring season. I am deeply tempted to pick up one of this!

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