Tips to Spot Fake Fendi Shoes

Do you love branded wears? Are you ready to spend extra for quality? These questions are for shoe freaks, those want to maintain quality and style together. No wonder, the fashion industry comes up with a wide variety of shoes to glorify your look. Fendi is one of the best designer shoe sellers. Fendi all items are expensive and exclusive. Though, Fendi has marked their presence also in designer ready-to-wear and handbags.

Fendi shoes are expensive but fashion freaks love to buy them. It’s why some companies are trying to sell fake shoes of the brand to cash in. You cannot differentiate the fake from real if you don’t pay attention and know tricks to identify the real.

Fendi shoes are famous for excellent craftsmanship. The stitching of every shoe is clean, smooth and sturdy. If you observe crooked, sloppy and uneven stitching of the shoe that you would like to buy, it‘s good to look another pair.

Pay close attention to stitching to notice any glue remnants. Apart from stitching, it is possible that fake shoes are glued.

Try to feel the quality of the pair of shoes you would like to buy. Fendi maintains high quality. Leather and suede are durable and shiny. Noticing cheap and oddly stiff, they are likely not authentic.

Carefully inspect the hardware on the shoes. If the shoe is decorated with buckles and any kind of accessories, they should be of high quality.

Take your time to carefully inspect the logo. If you notice any misspelling and font change, the pair is likely not real.

It’s good to carry the logo photo along with you so that you can examine it carefully.

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