The latest in Louis Vuitton and Chanel line

Have you tried that new Louis Vuitton purse Pochette Bonbon Rose? The bag is worth its highly coveted price due to its bobbon-esque and feminine feeling. The bag boasts bright with cute and monogrammed patent leather and is available in our favorite colors of red or aquamarine.

Being designed by the bag experts Richard Prince and Marc Jacobs, the handbag, though not classic, offers more to the LV fans within $1470. Over the years, the LV bags are best known for its quality. That is why hot celebrities like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson take their LV bags wherever they go. The LV purses have become a fashion craze and a hot item due to the Hollywood pop stars.

Why to leave the shoes when we’re talking about fashion.  The Chanel line of shoes speaks volumes about its elegance, tradition and beauty. Among this year’s Chanel shoe collection, popular colors like pink, orange and yellow are of great demand.

Though shoe trends change every year, Chanel has maintained its neutral colors on leather material with classic style. Chanel is now following a new trend by using ‘Dual’, a mixture of colors, patterns and fabrics. Chanel now bears an organic earthy appearance, which you can use during summer months.

The latest model shoes bear floral embellishment which you can try for a better evening look. The quality of chanel are great hit with renowned Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Dias, Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Swank, who continued to be impressed with Chanel season after season. Chanel is the best way to go when you need the extra chic.

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