The Women of Beauty, Fashion and Success

What interest most of us to read fashion magazines are the fashion styles to look forward to, the gorgeous men and women, and the success stories of these fashion icons as a singer, actor, or model.

Vogue’s Gisele Bundchen. Gisele Bundchen is back in the limelight sexier than ever. This supermodel has recently given birth to a little son Benjamin with husband Tom Brady. We had noticed her recently posing for ad campaigns and fashion magazines.

W Magazine’s Jennifer Aniston. The infamous couple who was once the talk of the town after their shocking divorce now do a W magazine cover. Jennifer Aniston is still beautiful and satisfied with life. Bulter embraces Aniston who wears a pretty Alberta Ferretti dress, provocative stockings and a pair of cream shoes. The look is said to have been inspired by Kim Basinger in the famous 1986 film Nine 1/2 Weeks.

Cosmopolitan’s Lady GaGa. Lady GaGa, the name behind many popular disco music, is now a certified fashion icon and cover girl. Speaking of her fashion style, Gaga wears extravagant outfits amaze people in most of her performances. We think she is confident, strong and arrogant. But in one of her recent interviews, Lady GaGa was noticed to be soft when it’s all about family matters.
Get to know her better, in the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. There Lady GaGA tells readers about her career and the fact one of her exs didn’t believe she would become a star.

Harper’s Bazaar’s Megan Fox. Super-sexy but little-talented Transformer leading lady is also a certified cover girl. Megan Fox poses on Harper’s Bazaar UK April 2010 cover. She looks beautiful in a simple white dress with her hair cascading on one side only.

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