Ways To Tantalize Your Looks With Black Dress

Black is a timeless and a versatile color. But in 2012 it has come back in a new avatar to capture the wardrobe of pretty ladies. With this you can get sober, elegant and stylish look. This is because black makes you look slim and sophisticated.

Do you know that Punks, Emo kids, Goths and New York intellectuals like to wear everything in black? Even today black remains hot favorite among all and it is true that everybody cannot carry themselves in total black look. But avoid wearing different shades of black that removes all elegance of the hue.

The first version of little black dress or LBD as popularly it is known as was created by Coco Chanel in 1926.  It was remarkable way to get noticed and look elegant. Women looked attractive in this with bright accessories and high stilettos.

It is seamless and essential part of a woman’s closet. It looks good in any formal occasion and is available in various styles like spaghetti strap, long sleeves, cap sleeve, one shoulder and myriad of other styles. You can wear this dress in different types of ways.

There were certain rules for this kind of dress. It should necessarily cover your knees. It should not be decorated with details like embroidery, flounces or frills. The cut on the waist should be accurate. If the dress had sleeves it should be narrow without any designs.

It was obligatory to dress up with thin black stockings. Necessarily it was required to wear closed finger shoes. You could pair these with the help of large ornaments. Ladies usually carried a classical handbag with a chain.

Here are some ways to wear LBD to get a total black look.

Audrey Hepburn was the first lady to rock this dress with a sparkling pearl set in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Most girls are inspired by this classic style and pair it with fabulous set of pearls. This is a perfect look for any occasion including fancy dinner and formal occasion.

Get a casual look by pairing it with a scarf. Wear bright colors of the season like pinks and teals or go for neutral colors like sand or grey color. The outfit goes perfectly with a pair of flats or broken in boots.

If you get conscious if that little black dress might be bit bland for a party then put some sparkle in your little black dress. Accessorize it with shiny vest to make your black dress from plain to fabulous.




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