What Should You Wear as a Professional Woman?

The current high unemployment rates are making it difficult for many of the unemployed to get jobs in their normal profession. For those women who find themselves in the situation where they have accepted a new job in a professional field but are a bit tentative about what sort of wardrobe they need, let’s take a look at the best method for building a wardrobe for a professional woman.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to put a nice professional wardrobe together. If you have been unemployed for a lengthy period and have little money to invest in a new wardrobe there are many stores that feature gently used, like-new career clothes at incredible reasonable prices to get you started on your new job.

To start your wardrobe, the best approach is to buy clothes in neutral tones that can be worn interchangeably. The basics of any wardrobe are skirt and jacket ensembles. A good start is three ensembles of the best quality you can afford. Then add a knit outfit, either a skirt and jacket or pants and jacket that are the same neutral tones as your first three outfits. This instantly increases the versatility of all 4 outfits; since they are neutral tones you will be able to mix and match the tops, bottoms and textures. Now add two dresses, one solid and one a fun print. You can wear your jackets to give a new look to the dresses.

If you can wear slacks in the office, buy slacks of linen or tweed fabric that can be worn with your ensemble jackets to vary your look. The last items you need to complete your basic professional wardrobe are tops. Invest in shirts or light sweaters keeping in mind the color of your jackets, pants and skirts. Tops are a great place to choose color to brighten up your look.

The beauty of starting with a neutral tone, basic wardrobe is that it is very easy to add items later to fill out your closet.

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