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Returns & exchanges

Please note that the return authorization (RMA) must be requested within 10 calendar days from the date of delivery and that the shipping cost will only be refunded if the return is a result of our error.

Please read carefully the Terms & Conditions below to determine whether your return is eligible for a refund:



All returns(*) and exchanges must be requested by e-mail no later than 10 calendar days after receiving the product. The product must be sent back to Styledrops within 30 days from the date of delivery.

(*) Please note that this procedure is invalid for volume orders (more than 8 pieces).

Underwear, swimwear, items on Sale Price or Special Offer Price are not exchangeable or returnable.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Contact our Customer Care department writing an e-mail to to request authorization prior to return.
You will be given a Return Authorization Number, which must accompany the item(s) being returned and all the instructions to quickly return the item.
All returned products must be packaged appropriately and must include the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the package.
We reserve the right to refuse any return that has not been authorized or has been refused by recipients.
Sometimes the Authorities (usually US Customs) can ask for additional informations before releasing the package. If customers refuse to give the informations requested the package can't be delivered and it will be sent back to our offices. In this case the shipping costs and duties will be charged to customers.


Please note that a complete return or exchanges may be asked once and only by following exactly the procedure of returning that the Styledrops Customer Service gives you by e-mail when you ask for a RMA#(*) 
The shipping cost and duties (if requested) will be paid by only and exclusively when the return is a result of our error. If you received a damaged or wrong merchandise, we advise you to immediately contact our Customer Service within and no later than 5 business days.
No fees are due if the return is caused by a fault on our part (wrong order shipped, etc.).

(*) Please note that an exchange/return can be just requested once per order.


Your purchase is shipped brand new. Items that you return to Styledrops must be in the same new condition as they were received. All returned items must be in their original state and deemed to be in unworn condition before they can be accepted for a total refund. The item must be returned in new and unused condition, in the manufacturer boxes and with all paperworks (this includes warranties and authenticity cards), parts and accessories (including dust bags) to insure full credit. NOTHING SHOULD BE TAPED ON THE BOX. The item/s must be packaged in an appropriate way to prevent any damage.Do not put your shoe box in an envelope (DHL envelope for example) or simply tape up your shoe box and put an address on it. This will destroy the box and thus will not be accepted back by the factory. Your return of merchandise will not be accepted if it is not sent back in the proper new condition. Returns not accepted will be disposed of or shipped back to you at your cost

Worn shoes are not exchangeable or returnable. If you are going to try on the shoes with your dress we ask that you wear stockings or socks, and only wear them on a carpet. If the soles are scuffed from trying the shoes on at a fitting we cannot take them back.
The shoes must be returned in the same condition as they were received. Save the box that the shoes were shipped in! This is the best packaging to use for returns.
Shoes or bags that have been dyed are not returnable or exchangeable.
Bags and wallets must have all the tags still attached and have not been used or damaged in any way to receive a refund.
We are not responsible for what could happen to the returned items during shipment back: if we receive them damaged we can't accept the return

Can I exchange an item?
You can exchange an item sending it back within 30 days from the receiving date. An exchange can be asked only once per item.
We ship the exchange product when the original product is delivered back to

When can I expect credit?
Refunds are processed after checking returned items integrity and within 30 days from receiving back the item. Credits may take up to 10 days to appear on the statement of your credit card; that's depend on the type of credit card used or on your bank.

Store credits
If you decide to have a store credit instead of the refund remember it will last for only 2 months after the purchase date.

You will find other informations on the Return Merchandise Authorization Policy reported below.


What to do to send back the defective Item
First you need to obtain a RMA number. Ask our customer service for a RMA writing an email to Once your information has been received an RMA number will be issued back to you by email within 36-48 hrs

Information you need to obtain a RMA
To obtain a RMA you must provide the following information located on your shipping invoice: Order number, Order date, Full Name, Email address, Daytime Contact number, Refund method, Item Code Serial No. (If one is written on the invoice) Give a brief and accurate description of the problem.

What if you just sent back the item without requesting a RMA number?
A correct RMA number must accompany all returned merchandise. Item(s) returned without a RMA number displayed on the outside of the box will not be opened and will be "Returned to Sender" postage due.

Instructions for the packaging
When shipping an item back for replacement or return, make sure the RMA number is clearly printed on the box. It is a good idea to write the number on 3 sides of the box. This allows our receiving department to process it faster. When packing an item to ship back, you can use the original shipping package if it's still in good condition.
All claims concerning returns, refunds, exhanges must be resolved within 6 months. Beyond this time we will not consider any claim.
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