The Fendi Spring/Summer 2009 Collections

The Fendi Spring Summer 2009 collection is inspired by the sky-high sculptural coifs and coquette-ish flouncy skirts which are playfully balance and youthful femininity.


Fendi’s spring summer 2009 show in Milan is dominated by a neutral color palette, like pale blue, tan, peach, crème and basic black shades.

Collections also compose of a mixture of wide geometric waist clasping belts that make the looks different which lend a polished finish to the coy and girlish feel of the dresses shown.


Also features the snowflake style lace cut-outs that give an ultra-feminine deresses and skirts on the runway with very transparent chiffon and crinoline fabrics.

The Fendi’s Spring Collection 2009 was considered tame compared with the past seasons which are consisting of strictly interesting peep-toe wedges.


Finally, this season of bag collections include the oversize Birkin-look a likes in patent and mock-snakes skin with charming cut out clut.


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