What’s Hot for Fall 2009

2009 has been quite a year what with the global economy issues and all; at least one thing has stayed constant, fashion collections continue to come out with every season change. The latest collections are elegant, stylish and simply gorgeous to look at. Fall 2009 collections are diverse and reflect many themes; the most prevalent of which is the vintage look.

A few items have emerged from the Fall 2009 that have set themselves up as “must haves” no closet should be without.

•    Thigh high boots~ an absolute must have. Available in almost any color, thigh high boots are very feminine and complement all styles of outfits.

•    Platform pumps~ high on the list of must haves are great looking, feminine, high pumps. These come in a huge assortment of colors and styles so you won’t have any problems matching outfits.

•    Leather~ is going to be everywhere this fall and winter. Show your good taste and penchant for luxury by wearing shoes, accessories, handbags, pants and skirts made of suede and leather. Leather is definitely HOT!

•    Knit dresses~ sexy, retro and incredibly hot! Tremendously stylish particularly when paired with opaque tights and platform pumps. Carrying a leather handbag you’ll be the epitome of fall fashion 2009.

•    Trench coats~ available in a remarkable variety of styles, colors, lengths and materials. Trench coats highlight the wearer’s figure and look fantastic on all body styles; they are BIG this season.

Colors are mainly neutral tones that are easily livened up with red, purple and fuchsia. For those who prefer to keep their colors neutral, olive and orange based yellows are big this year. Plaid is the hottest print fabric; pair a plaid skirt and solid color sweater and you are instantly in style. The hottest fabrics are such traditional classics as satin, velvet, suede, leather and textured wool. Styles are definitely leaning towards a layered look with at least one exaggerated detail (an oversized collar, for instance). Patent leather is HUGE in everything from sneakers to thigh high boots.

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