3 thoughts on “White Now!”

  1. I am totally inlove staring at these white gorgeous dresses. They are very cool and striking beautiful and I love the expression of femininity, bold and strong. The collections were simply AMAZING and I loved everything on the runway. These white dresses can be worn in many different unique styles. Added with beautiful ruffles, laces and sheers, I am ready to wear in the public and be notice by everybody. Thanks for your spring fashion information. Since I am tan skinned, white dresses will definitely be in my closet for this season as my favorite choice of fashion.

  2. I love this little white dress from one of my favorite top designers, Donna Karan. She inspired most of her designs by spiraling forms and delicate feminine white color. It seems that the models resembled youthful nymphs flowing down the fashion runway.
    The exaggerated style of white dress by Temperley London is elegantly distinctive. This outfit will make me a double take or even multiple to grab it. I want to outshine everybody. So gorgeous and distinctly crafted designed for tan skin color. It makes me feel sexy and glamorous wearing this kind of dress. It will add more confidence to my personality. White is pure and clean that reflects me….Thank you Styletalks for this excellent fashion statement this coming spring.

  3. Wow..Totally amazing!!!I like white dresses too… I feel more confident wearing whites. So cool and clean. White is totally classic and I want this spring to have white dresses full in my wardrobe. It seems white has been an “IN” color for several years until now. It never fades away. I really love it. I absolutely appreciated to the designers that bring it on. These designer dresses are what many women respond to
    Anyway, I love your great post about white dresses. Thanks for the great finds.

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