The Most Adorable Chanel Dress

When I saw this dress, I immediately fall in love with it. How cute and adorable is this Chanel dress? Celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Kate Hudson seem to love it, too.

 Chanel dress

I especially like the chain in the middle which seems to combine both bows. It reminds me of the chains used for the Chanel handbags. This dress is timeless, wearable for nearly every occasion and always gives a clean and sophisticated look. As a big fan of bows, it’s literally the perfect piece of clothing in a lady’s closet.

4 thoughts on “The Most Adorable Chanel Dress”

  1. I adore Rachel Bilson in every dress! She wears a lot of Chanel dresses, as far as I know, she is also a fan of Balenciaga bags,Ray-ban sunglasses, Marc Jacobs shoes and Yves Saint Laurent handbags…
    Obviously that Chanel dress is better on her, even because I love brown hair.. (guess if I am a brunette..).
    Lastly, you can’t put Rachel Bilson pictures without expecting an absolutely enthusiastic feedback from me..:-)

  2. The Look for Less! I agree with you Lorelai. I really adore this dress wore by Rachel Bilson – the empire waist cut, the bias drawn silk black trimming. The chain in the middle with matching bows design. It’s Chanel without looking old and glamorous looking over the top. And she just proved to outshine everyone; all she need is an incredible and genuine smile. She’s such a darling of the crowd. She managed to look sophisticated as always, yet sexy and young at the same time instead of trying to dress older than her age. In short, the Chanel dress she is wearing is so gorgeous!!!
    Every girl needs a super suit, something practical yet stylish. This Chanel is known for its legacy and is the epitome of quality. It has been known to make the best coats and loveliest casual dresses (like the one worn by Kate Hudson). Climb up the corporate ladder just like a man, only looking better!

  3. Whoever saw this lovely dress, I am expecting that everybody will truly love and admire this. Designed by one of fashion’s most prominent and world-acclaimed fashion designers, signifying style, elegance, class and sex appeal lies in one name
    Chanel’s ability to transform drab into a fury of eye-magnetism, head-turning, and fresh pieces was truly a remarkable milestone in the history of fashion. In looking at her collections now wore by this famous celebrities, we are able to better understand the history behind the name and the years and years in the making of a unique image and a woman who put it all together to give society one of the leading fashion brands that will indefinitely outlive us all.
    When I think of Chanel, I think of classy business suits, costume jewelry, and yummy, uber-chic, classic-styled purses. Rachel Bilson and Kate Hudson can manage their dress in a public view that’s why everybody loves and adore it.
    This is indeed an authentic Chanel, I’m guessing it was meant for a much less well-endowed woman to wear.

  4. The Chanel Dress is the cutest and finest line of clothing that I really adorn for its classy and sexy designs. Rachel and Kate really caught my eyes with their very elegant grey chained bows. It really matches their black elegant dress. The well trimmed dress gives emphasis on their long skinny legs. If I choose between the two, I prefer Kate Hudson for her blonde hair gives more impact on the black dress and her killer smile. I considered there looks as redefining a new set of standards in modeling of clothes. And if ever I have to wear this Chanel dress I foresee that I will stand out with the rest…Sometimes I deserve to be a fashion icon and be one of the cover girl – to outshine everybody.

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